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Love Knots for everyone…

Love Knot Meaning

Carol asks…

what is the meaning of this quote?

“a knot of cruelty borne by the stream of love, much as our blood sometimes bears the beed of our distruction.” like can u bareak it down a little for me? thanks

LoveKnots answers:

Its like a abusive drunk for a spouse they beat ya and what not cause they love you so much.. Thats what im getting from it

Sandy asks…

What does this mean (friendzone)?

Does he want to be out of the friendzone ? ? Well my crush posted a video my Facebook wall
The song is called love not war from-august rigo & I don’t know what that songs means I asked my friends but I need another explantion you can search on YouTube for the song i need your help

LoveKnots answers:

He wants to put his pickle into your balloon knot.

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Love Knot Meaning

Steven asks…

I think Im in love but at the same time im not sure WARNING THIS IS LONG but I really need help please :( ?

well, love in my opinion is different for everyone, it can be expressed in many many many different ways, and it can happen suddenly or a long period of time or by just a glans at someone honestly its different for everyone, my story is that this guy told me he liked me, last winter, I thought there was something about him but I never really paid attention to it un till that day he told me, I was so over filled with joy my stomach was in knots, I never felt this way about anyone before, he never asked me out or anything, n it hurt, but I liked him so much and it hurt to stop but I had to put myself in denial, I told myself I didn’t like him when I did, I would always fall asleep thinking about him and waking up thinking about him the first thought always on my mind, still to this day, I couldn’t take it anymore so when summer came I asked him if he still likes me n he said he did, I was always to scared to tell him how I felt but this time I told him and now we are together, and I never thought something like this could happen, it was like out of nowhere too, I wished for it and wished and wished n here it is, yes theres stress and everything but hes amazing, I told him I don’t love him “yet” and I want him to only say he loves me when he truly means it, and he told me he has patience for me, and a couple months later he told me he loved me, i had my doubts about it but he proved himself, i keep asking for a sign to tell me if im in love or not and there have been so many signs that point to that i am in love, songs, feelings, allot of things, like allot allot of signs, but the thing is im scared, im so scared to open my heart and enjoy this moment, i want to love him back, and i think i do but then there is a part of me that’s not so sure, yes love is confusing i know, yes love takes time but at the same time it doesn’t , i always pictured it as, i have to feel a cirtin way with someone n if i don’t feel that way then its not love, but the thing is its a complete different feeling im just so confused, love isn’t always what u excpect but at the same time its just confusing, people tell me don’t say it if u don’t mean it then they say if u feel u do let yourself go and enjoy every part of love don’t fear it, then they say if u don’t know if your inlove then its not love but then they say love is confusing and takes time, i understand that but i just have no idea how this works, im going crazy, i have major depression disorder, i think its blocking my feelings but at the same time i think its an excuse, i think of myself saying it and if feels silly but in a good bad way, when i love someone i can say it mean it and not think its silly, but when i say it to someone and i don’t mean it (like a relative i never met in my life that im on the phone with) ill say it but i have a weird face on and my teeth are closed and i hesitate to say it, and it feels silly to say and i cant not make the face, if i don’t mean it there is no way i cant make the face, i cant control my facial expression when i say i love you to someone and i don’t mean it, on the other hand when i picture myself saying it to my boyfriend i picture myself feeling silly but looking him with a serious and honest face on, n it confusing me so much like honestly, love is a contradiction , its so confusing i just need advice on what to do please and thank you and im sorry this is so long.

LoveKnots answers:

You are OK.

It feels great to be liked/loved.

Be real. There are different stages of love. Love means different things to different people.

If this guy builds you up, wants what is best for you (and not him), treats you like a treasure (not trash), you may have yourself someone that is really worthy of your love.

You are someone special. Show him that you are special by treating him as you would want to be treated.

Just to let you know: Jesus loves you, too. He loves you so much that He died on the cross and shed His blood so those that trust Him and love Him and repent of their sinful ways are made righteous to God and will spend eternity with God and His Son in heaven. Those that don’t have faith in Jesus and what He did on the cross, are destined for an eternity of torment.

All blessings come from God, so thank God for your blessings (including your boyfriend) and live your life for God.

May You Always Be Blessed By God

Sandra asks…

What is the meaning behind dreaming an ex?

First of all, I want to note that I am happily in a relationship for 3 years now.

But, once in 2-3 months I am dreaming of my ex-boyfriend, with whom I had a bad and painfull break-up (his fault).

The problem is that every dream of him, was a bad-dream. Dreaming of revenge, punch him, make him suffer,even spit on him with a ”shame on you” and all that kind of ”sweetness”.
Is this a sign of leftover-anger??

P.s. and of course I am dreaming my b-friend way too often ;)
Thank you for your answer, but my ex wasn’t my first. (I am already 26y.o.)
And I am 100% sure, that I have everything I need with my current boyfriend, which I dare to say, is the love of my life (at least so far).

LoveKnots answers:

The meaning is two-fold.

Yes, there is leftover anger, hurt, and resentment- and that is real, but you also still feel a connection with him that resents the path that he forced you onto. You are in effect saying “see what you made me get into?”.

Your current man may be a good person, but the bond you felt with your first boyfriend is stronger, not because you still like him but simply because he was your first. When you emotionally tied yourself to your ex, you were making forever knots. When you attached yourself to your current boyfriend, you used whatever bits of heartstring you could find on the ground- the knots are not as well crafted as the first time around, they are insecurely tied.

You should also take a good long hard look at whether you are satisfied in your current relationship. You may be so angry at your ex for putting you into a lesser relationship. You might be happier in the long run to free yourself up for the right guy (if you are not already with him). If you are not sure, the only advice I can give you is learn to live alone and love yourself for a while. That’s the only way the heart can make more rope. You’ll have enough to lasso the right guy when you meet him that way.

Good luck.

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Love Knot Meaning

Donald asks…

What do these lyrics mean to you?

For example, what do they make you think of?

Open Your Eyes- Snow Patrol

All this feels strange and untrue
And I won’t waste a minute without you
My bones ache, my skin feels cold
And I’m getting so tired and so old

The anger swells in my guts
And I won’t feel these slices and cuts
I want so much to open your eyes
‘Cause I need you to look into mine

Tell me that you’ll open your eyes [x4]

Get up, get out, get away from these liars
‘Cause they don’t get your soul or your fire
Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine
And we’ll walk from this dark room for the last time

Every minute from this minute now
We can do what we like anywhere
I want so much to open your eyes
‘Cause I need you to look into mine

Tell me that you’ll open your eyes [x8]

All this feels strange and untrue
And I won’t waste a minute without you

LoveKnots answers:

He says open your eyes meaning to, “wake up” and see him for who he really his, because he looks into her eyes and see’s who she really is. He doesn’t want her to be blind to him. He’s saying he’s a good guy who loves her and he wants her to love him back. The “liars” or other boyfriends, don’t love her like he does and they won’t bring her the “fire”, or passion that he can bring to her b/c his love is so strong and true, unlike the “liars” who say they love her but don’t mean it. Once she opens her eyes to him, they can finally be together b/c then they will both feel the same way about each other. Sweet song.

