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Love Knot Meaning

Donna asks…

Anyone know the lyrics to Gangsta Boogie by Love Stink?


LoveKnots answers:

For the millenium
Half Ounce (boogie)
And Tha8t’z Gangsta
Geah (geah)
C’mon uh
How we get that
All day

Yes y’all, dippin’ to the beat
You can even dance or just grab your heat
Never under the seat, left the first place
Seek, destroy’s the ways come the boss face, I
Move the World like I move the crowd
Your ass get scared like you wanted alive
Run the block from the ?? I’m back to the top
Have my bitch on my block right set up shop
Did a little shoppin’ if the money was puffy
At the local strip club where the hoes would pop it
Breath and stop it
You know how we do for dollars
Dippin’ Impalas
Catch me in a club I holler
If it’s cash on the table
I’m willing and able (chin chin)
Strapped with a 44 gangsta’s the label (cluck-cluck)
You know We Come Strapped, Compton on the map
Your hood collapse with tight militant like that geah

We get the money, all day everyday
Fly bitches that get down, ain’t shit funny nigga all day everyday
Gangstas lean, know what I mean, all day everyday
Thugs, bitches, geah, hoe, c’mon

Show stopper, 6-3 hopper
Guess is the rapper slash the gay copper
Use to be a poppa till I pop the rock
Pop the Glocks
Run, dump and roam the blocks
Where a
Plenty of hoes poppin’ coochies up in the spot tryin’ to
Kill sometime while I make a knot
Tied up, no twist, bling-bling the risk
Mama said one day happy days like this (geah)
Mama said how can’t happen all leave ‘em piss
Leave your name on the wall, keep fuckin’ with y’all
Keep it old school like Prince Paul false call
Till the One-Times come to the west on boss boss
Follow me into the world up dippin’
Cash money on the spots set trippin’ cause the block is hot
Gang of bitches on the block keep tossin’ the twat
In the hoods like a movie Halloween the block, geah

We get the money, all day everyday (hey)
Fly bitches that get down, ain’t shit funny nigga all day everyday (geah)
Gangstas lean, know what I mean
All day everyday (gangstas)
Thugs, bitches, geah

Till the sun come up watch me roll with the gun up
Have my back cock ready
For all who run up
For the last time I told ya how I spit the strap
Love the West and die for this gangsta rap
Cross my name on the wall, cross my path you fall
Consider the times that the hoes tried to break my balls
Tryin’ to stack a mil-ticket, snatch hoes to kick it
Anything y’all drinkin’, ya hoes get picked it
In the middle of the floor grab the dick and lick it
The life of a hood superstar is wicked
Point blank get the cash if it’s the cash to get
Don’t get your chest wet and get outta this shit
Touch down with the brand new sack
Niggas will take over when they turn pitch black
Stay packed on my dogs Locs
And bitches on the lookout for fiends One-Times ??? Little that geah

We get the money, all day everyday
Fly bitches that get down, ain’t shit funny nigga all day everyday
Gangstas lean, know what I mean
All day everyday
Thugs, bitches, c’mon, geah
We get the money, all day everyday
Fly bitches that get down, ain’t shit funny nigga all day everyday
Gangstas lean, know what I mean
All day everyday (gangstas)
Thugs, hoes (bitches)
Geah (hoes, geah)
Hold up c’mon

Thugs (For the money – geah)
Bitches (all day – geah)
Everyday (hold up – geah)
Half Ounce (geah, Official)
For sure this time
Half Ounce (Compton)
For the millenium
Making y’all do that G shit
All day
Ya know how we do this everyday (geah)
C’mon, boogie (geah)
Gangsta boogie
Geah, gangsta boogie
Thugs (gangsta)

Helen asks…

Is this what true love really feels like?

Ok so I’ve been dating this guy for almost 2 years we have been getting along great we’ve had the normal couple arguments but no name calling or hitting. We have been faithful to each other. Lately I’ve been feeling real different and I mean that in a good way. I find myself thinking of him and feeling sad when we don’t speak or see each other. When we are together I just get all tongue tied and my stomach is in knots. When I’m feeling down or sick the minute I hear his voice or see his face I feel happy again and I don’t feel sick anymore.
I really do have feelings for this man I care for him deeply. Is this what true love feels like? I’ve never felt this way about anyone in my life. I hope this is the real deal.

LoveKnots answers:

Yes, this is how true love really feels

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Love Knot Meaning

Mark asks…

can you fall in love with the same person again?

Can you ever feel that honeymoon phasee of dating again after its over or is that feeling of love and excitement gone forever? I love my boyfriend but we’ve really lost the happiness and excitement we first ffelt together. And I’m sad if I stay I will never feel tthat feeling again, we’ve been together for over a year now and I’ve just been feeling so sad about dating. I always reminiscence about us first dating or before then the excitement about flirting and the chase. Its been getting me so depressed lately because idk what to do or if I have anything else to look foward to. Help? Does anyone else feeel this way or delt with this problem?

LoveKnots answers:

Thats how it is. Feelings always go away. A feeling is a feeling, not a permanent fixture in your life. One second you feel hungry, the next you feel full. Same with love. One minute your infatuated, the next you’re feeling bored.. That’s not how life works. But I understand what you’re saying, you want those butterflies again, the knot in your stomach when he calls. It’s all so romantic. But once a relationship is past the ‘honeymoon phase’ there is so much other stuff to look forward to! This means you are finally comfortable with someone and that can open so many doors in of itself. Stay positive. Try to do new activities together as a couple, don’t give up.

Donna asks…

I love him but…..?

look i love my fiancé and i know he loves me, but some silly small things he does really get to me and although i promised him ill marry him i sometimes find myself feeling so sad and abandoned and completely bored with him that it makes me want to look for someone else, ive never met a nicer man but hes just soooo boring, ive given up alcohol for him because he doesnt drink and its unfair for him that id be drinking away while hes completely sober, so i dont even go clubbing anymore i dont even want to meet up with him cos i know ill be bored to tears, should i leave him? even though ill probably never find a kinder and more wonderful man, who loves me completely? :(

LoveKnots answers:

Well try to think of your life five years from now. Ten years from now. Thirty years from now. Can you imagine yourself being happy?

It’s true, he’ll be hurt if you break of the engagement. But…will it hurt any less than if you “pretend” with him and eventually break it off because you’re bored? How will that make him feel?

Also, don’t stay with a guy because he’s “so nice” or you’re afraid to hurt him. It’s not right, and neither of you will be happy. I know, it’s weird, right…here you have a perfect guy and you’re just not sure how you feel about him, eh? How many girls would kill for that, and you just don’t know…it’s tough. Why can’t it be easier!!

