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Mandy asks…

What type of massage should I get?

Is it better to go for a shiatsu, the one with volcanic rocks or just a Swedish massage.
I have always stayed away from massages while at the spa but I have decided to take the plunge.

Why do you prefer each one?

LoveKnots answers:

I am a licensed massage therapist, and I prefer all three. I integrate these into a massage therapy session, sometimes adding other massage modalities.

A competent massage therapist should be able to combine these therapies.

The most important decision will be who does your massage, rather than what type of massage. That is really the key.

Any of the different massage modalities will work very well in the hands of a competent and caring massage therapist, who you resonate with. So, choose wisely!

To answer the second part of your question:

Shiatsu. I practice Zen Shiatsu, which follows the Japanese view of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A Zen Shiatsu master can move energy in the body and healing can result. The results will be profound healing, and hypertonic muscles (i.e., knots in muscles) will be relieved. It is considered to be medicine.

Swedish. This is also considered to be medicine, and it can be very relaxing. Done correctly, it also has profound healing results. The main purpose of Swedish massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. It can be either relaxing or invigorating, depending on the technique used.

Hot stones. I use basalt stones in my clinical practice. I have gathered them from the beach, at the Oregon coast, Pacific Ocean. Basalt is a volcanic rock. I think these stones have healing powers. Used correctly, they will relax tight muscles, and relieve stress very quickly. I like to use them in combination with the other therapies.

They work best on bare skin, with massage oil. The heat from the smooth basalt stones penetrates very deep into the body, and melts stress away. People really love how these work to relieve stress. The stones I use are much larger than what other massage therapists usually use. They are very high in iron content , which means they are quite dense and heavy, and they hold heat well.

If you are ever in Portland, Oregon, then you are welcome to come to my massage studio for a massage therapy session.

Robert asks…

Does anyone have massage and facial gift advice?

1st off this is for my mom for Christmas
here are the massage choices I need to pick from (and I don’t know anything about massages so i really need some help) : deep tissue massage, swedish massage and therapeutic massage

and here are my facial choices ( once again I don’t know anything about them) : elemental nature facial, green science plant peel, botanical skin resurfacing, and deep cleansing facial.

thanks :]
she doesn’t get massages a lot
and those are the only choices I have

LoveKnots answers:

Depends what your mom likes. I worked as a massage therapist and some people’s toleration of any pressure is REALLY low, others prefer a much deeper massage. Deep tissue massage is great, but you do come out feeling a bit pummeled at first, although the benefits for aching muscles and knots is really good. Swedish massage is a general massage. Not sure what you mean by a therapeutic massage, if it’s with aromatherapy it’s my favourite for relaxing.

Don’t know too much about facials, but I think I’d prefer a deep cleansing one rather than something that’s going to peel my skin and make me look red and raw for new year!

A thoughtful present for your mom, I’m sure she’ll love it whatever you pick!

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