John asks…

The difference and meaning?What to do??Serious answers only pls….Read all pls?

If ur close female friend tells you this:(after I told her how I felt)…..

1) “I can’t imagine you not being ina part of my life” MEANING???
2)”I don’t deserve your feelings”? MEANING???

I then told her a few weeks later that I needed a break from her and she DISAGREEDWAS RUDE TOWARDS ME as a result—does it mean anything???

She said friends don’t take breaks and that I should get a grip—MEANING?

My reason was that she was behaving odd towards me and I thought it best we have some time apart.Especially for me to get over my feelings.

Have said I value our friendship and I mean that.


Has not spoken to me since,told me to do “whatever”-MEANING? What she feelingthinking?

p.s.she don’t like talking about it. Has been in touch and told me to sort my head out+stop causing this “conflict”.

LoveKnots answers:

I’m not totally sure, but here’s what I think may have happened/be happening:

1–She was a little surprised, if not freaked, that a comfortable relationship has now been taken to a different level–regardless of whether she had thought about it herself before.

2–Now that you’ve opened that Pandora’s box, she’s (still) uncomfortable about it, about her feelings, about the relationship’s changing (bc of what you told her). She doesn’t know how to get things back on stable, familiar territory. Again, this is even if she’s thought of/fantasized about such a relationship herself in the past and even if she might have wanted such a love relationship with you at some point.

3–It’s possible that she has romantic feelings for you and would like to take you up on your offer of something more, but is having trouble admitting that she’s had those feelings or that she’s changed her mind about your recent offer. Even then, she may not want to act on those feelings, but doesn’t want to lose you either, and that’s a pretty pickle for you both.

4–Now that the Genie’s out of the bottle she doesn’t know to put it back in in terms of how to act around you, how to be with you simply as a friend. Don’t be surprised if the friendship breaks up totally or if it gets renewed down the line in a different way and on different terms. Be willing to let it go.

Also, I think she’s wrong–it can be good to take a break from a friendship so everybody has a chance to calm down and try again later. Indeed, I have had friendships where the other person has been difficult to get along with or has hurt me, so I stay away for a while or I pick and choose when, how, and how much to interact with them. I then limit my time with them according to how much I think I can take on any given day.

This type of “just friends” relationship can be particularly hard in male-female friendships and even much, much harder when romance or love come into play. It’s usually the guy who doesn’t have a freakin’ clue on how to be JUST FRIENDS. But when they do, that guy makes one of the best friends a gal ever had and ever will have. So, she needs to get a clue fast before she loses you altogether.

5–You sound like you’re quite clear on things and she’s the one tied up in knots and creating conflict. I’d suggest you tell her so and reiterate that you need a break from each her. Invite her to get in touch with you when she’s calmer and clearer about the situation. The ball should absolutely, totally be in her court; otherwise, she’s blaming you, making you the fall guy/bad guy because SHE’s the one feeling bad, insecure, on edge, etc. You didn’t create those feelings in her. She did.

Take a break, walk away, and keep your clarity and sanity intact. Your conscience is clear. She’s just not ready and let that be HER problem. If the love you seek is not her, then there’s somebody else out there for you who is and who is ready for you. She surely isn’t. And, yes, some of the best and better relationships are originally founded in friendship. Like I said, SHE needs to get a clue and fast.

Betty asks…

what is meaning of “Hari” – most common name of God in hinduism and guru granth sahib ?

LoveKnots answers:

Srila Prabhupada explains:
hari means “who takes away all your miserable conditions.” Hari, haran, harati. Harati means take away. He comes here just to give you benediction, to save you from all kinds of miseries. Therefore His name is Hari.

From the Atharva Veda.
Hari” means “He who unties [harati] the knot of material desire in the hearts of the living entities”

Hari becomes Hare in the Vocative case as seen in the hare krishna mahamantra.
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

harati h?daya-granthi? V?san?-r?pam iti hari?. K??i? Smara?e tac ca ?as tad-ubhaya-melanam iti k???a?. Ramayati sarvam iti r?ma ?nanda-r?pa? Atra ?loko bhavati.

These three names of the Supreme Lord (Hari, K???a, and R?ma) may be explained in the following way: (1) “Hari” means “He who unties [harati] the knot of material desire in the hearts of the living entities”; (2) “K???a” is divided into the two syllables “K??” and “?a.” “K??” means “He who attracts the minds of all living entities,” and “?a” means “the supreme transcendental pleasure.” These two syllables combine to become the name “K???a”; and (3) “R?ma” means “He who delights [ramayati] all living entities,” and it also means “He who is full of transcendental bliss.” The mah?-mantra consists of the repetition of these names of the Supreme Lord.

The word hari means “one who takes away all miserable conditions,” and hari-medhase means that the Lord is always planning ways to deliver the conditioned soul from the clutches of m?y?. The Lord is so kind that He personally incarnates to deliver the conditioned souls, and whenever He comes, He makes His plans.
Paritr?n??ya s?dh?n?m?
Vin???ya ca dus?kr?t?m
sambhav?mi yuge yuge
“To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I advent Myself millennium after millennium.” (Bg. 4.8)

Since the Lord delivers all conditioned souls from the clutches of m?y?, He is known as hari-medhas. In the list of incarnations, Kr?s?n?a is described as the supreme and original Personality of Godhead.
Ete c?m??a-kal?h? Pum?sah?
Kr?s?n?as tu bhagav?n svayam
indr?ri-vy?kulam? Lokam?
Mr?d?ayanti yuge yuge
(Bh?g. 1.3.28)
Kr?s?n?a, the original Personality of Godhead, appears in this material world when the demigods, who are devotees of the Lord, are disturbed by the demons.


The word hari has different meanings, of which two are foremost. Hari means that He takes away all inauspicious things from the devotee’s life and that He attracts the mind of the devotee by awarding him transcendental love of Godhead. Krishna is so attractive that anyone who can remember Him in some way or another becomes freed from the four kinds of material miseries. The Lord gives special attention to His devotee and banishes the devotee’s various sinful activities, which are stumbling blocks for the advancement of devotional service. This is called routing the influence of ignorance. Simply by hearing about Him, one develops love for Him. That is the gift of the Lord. On one side He takes away inauspicious things, and on the other side He awards the most auspicious things. That is the meaning of hari. When a person is developed in love of Godhead, his body, mind and everything else are attracted by the transcendental qualities of the Lord. Such is the power of Krishna’s merciful activities and transcendental qualities. He is so attractive that out of transcendental attachment, a devotee will abandon all four principles of spiritual life—religiosity, economic development, regulation of sense gratification and salvation.