In short…just do some soul-searching. Pray if you’re religious.

Try finding fun things you guys can do that you both love. See if that helps to “spice things up” (I don’t mean sexually).

I think you should be sure about this before you tie the knot. Sooner or later, the truth will come out, so be sure you know what you think/feel.

Robert asks…

what does it mean when a guy says: “I want to make something of us”?

I don’t know him too well but we have talked about getting married. We’re young & he’s a little older than me. Thanks(:

LoveKnots answers:

This could be several different things, but usually when a person who is older, and I’m guessing, who has dated more than you have begins talking about marriage and “making something” of the relationship it means taking things further than just casual or non-committed relationship. Depending on how you two’s relationship has been thus far will also be a factor. If you’ve been intimate already (ha sexual relations) then it could mean either he’s deeply emotionally attached to you. Usually though, when an older person (not necessarily a man) wants to take the relationships further then its going to mean sexual relations and deep emotional commitment. I don’t know how old you are, but if he’s dated enough to know he wants a committed relationship and you don’t know, then you might be smart to wait a while before becoming so committed. Marriage isn’t a simple step of “getting married” and living together. Its an emotional roller-coaster for the first 2 years while 2 people learn the true nature of the other and as how they work as a couple.

If you’ve not graduated high school yet, let that be the first goal you have. If he truly loves you, he will wait. And if he says he won’t wait, then tell him to wait anyway. He may just tell you that to see if you really are serious about waiting. And just because you love him doesn’t mean you have to run off and get married as soon as you can. If you two love each other then it means you can (as a couple and as individuals) learn to live with inconveniences and bend to each others needs. Anyone who has finished high school (and a lot who have not) will know and understand that it is a necessity not a want and will encourage you to keep your mind focused on good grades and graduation. If all of that is past you, then what about college? What is your focus in life? What do you see as your career in 5 years past college? If you can’t answer those questions perhaps you should take some time to discover who you are and what you want out of life before tying the knot.

Please understand, I’m not downing marriage. I was married at a young age to a younger guy. He was 3 years younger than I. We got married the year he turned 18. We ended up living together for 6 months, and our marriage ended after 10 months. It was heart breaking when the divorce papers came. I truly thought I’d never get through it. Several years later, I had dated a few people…enough to know what I was looking for in a mate…and oddly, I couldn’t help but think of him. I always compared people to him. Oddly, 1000 miles away, he experienced the same thing. One day we happened to find each other on the internet. After talking for a few months, and seeing each other through the clear eyes of experience, we decided to move in together. A year later we were married, and we celebrated our 10 year anniversary this past June. So know, that even if NOW isn’t the right time, if he’s the right man, it can work out.

Chris asks…

Is it okay if I marry somebody I don’t love?

She’s a little Russian hottie who has offered me a small fortune to tie the knot with her so she can get UK citizenship. Then we’ll get a divorce and I can marry another one.

The perks aren’t too bad either, if you see what I mean :o P

LoveKnots answers:

Is say go 4 it m8 and if u dnt wana do it u can send here my way and dnt listen if some1 tells u its moraly wrong coz it is but who gives a f**k sex and money is so much better than love. Love will just kick u in the nuts at the end of the day but sex and money will never do u wrong

John asks…

I’ve been married for 3 years now, but I’m still in love with my ex?

I have been married for about 3 years now. I was with my husband for 4 months before we tied the knot. I love him and everything about him. Now before him my ex (Who i met 3 years before my husband… but we didn’t get serious until 2 years after we met) is just a wonderful man inside and out, he’s one of the most amazing men i’ve ever known. When I was madly in love with my ex i knew he loved me but i couldn’t get him to fully confess how he truly felt about me (Some of us woman just love for you to tell us how you truly feel) and when going threw this I met another guy (Who is my husband) and he was just so great at the time that i made the decision to be with him and a couple months later he asked me to marry him and I said yes. Now 2 month before i got married my ex had told what i’ve been waiting on.. that he was crazy in love with me just like I was with him and even though i’m the one who asked him to tell me how he really felt and it was exactly what i wanted to hear it did nothing but confuse me, i guess i wanted to feed my ego because I still end up getting married. After I got married i would talk to my ex from time to time and he hated that I was married, then i end up getting pregnant and he just stop talking to me altogether, he felt it was best if he just move on.

2 1/2 years had past before my ex start talking to me again and I thought i just wanted to be friends but one day i just let him know that I still felt the same, I was still madly in love with this man and i knew it every time i talked to him or seen him (Him and my brother-in-law are best friends) and he told me that he felt the same but i’m married and he wants all of me not half of me and I just broke down and cried. My husband doesn’t know I talk to my ex on a regular, he’s knows i was in love with him so he wouldn’t like it. I’m still head over hills for my ex after years but I love my husband too. My ex is everything to me, he’s my best guy friend, he even listens when I have complaints about my husband and always actually tell me to tell my husband how I feel or what my problem is. I couldn’t cheat on my husband because I love him and don’t wanna hurt him but i’ve been having thoughts and dreams of cheating on him with my ex. All this confusion and pain is really taking a toll on me, I am past stressed. I am 22 years old married to someone I love and still in love with my ex and all I keep thinking is “What if i wasn’t ready, What if i made a huge mistake?” and all the what if’s and what could be’s is driving me crazy. I can’t keep loving 2 people, my husband is great but my ex, it feels like he could be my soul mate, it’s just something about him. My question is how do i get over my ex cause nothing works, or is it that i will always love him? I’ve cried myself to sleep so many nights not knowing what should be my next step. Can anyone help or give me advice please…

LoveKnots answers:

You… Are… MARRIED. And, to quote Icanhascheezburger,,, ur doing it wrong.

First, he’s your EX. Meaning you don’t have a relationship with him anymore. Meaning he needs to fade out of your life, because you are married to someone else and you OWE your husband fidelity and respect, just like he owes it to you.

Second, complaining to someone else about your marital problems and/or saying bad things about your spouse is breaking a cardinal rule of marriage. Marital problems need to be addressed with your husband… And no one else.

And as a personal opinion, I think you got married WAY too young. Your mindset and continued relationship and obsession with your ex is not the mindset of someone who is truly committed. If you want to save your marriage, you need to cut contact with your ex… Completely. And you need to do it now. If you can’t do it, then you don’t deserve your husband, and you should seek a divorce before things get worse.

Lizzie asks…

why did a friend asked me questions about love?

My friend asked me if I ever been in love I answered no and she was like “high five me neither”. Then she asked if I ever been heartbroken I responded no then she said “cool neither have I”. Then she asked do I believe in love and responded yes but I don’t want to fall in love yet I want to do stupid stuff with my friends I want to wait until I’m like 25 (I’m 17 btw). Then she said “I dont believe in love” and what knot. So does she like me or something? what does it mean? Why was she asking me does questions?