Everything becomes naturally beautiful with the appearance of the autumn season. Similarly, when a materialistic person takes to Krishna consciousness and spiritual life, he also becomes as clear as the sky and water in autumn. The autumn season takes away the rolling of dark clouds in the sky as well as the polluted water. Filthy conditions on the ground also become cleansed. Similarly, a person who takes to Krishna consciousness immediately becomes cleansed of all dirty things within and without. Krishna is therefore known as Hari. “Hari” means “he who takes away.” Krishna immediately takes away all unclean habits from anyone who takes to Kåñëa consciousness. The clouds of autumn are white, for they do not carry any water. Similarly, a retired man, being freed from all responsibility of family affairs (namely, maintaining the home, wife and children) and taking completely to Krishna consciousness, becomes freed from all anxieties and looks as white as clouds in autumn.
From the Krishna Book.

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Love Knot Meaning

Laura asks…

does this mean i wanna do it with him?

okay. i’ve liked this guy now for 7 months and every time i see him i feel like i’m gonna faint, my stomach gets knots in it, my heart beats so fast and loud i can hear it beating in my ears, my legs shake when he’s near me, he speaks to me and get lost in words. does this mean i’m falling in love with him? . but also lately when i look at him i get these weird feelings down there and my boobs feel like they get hard. ( i’ve never felt this way) i’m not sure if this means i wanna go there with him or what. but can someone help me out, so i can understand what i’m going though.

LoveKnots answers:

Ok so it could be love or lust or because you haven’t had sex you’re feeling this way coz u like him so much, he might be you’re first and one of many or you’re first and last either way you need to see if he feels the same and if he does get in there and obv there is a time and place for sex and i woul advise to actually be his gf before you get sexually involved and remember safe sex. The way you’re feeling is horny haha


Lizzie asks…

Help with the meaning of this quote! plz :) ?

Okay soo the quote is from the Scarlet Ibis story..
and i need the meaning pleaseee!(:

There is within me ( and with sadness I have watched it in others) a knot of cruelty borne by the stream of love, much as our blood somtimes bears the seed of our destruction.

LoveKnots answers:

One definition of original sin is to hurt something you love.

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Love Knot Meaning

Steven asks…

What does my dream mean?

- everyone hanging out in my dad’s room. The guy that I like appears to be there? The TV is on & a (buddist) prayer from India comes on & we all started praying turn the end we all grab a ribbon all different color and go around in circle smiling and laughing then the guy I like comes in and join. We stop the ribbon broke and fell it was a color purple ribbon and his was too. Then we tied it in a knot and kiss?

LoveKnots answers:

Why can’t you have easy dreams like other people?

The symbols are your own. What does dad mean? Authority? Guidance? Love?
Tenderness or in this case – possibly God the Father.

In auras, purple is the highest color and denotes an advanced soul.
In the dream you are living a life of joy. You did have different color ribbons
but in the end both you and friend are in the deepest spiritual connection.

My take is that it is a dream validating your spiritual path and purpose.

Lisa asks…

what does this poem mean?????? (A Bird in Hand by Amber Flora Thomas)?

A Bird in Hand
by Amber Flora Thomas

I’ve memorized its heart pounding into my thumb.
Breath buoys out. My fingers know how to kill,
closing on the bird’s slippery head.

I don’t remember. Was it that beak bit my chin?
Was it a claw cut my wrist? I blow feathers
away from its chest, smelling pennies and rain.

Skin like granite, a real white-blue, flecked
by knots of new growth. I found my need,
cold in cupped palms, just the way I was taught.

I return to account for whose neck falls around
backwards. Eyes that go cataract bring clouds.

That fat pearl with wings looks like water disappearing in me.

can someone please explain to me what they think it means? i dont understand one line of itt.

LoveKnots answers:

That means you have a lover…you love her so much that you are willing to hurt her feeling by make her apart of you, because you afraid if she stay with you her life could be in danger, and you never take risk about her life, but when every time you let that special girl far away from you, every steps she move away from you you feel more and more pain inside you and you know that is for her sake in the same time you feel sacrifice and pain.

Helen asks…

What does my dream mean??

I have been having dreams lately about my ex-boyfriend. I know that I don’t love him, but in the dreams we are back together and going out having fun and having sex. We have been apart for YEARS and I have been with my fiance for 4 years now. I haven’t even seen or heard from my ex in like 2 years. Why am I having dreams about him? Could this mean I still love him and just don’t realize it? I really need some advice on how to make these dreams go away!! They make me really uncomfortable!!

LoveKnots answers:

When you dream you dream in symbols. These symbols are created in ithe sub-conscious to help you deal with problllems you can’t or won’t deal with in the awake state. You say that you have been engaged for four years. Why haven’t you and your fiance tied the knot yet. Four years of being engaged is a long time. Is it you or your fiance that is holding off on making the final comomitment here? The fact that you are still dreaming of your ex indicates that you haven’t let go of the past yet and you need to do that. It’s okay to end a relationship on a friendly note but the fact that you are dreaming of having fun times with him and sex with him in your dreams indicates more than just an amiable break. You need to find yourself a quiet place where you have time to do some deep,honest,critical soul searching and figure out exactly what is going on deep inside of you with your ex. Try doing a deep breathing exercise first. The one that i like the best is the one where you relax your shoulders, then breathe in slowly through your nose to a count of 8 then hold for a count of 4, release slowly through the mouth for a count of 8. Repeat until you feel totally relaxed. I wish you the best of luck. Also while in this relaxed state you can tell yourself that you want these dreams of your ex to stop. That you will not have them anymore. You can do this every night before you go to sleep.

Susan asks…

Too in love? Sometimes I can’t breathe…My stomachs in knots… I could almost throw up, Its almost to much?

What do you think about this and what does it mean and how do I deal with it?
I’m nervous about this. Afraid I’ll get hurt. Afraid one day I wake up and it will be over. Afraid I’ll blow it some how. But so far I trust him and he’s very sweet and very good to me. How do I mentally calm myself and my feelings? This is partly also because I haven’t liked anyone or dated for two years.
Uh noooo I”m 37

LoveKnots answers:

I know how you feel. I feel the same way sometimes. I realized that I have abandonment issues and it stems from when I was taken away from my parents and lived in foster homes. If you want the honest truth which is the path to happiness and fulfilling healthy relationships, you will need to recognize that you are not ready to be in a relationship right now and you need to seek intensive therapy. In therapy, you will learn for the first time how to love yourself and how to love and learn to be alone and enjoy being alone with yourself. Once your finally find that inner peace and inner happiness, will you be able to have a healthy. Happy, long lasting relationship with someone else. Just think of it as you are a obese person but you want to look like a super model. It can’t happen overnight. You have to work hard on working out regularly, eating the right foods AND learning to love yourself. Why else would you want to lose weight? All the hard work and dedication you put into it is DEFINITELY worth it all in the end! Trust me! Been through that long, HARD, HARD road of low esteem and low self confidence (to the point I almost wanted to commit suicide) to now where I am married with beautiful children with a man that abolutely loves me and my loves my flaws even more. You can do it. A trip of a thousand miles begins with a single step! Love u!

Sharon asks…

Can someone tell me what this quote means or rephrase it?

There is within me(and with sadness I have watched it in others) a knot of cruelty borne by the stream of love, much as our blood sometimes bears the seed of our destruction, and at times I was mean to Doodle.

Please and thank you.
Doodle is the narrator’s brother.
It’s from the story “The Scarlet Ibis”.

LoveKnots answers:

We may love someone, but inborn in all of us, is the ability to hurt the ones we love. We are also capable of doing things that can cause us to harm ourselves..

Charles asks…

What does my dream mean?

I had this dream that one of my guy friends at work wanted to have sex with me?!? He’s one of my good friends and I don’t even think of him that way. He’s not really attractive to me. I really like him as a friend because he’s about the only guy at work who hasn’t hit on me. But in my dream I said yes! He’s also married and I’m engaged. But in the dream he kept saying he wasn’t really married. But before we “did it” I woke up. I’m confused. Because I don’t feel about him in that manner at all. What does this mean??

LoveKnots answers:

In any work situation where both genders are present…there is bound to be an undetermined amount of sub-conscious infatuation. You are engaged..prepared to tie the knot. His knot is already tied. His not hitting on you obviously sparked the curiousity in your mind that caused the dream. Don’t be confused..just marry the man you love and enjoy life with him. You have the hots for him….maybe….but you are engaged. He is probably nice to you and doesn’t treat you like a piece of meat. Train your future husband to share the same attributes. Good luck young lady.

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Swedish Love Knot Meaning

Jenny asks…

I need a quote about relationships?

im writing an essay on a story all about relationships and how they need understanding of each other’s feelings in order to function properly. (its a father daughter relationship, but that doesnt matter where the quote is concerned) it can be anything, not necessarily somehting someone said, even just a story or a paragraph from a book

LoveKnots answers:

Man is a knot into which relationships are tied. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942, translated from French by Lewis Galantière

Having someone wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night is a very old human need. ~Margaret Mead

Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. ~Swedish Proverb

Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand. ~Emily Kimbrough

There’s one sad truth in life I’ve found
While journeying east and west -
The only folks we really wound
Are those we love the best.
We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those who love us best.
~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Oh, the comfort – the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person – having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away. ~Dinah Craik, A Life for a Life, 1859

If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting? ~Stephen Levine

Don’t smother each other. No one can grow in the shade. ~Leo Buscaglia

Sticks and stones are hard on bones
Aimed with angry art,
Words can sting like anything
But silence breaks the heart.
~Phyllis McGinley, “Ballade of Lost Objects,” 1954

Assumptions are the termites of relationships. ~Henry Winkler

I like her because she smiles at me and means it. ~Anonymous

Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings. ~Miles Franklin

You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you. ~Frederick Buechner

Present your family and friends with their eulogies now – they won’t be able to hear how much you love them and appreciate them from inside the coffin. ~Anonymous

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh!” he whispered. “Yes, Piglet?” “Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw. “I just wanted to be sure of you.” ~A.A. Milne

I felt it shelter to speak to you. ~Emily Dickinson

Are we not like two volumes of one book? ~Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

Trouble is part of your life, and if you don’t share it, you don’t give the person who loves you enough chance to love you enough. ~Dinah Shore

Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important. ~Carl Reiner

Basically, the only thing we need is a hand that rests on our own, that wishes it well, that sometimes guides us. ~Hector Bianciotti, Sans La Misericorde du Christ

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

To know when to go away and when to come closer is the key to any lasting relationship. ~Doménico Cieri Estrada

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same. ~Flavia Weedn, Forever, ©

No road is long with good company. ~Turkish Proverb

If fame were based on kindness instead of popularity, on understanding and not on worldwide attention, you would be the biggest celebrity on earth. And to my heart, you already are. ~Anonymous

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. ~Oprah Winfrey

Good company upon the road is the shortest cut. ~Author Unknown

Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you. ~Author Unknown

People change and forget to tell each other. ~Lillian Hellman

In the coldest February, as in every other month in every other year, the best thing to hold on to in this world is each other. ~Linda Ellerbee, Move On: Adventures in the Real World

Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you’re really strangers. ~Mary Tyler Moore

Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky. ~Rainer Maria Rilke

You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with. ~Wayne W. Dyer

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. ~From the movie Annie

Sandra asks…

What is a slut?

Why do people call women who love sex sluts? What exactly is the definition of a slut? Why is it okay for men to love sex and get it all the time and not women? We have needs too.

LoveKnots answers:

Although the ultimate origin of “sl ut” is unknown, it first appeared in Middle English (1402) as slu tte with the meaning “a dirty, untidy, or slovenly woman.” Even earlier, Geoffrey Chaucer used the word “slu ttish” to describe a slovenly man; however, later uses appear almost exclusively associated with women. The modern sense of “a sexually promiscuous woman” dates to at least 1450.
Another early meaning was “kitchen maid or drudge” , a meaning retained as late as the 18th century, when hard knots of dough found in bread were referred to as “sl ut’s pennies.” A notable example of this use is Samuel Pepys’s diary description of his servant girl as “an admirable sl ut” who “pleases us mightily, doing more service than both the others and deserves wages better” In the 19th century, the word was used as a euphemism in place of bi tch in the sense of “a female dog.”
Similar words appear in Dutch, German and Swedish dialects meaning “a dirty woman,” indicating a common ancestor in Germanic languages. A popular theory connects “sl ut” to earlier Germanic forms meaning “slush” or “mud puddle,” but this derivation remains in question.
While the word “sl ut” also appears in modern Swedish, where it mean “ending”, it is not linguistically related to the English word “sl ut”. The Swedish word derives from the Proto-Germanic word sl ut meaning “to close”, which arrived in German as the word “Schluss” with the same meaning of “ending”. It is related to the Latin word “claudo” meaning “to close”.

It’s how society perceives women. The passive, gentle sex, anything differing from the notion is regarding as vile or “slu ttish”

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Love Knot Meaning

Thomas asks…

How do you know you’re in love?

I mean I am pretty sure that I am but it’s easy to get caught up in infatuation and not be sure until later on. But I have all these physical things like I get really happy and knots in my stomach when she talks to me. I feel super happy around her… There’s a million little things. Her smile makes me so happy. I’ve never really felt like this before.