LoveKnots answers:

I think she likes you. A lot
And she may want to know if you’re seeing someone or if you have feelings for someone (especially her) so she’s asking these questions “as a friend” so that she can gauge where to go from here

And I only say that because that’s what I do when I’m interested in someone and I’m curious about their feelings lol

Sandy asks…

love, hate crush or what?

Okay so i had everything figured out and the knot in my stomache went away! i was getting happy but now everything is change! i had this ex bf he was my 1st love and we had our whole lives planned! then he broke up w/ me 2 weeks ago not know if he loved me! so last nite i saw a ? asked by him which was–;_ylt=AjweAbbDP5ZKpm6jDFL3m7vsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070914210034AA9jVMC

(the jr. is his new gf) And i was like so y is he asking that is he gonna break up w/ her? i mean i wanna date him but idk! And then i found this ?;_ylt=AoOmXEgpik1TpVDxpbXMOkTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070731200329AA7nWx6

And this one is about me! It said he knows he loves me in it! So my something either my heart or head is telling me move on and the other is saying hold on! and idk what to do. I want him more than the world but i want my heart to stay in 1 piece more! any help plz!!!!!

LoveKnots answers:

Tell him you saw the ?’s he posted.. .and take it from there.

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Love Knot Meaning

Sharon asks…

What does it mean when one says “all is fair in love and in war”?

LoveKnots answers:

It’s an ancient / old saying… ‘All is fair in love and in war’

Those days, during the King’s time ….the natives try to solve war in their region by tying the knot between the two provinces that’s being in war constantly.

Therefore, they believe when there’s war it could be solve by love i.e. Marriage.

This trend usually happed it the European Union between the 18th Century & below.

As women; back then were nothing more then to serve mankind’s political purpose & to be slave.

Mandy asks…

Knot by my lower intestints and hip bone. What could it be?

hi, I have a large knot that i just noticed below my left hip bone. Its under my skin, so I know its not a skin problem. It hurts to push on slightly and besides that, it hasnt caused me any other pain. Any idea what it could be? Im starting to scare myself thinking it could be cancer because colon cancer runs in my family. Im only 13 though, so i doubt that. But i know there’s many many different types of cancer and dangerous diseases that cause large knots. Any thaughts on what it could be? Thanks soo much for any help!
PS- I am going to the doctor, but I want an idea of what to possibly expect. Thanks!

LoveKnots answers:

If it’s round and firm, and smaller than the size of a grape, you have a swollen or infected lymph node. This does NOT mean cancer. Just keep an eye on it. The swelling will probably go away within a week or two (although you may still feel a small bump about the size of a pea).

Love & Blessings

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Love Knot Meaning

Paul asks…

What is it like to “fall in love”?

I’m not sure

LoveKnots answers:

It’s like a dam that has just burst and all the water that was restricted to flow now rushes into a mighty stream. Falling in love for all the right reasons is the most glorious feeling and emotion the human soul ever experiences. At first, your hands getting sweaty, your stomach gets tied up in knots, your heart flutters, you can’t be without that person either in person or in communication. Love makes you a better person. You have urges to give, to share of yourself, and to lovingly accept that person for who and what they are in relation to your own existence. There is not only a strong friendship, but there are feelings of respect, honor, trust, and affection for that person. The bonds of love that comes about an individual is like spring following a cold winter. Everything is seemingly in bloom. Everything is brighter, more colorful. It seems you can notice every detail of that person–a change of hair style, the scent of a new perfume or cologne, every color and sparkle of their eyes. You will come to know what love is once you share those words, “I love you.” Sure you will make mistakes in judgment or because of inexperience, but it all happens to the best of us. At times your rational processes will be over-shadowed by emotion. Just roll with it. After a while, falling in love will be like riding a bicycle. You will always know how. Always be communicative with your partner–and that also means to be a good listener before you speak. Once you fall in love, it will be like you’ve been struck by lightening. You will definitely know it. If you need help, drop me an email. Good luck.

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Love Knot Meaning

Daniel asks…

In love with a Manic Depressive/alcoholic?

I have a big problem on my hands. Normally I’m great at solving problems, but the problem here is that I’m in love with a manic depressive/alcoholic. We started off as friends and I never knew he had a mental illness until the more I hung out with him. His recklesslessness was somewhat an attraction to me at first, but when I started living with him I saw that he was BEYOND reckless and needed help. He got out of prison 2 years ago after completing a 12-year sentence. About half a year later, he was stabbed in his back 3 times and now cannot walk and is in a wheelchair. He has been through some VERY traumatic experiences since at a young age and that’s not even all of it. I know prison has DEFINITELY changed his mindstate, he’s very confrontational especially with males that could just look at him the wrong way. He’s still in the mindstate of being an inmate sometimes, but he’s in the real world now and I know it’s very hard for him to function and think normally.

That’s a little about him but here is my problem. We are definitely in love, I know he loves me 100 percent. When he is not having a Manic episode he is the PERFECT lover….. I couldn’t ask for anything else. He’s so caring, he cooks for me, washes my clothes, and how I feel when I’m around him is such a beautiful natural high that I’m addicted to. He’s amazing too, 12 years of prison gave him so much wisdom and knowledge, he has helped so many people out with their problems just by talking to them, he’s taught me much about the Lord because he studied the bible for many years in prison too. But when he has an episode, he’s very reckless and out of control. It’s like he’s literally possessed. and when he has an episode and has been DRINKING too, he’s physically abusive on top of that. Right now I have a bloody eye, 2 knots on my head from hitting the concrete, bruises all over my body, and a busted lip and swollen cheek. Yesterday he beat me because we were at a club and his sister’s boyfriend was trying to touch me innappropriately. I ignored it and didn’t tell him trying to not have a big problem arise, but by doing that there was chaos when he found out. He tried to fight the guy but then resented me for not telling him about it earlier and beat the hell out of me at the club parking lot, the ride home, and even AT home when we got there. I was able to run away down the street, I hid in a neighbor’s truck. Then all of the sudden I hear screaming and sirens….. He got hit by a car. The driver made a hit and run….. it was devastating. The hospital he’s at will not give me any information or let me speak to him…. so I’m clueless to what’s going on but I know he’s alive.

Now I am awake this morning panicking trying to type this. This happening has made me realize maybe I need help too, because I am in so much love that I’m putting my life in jeopardy. I can’t control it…. I feel so bad, at first his family made it seem like I was the bad guy because I was nowhere to be found. (I was hiding from him) but they didn’t know that he was on the verge of sending me to the hospital. This is the third time he’s put his hands on me and it only happens when he drinks. I love him DEARLY, I feel like I can’t live without him, but if I don’t think this thoroughly there might be one day he gets drunk and kills me. But I’m stuck on what to do, because I feel like I can help him if he starts taking his meds and attends therapy. (he’s willing to do so but transportation is the issue) I’m no longer going to be in sight when he drinks, thats for sure, but can someone give me any advice what to do….. I am a hopeless lover who cannot get her head straight even when she’s beaten senseless. Maybe I’m the one with the disorder here. But I believe there’s a chance I can fix our lives and get married like we always wanted to. I just need to know how to go about it the right way. This condition is ruining our love and lives, even his families.

Advice please, I don’t want anyone knocking me down for this, please just be constructive.

LoveKnots answers:

I am not going to knock you down…just state some facts. If yo INSIST on this relationship you need PERSONAL counseling and go to some support group and go into couple counseling together. This is the only way this is going to work.

You either don’t realize what you are in for the rest of your lives…but over 90 percent of these relationships do not work. Your whole life is going to be about HIM…not you…not kids….but HIM. Is he taking medicine…is he doing what he needs to do…if he goes off what do I do….dealing with irrational and angry people all your life puts you in the background and you will be NOTHING. You will actually be a hero…but no one will know it.

You need therapy to figure out why you have this need to FIX him and keep him in your life. Don’t tell me about LOVE. Love is not what holds marriages together. Love is tested and it has to be BOTH people working at it. Your lives will be focused on HIM 95 percent of the time. Even with kids….when they should come first…everyone will be taking care of HIM!

It is a MENTAL ILLNESS….MENTAL ILLNESS! Nothing that can be fixed…nor will it go away…and it won’t get better.

Because you will have to put him first…what you like to do…who you like to see……everything else will depend on HOW he is doing at that moment.

No future planning….because it can blow up at any second….lost dreams….lost sleep…sometimes violence and abuse.

YOU CANNOT FIX THIS…..and you have to find out why you have this need to FIX something that can’t be fixed.

No matter WHAT you do….it will never be enough…or be right…and things will forever be in chaos. You will get the blame…you will feel guilty..and you will always think you can fix it and could have done something better or different.

YOU CAN NOT! The problem is HIM… is MENTAL ILLNESS! Not a behavior problem…not a character flaw…not avoiding something…but a MENTAL ILLNESS!

It takes someone totally committed…someone who is willing to give up his control so someone can control his medicine and his life and do what he is told. MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE DO NOT DO THIS! He most likely does not see anything wrong with his behavior. He sees things going wrong but it isn’t his fault.

He is UNPREDICTABLE….meaning violence is in the future!

Honey….do yourself a favor. Find the strength and courage to say goodbye and find a life that is easier to live. Life is hard enough without going into a relationship with all this where you are a fly on the wall with no say…no life…and fear looming in front of your face all the time.

Thomas asks…

Well, I’m quite a mean mother, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve got a rainbow knotted neatly around my neck,
and the river I drank bone-dry is down in my belly.
If you ever see me down Louisiana way,
I’m most likely looking for a witch.
I’ve set my hunting dogs on Satan,
and sent him fleeing in the cornfields.

Well, I’m a mean mother*******, wouldn’t you say? (that’s seven asterisks, not six, hee hee…

Title of song and name of artist? The above is NOT a string of lyrics.

PS: THIS IS A MUSICAL QUESTION. You will not be able to answer it unless you can grasp a song title.
Solo male artist. And there are no swear words in the whole song : )
Clue: This song has a connection to Screaming Jay Hawkins.

LoveKnots answers:

Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard
by Tom Waits

Wheeew, finally, I have been trying to figure this one out for days.
Keep them coming, I love a good challenge

Chris asks…

Love troubled teen needs help…! PLEASE!?

So I’m 15… have had dozen of crushes through my young life… so many times I thought I was in true love… Those feelings all went away eventually… I knew they would, I just knew beforehand they wouldn’t last… So I stopped looking at pictures of models and etc like 6 months ago… stopped my feelings for girls… Told myself to calm down basically…

Anyways, was on the internet two night ago at maybe 11:00 ran across this girl actress… not really famous at all, a few small roles here and there… anyways, I felt like something clicked about her from looking at her photos… I had told myself I wouldn’t do this again… But couldn’t resist. I made a yahoo account, twitter account, spent maybe five hours doing the prefect tweet to her… and after I had the tweet ready… I was nervous like heck… Thirty minutes went by until I finally got the nerve to do it… and I sent it… anyways, she’s 14… That night I was up till 10:00 A.M… I couldn’t get to sleep, my thoughts of her flooding my mind… the next day I was going through everything on the net to do with her and viewing all photos… I had been feeling more depressed than ever lately… but something about her turned me back to joy and happiness… today I woke up, haven’t stopped looking her up and etc. yet today… anyways, part way into the day my stomach felt odd suddenly… And I realized this is what people mean by butterflies in your stomach… with other girls I thought I actually loved, I never got even close to as obsessed…

I was happy to hear things about her happy, mad when I thought one thing was about criticizing her… which it actually wasn’t doing… I think she’s beautiful, looking at her pictures, I don’t get boners or pulsing sensations like with other girls… I just love it the way it is… I don’t know,… my thoughts tell me… “Maybe” unlike all the other times where the brutally truthful part of me said no… I don’t envision us having sexual doings like I would do with other girls… I imagine us hanging out, making her laugh,,, enjoying casual time and such… I don’t look at her as “Hot”… but as beautiful… My stomache has been in a knot all day… I’m so confused… help! Am I in TRUE love! It’s so different from any other “love” I thought I had!!!!!! I don’t know what it is about her!!!

LoveKnots answers:

This isn’t a question that should be asked on yahoo because nobody that answers this can give you that answer. The answer is inside of you and only you can answer if you truly love her. In my opinion I don’t think your in love because you have never actually met her. Looking at her pic and thinking she’s beautiful is one thing but then going out and connecting is a whole different ball field anyway it’s like I said no one on here can give you that answer.

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Love Knot Meaning

Mark asks…

Im in love with my boyfriend and my best guy friend…?

I have been dating my boyfriend for a year and three months now. Things are great and I really can’t complain. The thing is this, I have always had feelings for my best guy friend. Even though I love my boyfriend very much, those feelings for my friend have never left; they have always been in the back of my head. I thought the feelings were only one sided until I found out recently that my guy friend loves me too. We sat for awhile and talked about our options. He has a girlfriend, but he said he would break up with her if it meant being with me. I wasn’t planning on telling my friend about my feelings until right before we would leave for college. I love my boyfriend very much, but I am pretty positive I don’t want a boyfriend while I am in college. What should I do? I feel so torn. I feel like I am emotionally cheating on my boyfriend. Im just so confused. They are both completely different people and I love them both. I would really appreciate some insight if you have any :)
Im sure he thinks something is up because he keeps bring this friend up. It breaks my heart to even think about breaking his (my boyfriend).