LoveKnots answers:

I’ve loved this guy for years! But could never confess to him. And i still haven’t. How do i know i’m in love??? Everytime i see him, i can feel my heart beat really fast. It’s like, it’s going to explode. This is weird, but whenever he talks to me… I pause… My ears go really red, and it feels really hot! I can never answer properly, and sometimes, i try to ignore him so i wouldn’t get embarassed.
I feel sooo shy around him, and when i glance at him, and he loooks back… I quickly look the other way. Love is really weird. And, if u r in love… U can feel it. Sometimes, if u have a Love Triangle… U dont know, who u love.
I think u r in love. If u feel happy whenever u see her smile… And u feel sad whenever she’s sad… U really care for her, and that means u love her. If u would do anything to protect her, and keep her safe… If u would give ur own life to her… U LOVE HER!!
If, if, if, if, if, if! I’m sooo sorry!!!!! I love saying if. LoL, if only…
I’m sorry if i didn’t help much.
Thnx! Joy

Robert asks…

what does my dream mean?

okay so it took place in my last years choir class but it had both people from last years class and this years. anyways i was wearing some hot pink combat boots and they had this HUGE knot that tied my shoes together and i could not get them untied!!
it was driving me insane and then this guy ive been crushing on for a while came up to me and started taking out the knot. the whole time he was looking the same way and i was watching his hands. and at the end i looked down at his face and he had been staring at me the whole time.

LoveKnots answers:

Oh I LOVE IT! You see, I think that guy likes you back!… (well in the dream at least). “your fantasies” yay!

But this is the order: you are wearing “hot pink combat boots” different than everyone. Thats why he came over to help you. (He liked you because you were different). Then you realize he likes you when you liked him. (knot= he help you with something).

Hope it comes true! (that’s a good dream) ~Sarah

PS. I dont know why your in choir class though…
Boots= that your original
Choir= I really dont know…
More people in class than ever: more people to like and he chose you.

Nancy asks…

What are some rock love songs?

I want to dedicate one to my new boyfriend. :) Preferably AFI songs?

LoveKnots answers:

These are some of my personal favorites, listen to at least one from each band, you’ll love them (:

The Police – Every Breath You Take
Van Halen – Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
Van Halen – Not Enough
Three Days Grace – Lost in You
Three Days Grace – Over and Over
Three Days Grace – Without You
Breaking Benjamin – Without You
Mayday Parade – Oh Well, Oh Well
Mayday Parade – Miserable At Best
Mayday Parade – I Swear This Time I Mean It
Mayday Parade – Save Your Heart
Mayday Parade – So Far Away
Mayday Parade – Kids In Love
Mayday Parade – Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven’t Ended Yet
Mayday Parade – Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic
The Cab – Angel With A Shotgun
The Cab – Intoxicated
The Cab – Endlessly
The Cab – Her Love Is My Religion
Safetysuit – What if
Safetysuit – Anywhere But Here
Sleeping With Sirens – Postcards and Polaroids
Sleeping With Sirens – If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn
Sleeping With Sirens – Scene Three Stomach Tied in Knots
Sleeping With Sirens – Scene Four Don’t You Ever Forget About Me
Tenth Avenue North – By Your Side
Tenth Avenue North – Love is Here
Trading Yesterday – Shattered

Sorry if there are too many but trust me, you’ll end up loving them all :D

Michael asks…

Need advice… when to tie the knot?

I have dated my girl for about 2 yrs now and we have lived together for about a year of it. She seems to want to tie the knot… I am not sure what to do. I don’t know why i feel uncomfortable about it, i don’t want to loose her. How long should I wait? How long did you wait? omg

LoveKnots answers:

Not knowing your age here but if your feeling uncomfortable with it by all means DONT do it.. Granted you have lived together long enough to get an idea of yalls compatablity but if you have doubts then wait. If you love her and don’t want to lose her ask her to give you say another six months or so to make sure your ready. If she can’t respect your wishes then to bad.

John asks…

Which the Doha of Kabir which means, that love is a thread . which once broken and knotted?

Want to know about the doha of Kabir which states that love is like a thread which one broken and mended still the knot remains like an obstacle.

LoveKnots answers:

Rahiman dhaga prem ka
Mat todo chhitkay
Toote se fir naa jurre
Jurre gaaht padi jaaye….

Joseph asks…

What does it take to realize that you are in love with someone?

LoveKnots answers:

After several dates, you feel you’ve found the perfect person. This is your dream mate, the one who will stand by you through thick and thin. You’re ready to tie the knot at last.

But is it love? Or is it a cheap imitation, like infatuation, lust, or even simple companionship? Here are a few things to consider as you make the ultimate life-changing decision:

1. Do you want what’s best for this person, or do you want what this person can do to help you? For example, if your mate has the chance to get a wonderful job in another city, are you willing to pull up stakes and move, or will you expect the job opportunity to get tossed aside for you? Love means putting the other person’s needs ahead of your own, even when that involves sacrifice. While blind agreement to any difference of opinion is unrealistic and unreasonable, a thoughtful discussion of what is better for each of you individually as well as both of you as a couple needs to take place.

2. Do you enjoy looking at the person or talking to the person more? Both are important to a mature relationship, but if you find yourself fixated on physical appearance, attracted to your mate because of face, figure, or form, you may be taking a superficial look at your loved one. On the other hand, you don’t want to be taken in by flattery or false statements. If your significant other is all talk and no action, that can be a warning sign to drop the relationship before you end up with one broken promise after another. A balance of physical and mental attraction is a healthy signal.

3. Are you willing to wait to make the relationship work? For example, if your mate pushes you to do things you don’t feel comfortable with, can you firmly say no? Will your response be handled respectfully and with patience? It goes both ways, too. Are you willing to wait on your partner to get more serious when he or she is ready, or are you demanding more interaction now? Can you wait to marry until the other person finishes school or are you pushing to live together first? Patience is an important virtue associated with successful, long-term relationships.

4. Do you support each other by anticipating and meeting needs? For example, if you need to work extra right now to pay off debt before getting married, does your mate understand that the situation is temporary and willingly wait for you to put in the extra hours at your job, rather than complain about your absence? If the person has a list of errands to run before the two of you can get together, do you offer to help?

5. Are you friends? Companionship lasts much longer than ardor, generally speaking. People in their 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s may lose some of their physical spontaneity, but they maintain a quest for fun and a shared life until the end. Do you laugh together? Enjoy similar activities? Share each other with friends and family? Or do you expect your perfect mate to spend all free time with you exclusively?

Loving another person involves self-sacrifice and compromise. If you are attracted to someone for whom you are unwilling to be patient and to share all parts of your life, you may have a lot of work to do or disappointment to deal with after the wedding. Take time now to assess your relationship with these and other factors to see if you can make a life that could last fifty years or more with the person of your dreams. Because when you wake up, your mate will still be there.

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Trinity Love Knot Meaning

Laura asks…

Could i have some help with a poetry analysis of John Donnes poem “Batter my heart three person’d god: for you?