LoveKnots answers:

Sounds like your in a knot! And i’m sry that u are… I dont want to say anything to dum, because its your life, and u make your own decisions in it! So i would just say… Who do u like more, and what do u want to do? Cause if you really want to be with your best friends thats a guy, then do it, but if you dont want to leave your other boy friend, then don’t. I’m not trying to make any of your choices here, cause its what u want to do and what ever would make u the happiest! I dont want to be a theripist either, but i just want to tell u what i would do, or ask myself. So im just saying, that this is your question to answer and i cant really tell which way to go! Its your cross road… U walk the path u want to take, not the one u dont. Hope i helped! And i hope u end up happy! :D

Mandy asks…

To anyone in a relationship and in love?

Do you find others attractive still?

I’m in a really great relationship, my boyfriend loves me so much and he’s such a nice guy, I KNOW he won’t cheat,yet I can’t stop thinking about it,I feel so sad when I think about what he did before going out with me (which really wasn’t much) and I know it’s not something I should think about,but I can’t stop myself. My stomach feels knotted,it hurts me so much but I can never believe him when he says he doesn’t find ”sexy pictures” remotely attractive,or any other girls…I know this affects him and I really want to get better for both of us.
Thank you Jackson,well actually i’m just recovering from depression,just finished treatment and this is still lingering so i’m not sure if it’s anything to do with it…thank you

LoveKnots answers:

Course, he’s bound to find other women attractive, doesnt mean he is going to act on it. Hun i used to be exactly like you, i hated my boyfriend drooling over celebs on telly as he would quite openly tell me how fit they were etc. But the thing you have to remember is…he is with you and no-one else. Surely you as a person often see a guy in the street and think hmmm he’s cute, its just our natural instinct. Doesnt mean you are cheating or him for that matter. I have started dealing with it a lot better now, its ruined 2 of my past relationships and im not going to let it ruin this one. You have to beleive that your the one for him, no-one else. He is with you because he loves you! It hard to move pass this, it took me ages but now i am dealing with it better. Sometimes it does still niggle at me, but i let it pass as it will only get my upset and cause arguements

Its just one of them things you have to put to the back of your mind hun, i hope this has helped

Good Luck

William asks…

What is the poem ‘Love’ by Pablo Neruda about?

What’s wrong with you, with us, what’s happening to us? Ah our love is a harsh cord that binds us
wounding us and if we want to leave our wound, to separate, it makes a new knot for us and condemns us
to drain our blood and burn together. What’s wrong with you? I look at you and I find nothing in you but two eyes like all eyes, a mouth lost
among a thousand mouths that I have kissed, more beautiful, a body just like those that have slipped
beneath my body without leaving any memory. And how empty you went through the world like a wheat-colored jar without air, without sound, without
substance! I vainly sought in you depth for my arms that dig, without cease, beneath the earth: beneath
your skin, beneath your eyes, nothing, beneath your double breast scarcely raised a current of crystalline
order that does not know why it flows singing. Why, why, why, my love, why?

LoveKnots answers:

It uses romantic narrative as metaphor, and uses the speaker to mean the poet who expresses truth, like a seer or prophet. The theme criticizes the world, a thousand mouths he kisses, for being shallow and empty as the reason why the poet can’t find truth, love or inspiration, and his criticisms are actually at himsel

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Love Knot Meaning

George asks…

Does your stomach knot up when your angry?

its 6:24 am, my parents are arguing again, and my stomach is destroyed right now. Im on y!a for a distraction… be honest i dont think i even believe in marriage anymore so as a

BQ: Do u believe in marriage? And why do u believe in such a lie? :(
Shoosh, Im choosing you as best answer. :) , here’s why:
Yeah, my nerves must be really sensitive too. I need to see a doctor, to make sure I dont have any ulcers too, because my stomach is always acting funny when im stressed. :/

You’re right about how everyone argues, but my parents were arguing about something that they ought to get a divorce for, and get it over with already. Its so true that how a marriage goes doesnt depend on the title, but the two people in the relationship that make the experience. It depends on the people, if they both want to be together, they make it work. I thought well about it, like you said. And im still thinking it over, but marriage seems to me like its only shackles. Let Love Be Love without the Complication of marriage. thats what i think, but good luck on yours. And i really do hope it lasts forever <3 Its good you found someone, and I wouldnt be soo resistant if i found somebody truly worth marrying. But my standards are higher than ever right no

LoveKnots answers:

First of all, yes my stomach does knot up when I’m angry and sometimes it leads to vomiting, I chyecked with my Dr. And he said it’s all because I’m very sensitive so nerves in my stomach gets disturbed!!

For the second question, I’ve been married for almost two years now, I’m 28 years old, I can’t tell u that I’m living a perfect or romantic marriage life but I can tell u I’m happy and this is normal I guarantee u, there no couple on this planet that does not argue over stuff, even if they are not married, even friends, siblings or parents and kids, We’re all different than eachother, that’s why we usually argue about stuff, if your parent’s relationship is not ok, that doesn’t mean marriage is a disaster, you and your partner are responsible for making marriage a fantastic thing or you can make it hell on Earth. Marriage is all about love, understanding, trust (if possible lol) and sacrificing ina way.
Think well about it

Michael asks…

What does this mean when a Woman does this?

I’ve been with my girlfriend now for 6 years… And I’m very ready to tie the knot. The problem is though I get so many mixed signals from her… One minute she’s clingy for a few weeks.. Then for a week she acts like I’m the plague? For Example, the past 2 weeks, she’s been calling me like crazy.. In the morning, early afternoon… If I miss her call she wants to know why I missed it? Then suddenly. Starting last weekend.. She’s acting like I’m the most annoying person in the world.. Like she’s dodging me.. Saturday I call her.. She answers and tells ms she’s shopping, then going to the pool with her kids.. I tell her she sounds busy.. She says she will call me in a few.. That was 1PM.. 10PM she calls me back. Sunday she calls me for 1 minute to tell me she’s going to pick up some food from a restaurant and she will call me right back.. 3 hours later no call.. I text her just saying something nice.. She texts me back ” I’m watching a movie”.. I’m thinking? Why didn’t she tell me? Then 2 hours after that text she calls me while she’s washing dishes, totally pre-occupied doing dishes laundry, not even talking on the phone… Today I call her before I go to work to say hi.. She answers the phone and says ” I’m getting ready to go, I’m putting my kids in the car, ” I said .. ” You sound busy”.. She goes ” yeah I’m real busy about to go to the grocery store”? I apologized saying I didn’t know she was busy. I just don’t understand this? Who tells someone 3 day’s back to back, everytime they call , that they are busy and need to call them back , only to call them back 4-8 hours later? I never do this to her, if I tell her I’m busy doing something, I call her back when I can, Not after a movie, and dinner and TV shows??? What should I do, I don’t know what this means? We’re both in our 30′s. She has 2 kids ages 10 and 12. Should I back off?

LoveKnots answers:

It means she thinks she is too good for you. When she should be worshipping the ground you walk on. Very few good men are willing to date a divorced woman with kids. There is a reason second marriages have a 70% divorce rate. The woman thinks she is too good for the man. I guarantee if she ever gets the chance she will cheat on you.

No woman who really loves someone will push them way one week and cling the next. She is playing with you making you wait for her call.

I would leave her…Although when you leave her be ready for her to crawl back to you when she sees who is available for her to date. But remember she has lost ALL respect for you and will never treat you well. If you do get married I am willing to bet with an attitude like hers she will divorce you ( 90% chance)

YOU Deserve to be happy…with someone else….

EDIT: She is NOT attracted to you. She is trying to keep you there UNTIL she finds someone else. She doesn’t want to be alone but she doesn’t want to be with you. You DESERVE so much better than that.

Ruth asks…

Who Is REALLY in Love Today ?

You know what I mean… you cant eat, cant sleep, your stomach is tied up in knots, you just cant stop thinking about that special one for a second.

Anyone feel like this and does that person love you the same !? (i hope so)
Is it good or does is scare you ?

I’m not saying I feel like this before you ask, I’m just curious !

LoveKnots answers:

Yeah it’s scary as hell, everything you try to eat is like cardboard, stomach churns at every thought of them and you can’t sleep at night cus they are on your mind because you can’t be with them. I have no idea if the other person feels the same way that’s just how I feel so without asking him I have no idea

John asks…

complicated inter caste love story. please help urgently?

I’m in love with other caste girl. We understand each other very well, like each other and love each other more than life.

We both did many mistakes because of fear, when we both came to know that we love each other at the same time my parents found a suitable girl who is completely like what my family is, so when I asked my girl for marriage due to the fear of her parents she forced me to get married but still I went to my home and told my family that I love some one else so can’t marry, I told the same to the girl whom I was marring, my mother threaten me that she will do suicide if I don’t get married, so due to all this I got married to this girl which is biggest mistake of my life for which there I don’t think any justification can make it right.

But at the same day of my marriage its broken because I really can’t get this so I have told on the same day that I can’t do this but its already done, even my wife understand that its mistake from her side aswell as I told her before itself. We took the minimal period of 1.6 years to break-up and now I am back to single/ divorce, In this I lost every thing , Money , my image and respect. My ex wife is settled on the same day we go divorced and married to some one else.

all these 1.6 years, me and my girlfriend where talking to each other day and night and the girl I love was waiting for me as she was any ways decided that she will never marry any one apart form me, because even she realized what mistake has been done from both, now she has asked this to her parents and they are not even ready to listen to any thing, they are just talking about forgetting all this and that this is not even an option by any means.

I know, in all this the person who is culprit and coward was me but believe me every day I regret for what I have done on the day when I got married.

Her Father even threatened the girl that if we do some thing like getting married without their consent, then they will kill us both.

She has a younger brother whom she loved a lot and for whom she has done a lot, her brother told her that he will find her and me and will kill both.

I talked to my family and finally they agreed on this because they don’t want to repeat the earlier mistake and they told that as long as you both love each other and like to live with each other they will never come in between.

The girl loves her parents a lot for that matter – same as she loves me, her parents also love her the same way, so she want both parents and Me, her parents are not ready to listen to any thing so we are afraid that they might do some thing bad, my family is very simple and there is no one who can talk to the girl’s parents as her parents are very rigid.

I really can’t live without her, nether can she can, we already made big mistakes in our life so don’t want to repeat any mistakes and want to get married and live happily.

Here are the issues in this.

1) I am divorcee
2) The age gap between me and my Girlfriend is 7 years
3) I am Hindu and she is non hindu.

I really don’t know what should we do now, I know one thing that we can’t let go each other by any means.

I am really afraid every moment that what will they do to us and where we are heading to.

So is there any one who can advise me what should we do now…..

LoveKnots answers:

Simple answer to this loooong question-

If you guys truly love each other, then to hell with the so-called ‘caste system’; if you both are consenting adults no one can stop you both from tying the knot. Get married; do the right thing.

I know your /her parents might not approve, but time is the only solution to this. With time they will accept your marriage and you two.Perhaps once they get grandchildern their hearts will melt and they will be happy.

You cant please everyone now..right now your focus should be to be with the one you love, move in/ get married and be happy..things will fall in place.

This is 21st century, I cant believe people still place so much importance on religion/ caste/ ethinicity etc…

Follow your heart friend.; dont lose the one you love or you might regret the rest of ur life.

Sandra asks…

How do you make a knot that will conntect two ropes and will consume the ropes (check details)?

How do you make a knot that will connect 2 ropes AND will consume them both?
What I mean is: if the knot is in action, either tension (or slack as the case may be) will cause the two ropes to “shorten” at the knot. Here is an illustration:


(after tension, or slack, depending on the knot)


Does such a knot exist? and how do you make it?
I don’t think a sheepshank knot will work. A sheepshank shortens the ropes, but will not respond to slack or tension.

LoveKnots answers:

There are many knots that will take part of the slack, but which one is the best is specialist work.
There are some people who love to talk about this aspect of knot tying, you will find them at:

You need to register to ask questions, but when you do you get replies from the best in the field, theoretical as well as practical people.

I agree with one of the other answerers here that the sheepshank does look the right knot for the knot, but only if and when the load is steady and the tension even.
If the tension gets of and on again you will need to stabilize the sheepshank and the locked sheepshank might do the trick, but I am sure that the specialists at IGKT will know a better solution.
They will ask what kind of rope you use and maybe also what kind of tension.

If the situations can be live threatening if the knot fails, do not experiment but ask the specialists.

Daniel asks…

What does it mean if you can tie a knot in a cherry stem with your mouth if you are a guy?

LoveKnots answers:

It means all the girls will love your tongue.

Nancy asks…

If i am in love, should i choose us over I?