I need to provide a reading of the poem, and write an essay commenting on the relation of this poem to other poems by John Donne, as well as what the poem actually means, and the use of similes and metaphors, the rhythm and patter in the poem. I could really use some help. The poem is below:
74. “Batter my heart, three person’d God; for, you”

BATTER my heart, three person’d God; for, you
As yet but knocke, breathe, shine, and seeke to mend;
That I may rise, and stand, o’erthrow mee,’and bend
Your force, to breake, blowe, burn and make me new.
I, like an usurpt towne, to’another due, 5
Labour to’admit you, but Oh, to no end,
Reason your viceroy in mee, mee should defend,
But is captiv’d, and proves weake or untrue.
Yet dearely’I love you,’and would be loved faine,
But am betroth’d unto your enemie: 10
Divorce mee,’untie, or breake that knot againe;
Take mee to you, imprison mee, for I
Except you’enthrall mee, never shall be free,
Nor ever chast, except you ravish mee.

LoveKnots answers:

I’ll provide an interpretation of the poem for you, and a bit of analysis, but you’ll have to decide how it relates to his other works.

What he’s saying is this…the “three person’d God” is the holy trinity, Father/Son/Holy Spirit, and he’s asking God to move him from his ways of sin, his engagement to the Devil (betroth’d unto your enemie) by “battering” his heart. This is like the flagellation inflicted by monks to purge themselves of sin and sinful thoughts, only he’s asking God to do it to his heart, not his flesh. He says that he wants God to take his heart captive and ravish him in his glory, and in his name, because he so dearly loves him (God). He says he knows he’s weak, and therefore needs God to be strong with him. The poem is written in Iambic Pentameter with a rhyme pattern of ABBA ABBA CDCD EE, which is in a sonnet style. The metaphors are “three person’d God”, “Reason your Viceroy” (reason is given human traits), “your enemie”. The simile is “I, like an usurpt town”.

Betty asks…

Does this poem contain synecdoche or metonomy, if so where?

and is there apostrophe
just one example of each is fine

Batter my heart, three-person’d God ; for you
As yet but knock ; breathe, shine, and seek to mend ;
That I may rise, and stand, o’erthrow me, and bend
Your force, to break, blow, burn, and make me new.
I, like an usurp’d town, to another due,
Labour to admit you, but O, to no end.
Reason, your viceroy in me, me should defend,
But is captived, and proves weak or untrue.
Yet dearly I love you, and would be loved fain,
But am betroth’d unto your enemy ;
Divorce me, untie, or break that knot again,
Take me to you, imprison me, for I,
Except you enthrall me, never shall be free,
Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me.

LoveKnots answers:


Well this is a rather complex question. I’ll have a go at finding them in the poem and also give a little definition of the term, as I understand it, to see if we are on the same page

I would say that the poem does contain an example of apostrophe, which basically means a vocative address to an absent, I would say this is identifiable when the speaker in the poem refers to the ‘three-person’d God’. However you play devil’s advocate and suggest that God is not an absent in the Christian sense as he’s considered to be with you at all times, the idea of omnipresence. I’d say as an atheist that this is an example but it’s up for debate.

Now then, synecdoche and metonomy (I think you mean metonymy so I’m going to presume so). These two are more tricky in my opinion, They are quit similar and so can be hard to distinquish between the two.

Right let’s define them, synecdoche which basically means using part to stand for a whole. The example I remember being used for this is ‘all HANDS on deck’ here hands is the synecdoche.

Then theres metonymy, i’ll give you Katie Wales definition ‘a Rhetorical figure or trope by which the name of a referent is replaced by the name of an attribute, or of an entity releated in some semantic way’ examples of which are ‘common in everyday language: phrases like the press (‘newspaper’), the stage (‘theartre’)’. An easy way to get your head around metonymy is to know that the word comes from the Greek ‘name change’ which kind of simplifies the idea a little.

Right understanding this then you should consider ‘three-person’d God’ which I’d say is an example of synecdoche. The ‘three-person’d God’ is a reference to the Trinity (the father, the son and the holy spirit) and the idea of one godhead and a Triune God. So then the ‘thre-person’d’ is the part which stands for the whole (the father, the son and the holy spirit).

Hope that Helped.

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Love Knot Meaning

Ruth asks…

IN LOVE with a married man?

I am deeply in love with a married man, even he says he likes me but he does not want to tie a knot with me / want to commit with me he directly says that he just want to spend time with me, but i am confused i don’t what to do………….. actually we use to stay near his office for this reason i have shifted my house its already 3 months, when i shifted he called twice to know my home address i did not respond him properly……….. from then he stopped calling me …………. i don’t know wheather he is missing me or not but i am ………. what shld i do …….. shld i call him……….? or shld i discontinue with this relationship?

LoveKnots answers:

Let it go. You were probably just the clean up woman. Meaning he probably was using you to get things he wasn’t getting from his wife. Ex: Communication,etc

Maria asks…

Why is my kitten so mean?

I mean he loves me and follows me around and stuff but whenever I pet him he likes to try and bite me and what not.. It isn’t hard and he always will lick the spot he bit after he bit me. How can I get him to be more affectionate?
I dont intentionally play with him using my hands. As soon as he bites I will stop petting him and let him know that it was not alright for him to do that.

LoveKnots answers:

He’s just playing, but you need to quit using your bare hands to play with him. He won’t learn that hands are NOT for biting, unless you TEACH him.

Get a pair of old HEAVY ( athletic ) socks, and tie them into knots. Keep them next to you when you sit down, so that when the kitten wants to play, he can play with the SOCKS, instead of your hands. Play tug-of-war GENTLY, with the kitten and the SOCK, and when he gets really “into” it, toss the sock on the floor. He’ll jump down to go get the sock…..You may be able to get him to bring it back……or he may just “wrestle around” with it. At any rate, he’s not biting your hands!!

As he gets older, he’ll calm down some, and become more affectionate…….Right now, he’s more interested in playing!!

Hope this helps……..Those socks can be great “hand savers”……so, keep them handy!
Good luck.

Helen asks…

does this mean that i am in love?

i have this guy friend that i like but every time that i am around him my stomach knots up and i am not sure what to do

please offer suggestions of what this could be a sign of or what to do about it

i just would like to know because i think that it is just a little weird

please no sarcasm
also i am always thinking about him

LoveKnots answers:

I dnt think its exactly love…
Then again it could be…
Only u kno that
but u probably REALLY REALLY like him
and thats how it is sometimes…
Yea it’s weird,
but its a nice feeling

Laura asks…

What does this symbol mean?,r:22,s:18,i:160&tx=36&ty=38

LoveKnots answers:

Looks like a Celtic knot.
There are many Celtic symbol guides out there, however often many of the purported meanings of the symbols are usually made up. While many of the ancient designs certainly had some spiritually significant meaning, these have largely been lost to the ages and can only be guessed at. There are no known authentic knotwork designs meaning love or loyalty or sisterhood or any of the other common meanings ascribed to the designs.

For more information go here:

James asks…

This is a quote from a story I read in class the other day.. Can someone explain what it means?

“There is within me a knot of cruelty borne by the stram of lvoe. Much as blood sometimes bears the seed of our destruction, and at time, I was mean to Doodle.”