I am a senior in High school about to enter college. He as well, but he is going into the military! Should i just drop what i want to do and follow him because i am in love with him? Should i just go off to college where i am so TERRIFIED we won’t work out!? Many people say high school relationships never work out. I hate that saying, we having been dating since our 8th grade summer and doing GREAT! Just every time OUR future comes into play I get so nervous i start shaking real bad my stomach gets in knots because im scared of saying the wrong thing.

LoveKnots answers:

You should definitely go to college. You don’t have to end your relationship to continue your education. An education is something that can never be taken from you. College also offers life experiences that go beyond education. If your relationship is meant to be, it will last!

Thomas asks…

Big knot under his arm?

My husband has a big knot in his under arm (you know the crease of your under arm. Its big swollen, red & warm to the touch & hurts him up his arm & towards his shoulder & chest. He can not put his arm all the way down because it hurts him so much.
I told him that he should go to the doctor but he won’t listen to me.
He said that he’ll go tomorrow. It concerns me because what if it’s something & it gets close to his heart.
What do you guys think that he should do?
Do you know any home remedies for the swollen?

LoveKnots answers:

He should go to the docter or maybe try and brng a docter to him i mean you love him right he will understand and then if it is something really bad dont rub it in his face

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Love Knot Meaning

Joseph asks…

What does my dream mean?

Alright, you’re all gonna think that I’m insane. But I keep having the same dream over and over again, where I’m hanging by a rope tied around my wrists and I’m naked, and the guy I love is right in front of me but he’s just crying and he can’t help me, so he just stands there. And then my wrists start bleeding and I drown in my own blood, and at the same time he drowns in his own tears. And I can literally taste the blood when it happens. Then all of a sudden I wake up in a white room and he takes me and kisses me, and hands me a rope. And he says “its time”. So I go into the room with the rope, undress and hang my wrists in the knot and then it goes black. What the hell?? I’ve had it every night for the past 94 nights!
I’m not currently in a relationship with him. I’m just in love with him, but he’s a lot older than I am so he left for university and he just left me here like this. And it’s absolutely killing me.

I think the fact that I’m naked in the dream demonstrates my vulernbility towards him.

LoveKnots answers:

Your not in a relationship with him but you’re in love with him…is he a past lover? A hopeful?

My guess would be he’s a past but still hopefull lover and your hanging naked by your wrists in front of him crying is an attempt to make him feel bad for leaving you ‘hanging’ and vulbnerable. Him crying is your way of implying to yourself that he would be upset to know you feel so bad, or perhaps hoping he feels bad.

Drowning in the blood/tears is your way of ending the current feelings/thoughts and starting afresh (waking in a white room), hence him kissing you when you awake, but your deeply affraid he will leave you hanging again, hence him giving you the rope, only next time it’ll be over, hence the black.

Sandy asks…

What does this poem mean?

Im having a hard time figuring out what it really means. Does it relate to the Odyssey?

“Names We Sing in Sleep & Anger”
by Amaud Jamaul Johnson

Like fishermen at dusk, the soldiers returned
From war with stories slumped over their shoulders;
Their fingers firm at the knot, the netting, thick
And tangled with the names of the dead.

None could explain how the flood of life all around
Them escaped like water from between cupped hands,
How the bodies of men they loved began to crust
The earth like salt, how destruction danced slapdash
And unashamed everywhere, and still they survived.

When I came home from college proud, my educated
Mouth agape, a tackle box of words, slick and glossy
And I saw the names of my friends, the young men
I fought with, learned to drink with, and left behind

Lil’ Rocc, Pumpkin, Ulysses, Junebug, Aghoster
Names spray-painted throughout our neighborhood
In memoriam, I could understand how a god
Could make one life possible and strip the world
Clean of so many, or how, like high-watermarks
The dead remind the living of the coming of storms.

LoveKnots answers:

This book is talking about someone who got out of the draft and is seeing what the war in Vietnam did to people he knew. So, no, darling. No Odyssey reference here as far as I saw. Love–Simone

Donald asks…

I love my wife very deeply.Please help.?

I dont think she feels the same way in return. Shes a Christian and im a non Christian but i get the feeling we dont feel the same way towards each other. I would do anything for her but she seems to not mind hurting me being interested in flirting/ mucking about with other people etc. She also had this great love for god which i dont quite understand and i certainly feel about 7th best with the interest shes shown in other people etc. She says she loves me deeply but has a black spot on her heart which means she cant quite love me how i want to be loved but shes dealing / dealt with it. I just dont get it ? Any ideas. Shes been to counselling but not really said much just that shes changed and shes ok now. We talk alot about it but i always seem to come to the same conclusion. Weve got kids whom she adores and i adore but i am seemingly doubting she really loves me which is hard to live with daily.


LoveKnots answers:

Well, the situation sucks. But you got married too soon. Seems like you two didn’t get to know one another long enough before tieing the knot. Actually, I would assume that you two go married because she was pregnant, or because you two had a kid together beforehand. I can tell you one thing, it sounds like that wife of yours still has some experiments to go through in life/relationships and you may want to take this as a red flag…meaning, she may start to broaden her horizons to other things/men for pleasures that she does not have with you. What does this mean for you, start scanning your potential, the guys that go to her church that can “understand her better”, because she may go to them..and by that time, you’re the bad guy…Just be careful, that’s really all I can say…you may be setting yourself up for a heartbreak

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Love Knot Meaning

George asks…

How can I tell if I love him?

Okay so there is this guy and I know that I like him but sometimes, I don’t know, I feel like it’s more. I mean I am constantly thinking about him, and when ever I see him I get a knot in my stomach and I feel as though my whole day is better just knowing that hes there at school. I dream about him now and then and when I do its like the dream sticks in my head all day long. When I look him in the eyes I honestly feel dazed and its not just because he has gorgeous eyes its because It seems as though he is the only person that I could ever be with. Yes I do talk a lot but when it’s just him and I we could talk for hours about absolutely nothing, Am I in love? Or am i fooling myself?

LoveKnots answers:

Take it slow and enjoy having his company for now,let some time go by to let all of the new wear off. All new relationships are exciting at the beginning but if you really want to know about Love you have to slow down and pay attention to everything.. Not just the fact that he makes you feel all mushy inside…let your relationship blossom before you start talking about LOVE.. Good luck though!

Linda asks…

what do knots on the side of the neck mean?

and do they mean anything combined with tiredness??

LoveKnots answers:

They are more than likely lymph nodes. If you are having excessive tiredness, then you should see your doctor about sleep disorders. I would’nt worry too much about the lumps (depending on the size of them), but it is something that you could bring up as well when you go to the doctors. Or you could check out, I love that site!

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Love Knot Meaning

Sandra asks…

Calling all ?GUNSMOKE? fans…….Ever seen “Matt’s Love Story”?