Doodle is the narrator’s brother, so the person saying this quote is Doodle’s older brother. Can someone please explain to me the meaning behind this quote.

LoveKnots answers:

It means that doodles brother (narrator) was being cruel because he loves his brother, and tht destorying something will bring something newer and more beauitiful then the something tht was there before ( I ACTUALLY READ THT BOOK TOO) tHE OTHER DAY IN CLASS) whoops casp was on

Donald asks…

Teach me English meaning!?

Hi , I have a question of English poem about Rumi who was Sufi poet.

Here is poem:
My worst habit is I get so tired of Winter, I become a torture to those I am with
If you, the friend, are not here, nothing grows
I lack clarity, my words tangle and knot up
How to cure bad water? Send it back to the river!
How to cure bad habits? Send me back to you (the friend)
When water gets caught in habitual whirlpools dig a way through the bottom
To the Ocean
There is a secret medicine given only to those who hurt so hard they cannot hope
Pale sunlight, pale the wall
Love moves away, the light changes
I need more grace than I thought.

by Coleman Barks

I can’t understand why Rumi said Pale sunlight, pale the wall ?

I asked English teacher of Japanese about this poem.
But he could not understand it too .
I think , because we think about Pale sunlight, pale the wall are imperative sentences.
Is this same meaning;the sunlight paled and the wall paled?

So can I say this? :
There is a secret medicine given only to those who hurt so hard they cannot hope.
However, the sunlight still paled and the wall still paled for me.
Love moves away, the light changes form me.
I need more grace than I thought.

LoveKnots answers:

Pale the wall just means the wall is pale.

Like this:

blue the wall means the wall is blue

pale sunlight on a pale wall

very little sunlight on a barely sunlit wall.

Mary asks…

What dose this dream mean?

In this dream I has access to a couples bedroom. By access I mean all doors and areas were open to me to enter in and out. Upon entry I undisturbed saw the couple in bed. The man sitting on the bed has a bear belly and no shirt on. He was however covered from the wait up. In bed he seemed to be checking or texting a message on his black berry. The woman in the bed, presumably his wife was faced down in the bed. Her face was pressed down in the pillow. Her left hand was lifelessly hanging of the bed. Her whole back was exposed and her skin tone was a yellowish ill color. Her hair was knotted, tangled and dirty. Passing the couple unfazed I entered their bathroom, pulled the bathroom window out and proceeded to talk to someone outside. Simultaneously while talking to the person through the window I turned around and saw that the man was trying to look at me through the little bathroom door window and trying with exceeding force to open the door. I smiled as I realized that he could not see me but I could see him. Turning back to talk to the person outside the bathroom window I told the person that I was going to come and open the door for them. In fulfillment I proceeded out of the bathroom. In stepping out of the bathroom I say the man standing in the corner of the bathroom in darkness just standing there staring at me. Unfazed I just walked out of the room.

-Why would I have all access to someones bedroom?
-Why was I unmoved by the presence of the couple?
-Why was faced down in the bed? Why was her face was pressed down in the pillow? Why was her left hand was lifelessly hanging of the bed? why was her whole back was exposed and her skin tone was a yellowish ill color? Why was her hair was knotted, tangled and dirty?
-Why did the door automatically lock to the man who was trying to enter? How come he was automatically denied access to his own bathroom and b whom?
-Why was I able to see him however he was not able to see me?
-Why did the door automatically open to me when I was ready to leave the bathroom?
-Why was the man unable to get to me even when the door was open?
-Why was the man standing in the corner, in the dark helplessly watching me?

LoveKnots answers:

I didn’t read it but I suggest just be a good person for everyone with love.

I like to just add because maybe I got your attention:

To know if the fruits of this tree will be good you need to wait till you see/feel/takes/smell everything. A tree takes time to grow.

If a tree gets cut it naturally will heal. If the tree gets cut down it must be fixed to live.

If you plan to get be a wife one day her duties is similar to training a dog you will get what you put in.

When Dealing with an eel you must make it feel love and make sure it is comfortable.

If you take care of an eel it only wants you

If the eel environment is the best, the eel is home

Give the eel the good stuff at the right time, the eel will want more

Love the eel and the eel will love you back.

On another note before you invest into anything make sure you have done all your homework/research because that affects are recorded. Now it is better you don’t invest, but you would miss out of some great luxuries. Now if you don’t invest make sure your partners know about it.

Try your best. Love like you never love before. This is the best way for love to come and start surrounding your life. May love be around you, through you and is you.

Love and the Good Life will come

P.S. Email me if you have another further statements
P.P.S. More & daily words of encouragements TWITTER my account is = @glhww
P.P.P.S. Click on the Yahoo Answers Ads to support this very cool program

Lizzie asks…

He loves me but I don’t know what love is and I have low self-esteem?

He says that he loves me for who I am. Instead of making me excited, him saying that scares me. I feel suffocated when he says that, like I can’t improve myself. I tell him I hate myself and he says that’s okay. I tell him I can’t love him because I hate myself and he says that we have time, that he’s patient. The worst is when he shrugs and says that he’s alright with my behaviour when I’m not even alright with my behaviour. I feel trapped.

When he tells me he can give me time alone if I need that, I feel I need him even more. I even tried to impose a break from him for myself but after a short while I went running straight back to him.

I know that he can’t change me, I know that I can only change myself, but I’m afraid I’ve already become too dependent on him and I’m afraid that I’ve been using him to just boost my self-esteem and now that he wants something more, I can’t commit.

This relationship used to be fun but now I feel frustrated and I don’t know why. It’s starting to provoke the worst in me. I get defensive and argumentative over the tiniest things. Instead of loving feelings, I feel an anxious knot in my stomach when I think about this relationship.

I know it’s really unhealthy. But I don’t know what to do. Can anyone help me? Does it sound like I’m staying in this relationship just to avoid being alone? Can anyone relate?

LoveKnots answers:

Seems like ur not afraid of committing but rather afraid of changing into a more independent stronger woman. Being independent could mean u have no one to give u affection and having to lift yourself up without anyone’s help whenever you go through something hard. Believe in yourself and youll find the courage in you to become strong. Kinda like if someone humiliates your close family. The anger you release shows the strength and courage in yourself. Learn to be independent and you’ll have your choice in guys to be with. Guys help you in times of need, but you wont need them if u become strong. Thats even if ur in need, which is reduced when ur not dependent on a guy anymore, good luck

Joseph asks…

What do you think this poem is about/means?

Love Song
Carol Muske-Dukes
Love comes hungry to anyone’s hand.
I found the newborn sparrow next to
the tumbled nest on the grass. Bravely

opening its beak. Cats circled, squirrels.
I tried to set the nest right but the wild
birds had fled. The knot of pin feathers

sat in my hand and spoke. Just because
I’ve raised it by touch, doesn’t mean it
follows. All day it pecks at the tin image of

a faceless bird. It refuses to fly,
though I’ve opened the door. What
sends us to each other? He and I

had a blue landscape, a village street,
some poems, bread on a plate. Love
was a camera in a doorway, love was

a script, a tin bird. Love was faceless,
even when we’d memorized each other’s
lines. Love was hungry, love was faceless,

the sparrow sings, famished, in my hand.

LoveKnots answers:

The poet is reflecting on love and its idiosyncrasies. She is lost in thought and memory. She remembers the love she once had and compares it to her rescue of a baby sparrow. Love is hungry and eagerly will take what ever it can to ease its hunger. There is a need to love and be loved just as one has a need to eat. Love is faceless just as the sparrow pecks at its faceless reflection on a tin.

The sparrow, now fully grown is still lost. It is earth bound and trapped by its own reflection which it attacks. The tin bird it attacks is its obsession. The sparrow probably does not know it is even a bird. The reflection is described as faceless. Is the sparrow held earth bound by this reflected image? Is it because it was raised by touch it stays with the poet? Were they meant to find each other and what sent each to the other? I thinks she believes in is because both were hungry for nurture.

The poet’s thoughts also dwell on her lost love. She refers to this love in the past tense. He is no longer with her and she mourns the loss of this faceless love which has still left her hungry. The sparrow sings in hunger and her “Love Song” is the same. She hungrily remembers the life she had when her lover was alive. This poem is her love song to him.

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Love Knot Meaning

Mark asks…

Do you believe in love at first sight?

How would you know if it is love or lust? Does love mean their has to also be chemistry?
to honeytar – i think until you experience love you will think it’s a myth, but once you are lucky to experience that special feeling so few do, you to will ‘believe’ in it.
just like how some people don’t like each other but then grow to love each other, can’t it be possible for two people to right off the bat love each other and then grow to hate? why does it have to be neutral to negative and then turn into love but not love and then turn to not love??

LoveKnots answers:


But!!! It doesn’t mean it’s going to be a LASTING “LOVE”, or, that it is your ‘SOULMATE!’

You might ‘love’ someone’s LOOKS (that’s pretty shallow, but it’s often a starting point)! You might ‘love’ having the door opened for you… You might ‘love’ the thought of being with that person 24/7! When REALITY sets in… Things might not be the same… When it’s time to pack YOU, and the baby, and the car-seat into the pick-up… Is the ‘door STILL going to opened for you’?… Or, are you going to be told to get your butt in the truck?

When one of you has to separate from the other (unless you are FORTUNATE enough to ‘TIE a KNOT’ with someone who is independently wealthy) so that at least ONE of you can try to earn a LIVING… There are MORE demands being made than just “you go to WORK, and I’ll be HERE, WAITING for you…!!!”… SOMEONE has to be taking care of the baby… Washing the clothes, paying the bills…. Whose ‘CHECK’ pays the bills….

It’s HARD to hand-over a ‘pay-check’, after WORKING so hard for it! One wants to KNOW that it is going to be ‘spent’ with ‘what was in MIND’ when it was being EARNED!!!

LOVE can be a ‘tricky’ thing…

I ‘sense’ from your questions, that YOU are ‘sincere’…

Keep asking questions…. You have several GOOD answers already…!!! CONTROL you ‘emotions’… Control your ‘juices’… KEEP asking the questions… And ASK LOTS of them…

I’ve had the privilege of talking to ‘random’ people who have been married for over 60 years… And they wrap their arms around each other like they were teenagers… And, I could SEE the “LIGHT” in their eyes as they looked at each other…

I have ONE couple in mind… Don’t KNOW their names, (and would not be Allowed to TELL you, if I COULD… Or WOULD…)

I saw them while I was working at a local ‘voting center’… I was inspired by how ‘in-touch’ they were with each other! THAT is LOVE! Maybe, better answer… That is SOUL-Mates!

Good luck in your ‘quest!’

Joseph asks…

i need the lyrics to the song WHAT I LOVE ABOUT SUNDAYS?

LoveKnots answers:

Raymond’s in his Sunday best,
He’s usually up to his chest in oil an’ grease.
There’s the Martin’s walkin’ in,
With that mean little freckle-faced kid,
Who broke a window last week.
Sweet Miss Betty likes to sing off key in the pew behind me.

That’s what I love about Sunday:
Sing along as the choir sways;
Every verse of Amazin’ Grace,
An’ then we shake the Preacher’s hand.
Go home, into your blue jeans;
Have some chicken an’ some baked beans.
Pick a back yard football team,
Not do much of anything:
That’s what I love about Sunday.

I stroll to the end of the drive,
Pick up the Sunday Times, grab my coffee cup.
It looks like Sally an’ Ron, finally tied the knot,
Well, it’s about time.
It’s 35 cents off a ground round,
Baby. Cut that coupon out!

That’s what I love about Sunday:
Cat-napping on the porch swing;
You curled up next to me,
The smell of jasmine wakes us up.
Take a walk down a back road,
Tackle box and a cane pole;
Carve our names in that white oak,
An’ steal a kiss as the sun fades,
That’s what I love about Sunday,
Oh, yeah.

Ooh, new believers gettin’ baptized,
Momma’s hands raised up high,
Havin’ a Hallelujah good time
A smile on everybody’s face.
That’s what I love about Sunday,
Oh, yeah.

That’s what I love about Sunday,
Oh, yeah.

Sandy asks…

i need the lyrics to the song WHAT I LOVE ABOUT SUNDAYS?

LoveKnots answers:

Raymond’s in his Sunday best,
He’s usually up to his chest in oil an’ grease.
There’s the Martin’s walkin’ in,
With that mean little freckle-faced kid,
Who broke a window last week.
Sweet Miss Betty likes to sing off key in the pew behind me.

That’s what I love about Sunday:
Sing along as the choir sways;
Every verse of Amazin’ Grace,
An’ then we shake the Preacher’s hand.
Go home, into your blue jeans;
Have some chicken an’ some baked beans.
Pick a back yard football team,
Not do much of anything:
That’s what I love about Sunday.

I stroll to the end of the drive,
Pick up the Sunday Times, grab my coffee cup.
It looks like Sally an’ Ron, finally tied the knot,
Well, it’s about time.
It’s 35 cents off a ground round,
Baby. Cut that coupon out!

That’s what I love about Sunday:
Cat-napping on the porch swing;
You curled up next to me,
The smell of jasmine wakes us up.
Take a walk down a back road,
Tackle box and a cane pole;
Carve our names in that white oak,
An’ steal a kiss as the sun fades,
That’s what I love about Sunday,
Oh, yeah.

Ooh, new believers gettin’ baptized,
Momma’s hands raised up high,
Havin’ a Hallelujah good time
A smile on everybody’s face.
That’s what I love about Sunday,
Oh, yeah.

That’s what I love about Sunday,
Oh, yeah.

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