At 2PM Arizona time today, it is on TV LAND…….Ladies…..hang on for dear life……Matt falls in love, KISSES the lady and then retires to her bedroom !!!!! The first time I saw this I nearly ended up in ICU with over-exposure to happiness. You will DIE!!!! He is playful,romantic and down right HUNKALICIOUS !

Watch the show and then post your comments…that is….if you can pick yourself off the floor.

HeeHawwwwwwww….I love MattBaby?
It was 2PM EST not 2PM MY time !!!!!!!

Okay…I’m trying to stay calm. After all I have seen it and SOMEWHERE in my new home there exists a tape of it.

If you have ever seen it, care to post your comments?

LoveKnots answers:

That must have been soo exciting. I always wondered if he and Miss Kitty would tie the knot, but just wasn’t meant to be, especially if he had something else going. What happened to his lady love? Please don’t tell me she died off at the end of the episode!

Mark asks…

How to show a love to my cat??

LoveKnots answers:

Play With Your Cat:
Most cats will play, if inspired to. Just drag a string or feather in front of him, and watch his eyes widen with curiosity as you move it back and forth. Fast moving things are eye candy to cats. They have the instinct built in to hunt, and their inner tiger comes out if provoked. Be careful not to get scratched, as kitty reaches for whatever you’re dragging. It’s best to have a long string, with something tied on the end of it (I tie one of those little catnip mice on the end, by its tail) so there’s little chance of coming in proximity of sharp cat claws. Cats instinctively put their claws out, they don’t mean to scratch you if it happens.
Give Kitty a Really Good Massage:
Cats usually love to be petted, brushed or scratched. Some favorite areas on my cats are under the chin, behind the ears and down their backs. Even the most macho male cat will tend to melt like butter if you hit the right spot on him. If you see their paws kneading then you know you skritched them into kitty bliss. Kneading is something cats do when totally content and happy. The purr motor usually comes on, too. I use soft brushes, such as my artists’ duster brush (soft brush for drafting), they are cheap and can be found at any art store. Brush gently, so your cat will feel relaxed. Just like any human, hard brushing can hurt the skin or pull hair. To keep him happy, don’t yank out any knots, always think gentle and with a light touch.
Talk To Your Cat:
Ok, so this appears odd, but just like humans, cats respond to being talked to. They may or may not understand what we’re saying, but they are glad to have your eye contact and approval. Even my deaf cat likes being talked to. He cannot hear me, but he sees my lips move. Winking your eyes may spark kitty to wink back. Many people in my family agree (we are all cat owners), winking is a way that our cats acknowledge us back at some level. For hearing cats, talking to your cat in a calm voice is important, because his instincts may react if you’re uptight or raise your voice. So, try to talk to kitty with a loving tone, but not too loudly.
When Passing By, Reach Out and Touch Him:
As you walk past your reclining cat, give him a quick acknowledgment. My old cat, Blackie, loves it when I reach out and pet him as I pass by. He sleeps a lot now that he’s a furry senior citizen, so a little kindness his way brightens his day. Just a quick touch means a lot to your pet, who is happy to know that you’re pleased with him.
Surprise Kitty With a Treat or a New Toy From Time to Time:
Go to any pet store, and you will see a large variety of toys and treats for your feline friend. If your pet is older, opt for the softer treats, since his teeth may be more sensitive. As for toys, anything with catnip is a good bet. My cats are partial to catnip-filled small pillows. They hold them between their feet and play with them for hours. It’s best to get one per cat, so nobody fights over who gets the great, new toy. I learned this from personal experience.

In general, a little attention and thoughtfulness is highly appreciated by your cat. While you’re at work all day, he’s alone, or asleep. A little stimulation is good for him. Play and variety make all cats’ lives richer. They happier your cat is, the more content you’ll be. Be sensitive to your cat’s likes and dislikes, and find what makes him happy. He’ll be very grateful that you did.

Ruth asks…

I’m in love!… i think?

I met this guy a few hours ago, and i think he’s the ONE, ya’ll. he already popped my cherry and its goin good. no condom usage, that could be dangerous, thats why we’re running to vegas tomorrow to tie the knot! so excited! but is this moving too fast? im fifteen, and he’s eighteen, so idk if they even will let me get married. buti look older than i am. so what should i do ya’ll? he’s so dreamy!

LoveKnots answers:

Alright, no offense girl but you’re just a moron. You’re basically ruining your life and having s*x is not love! When will people understand that? If you met him a few hours ago and you already did it, you’re just another oblivious girl who has no idea about love. I’m sixteen, almost seventeen and trust me, I never did it, I’m truly proud of being virgin; you should learn about other people’s mistakes, did you know that if you don’t use a condom you can get pregnant? I think you don’t as you said it would be dangerous. I’m sorry I’m being mean or upsetting but that’s the only way I can answer this, It’s such a shame that girls at the age of flowering think love is bang any guy at any age. When they’re actually supposed to become professional and smart people. Such a shame.

Robert asks…

Friend said we need to talk. What does she mean?

A friend says we need to talk because she’s not the person, I think she is. Well I know she had an affair so it’s not that. What else could you possibly do? The only two things that came to mind is murder or her being gay/bi. But I don’t think either one of those are it. I guess I put her on a pedestal but I love/care about her for her imperfections. What does she mean by this? My stomach is in knots.

LoveKnots answers:

It means that somthing bad happend

Ken asks…

What does it mean to be a MAN?

Just wanna get some opinions on this
I try to do all that I can.
thx to anybody who actually answered this. all the people that think “having a pair of cojones” means your a man, you’re very wrong.

LoveKnots answers:

Are you kidding? Wow, what a complicated question…
Being a man takes decades. It means growing up, acquiring knowledge, finding your true self, developing morality, learning how to treat others with respect and earning respect for yourself. Being a man means that you can be powerful enough to make anyone back down from doing something wrong and it doesn’t necessarily take your fist to do it….while being able to stand up for what you know to be right….again, the fist is not the first way to do that either. Being a man means leading a household and finding a woman who needs you to complete her soul and help her to bring children into this world who will respect and honor you for being a role model. It means getting up and going to work to earn a good living for the family you have created. It means that you will one day teach your sons and daughters about everything from your faith to the best way to tie a good knot in a fishing line. Being a man means that you can and will make a difference in this world because your word is your bond and when you shake someone’s hand and look in their eyes, it is as good as any legal document created on earth. I know what it means to be a man because my father was one of the greatest men I ever knew and I watched him be a man and knew that really great men are not the ones on tv or the ones that are not necessarily politicians, but they are the ones who make my nation strong and the ones who have children who love them with their souls. I hope that my sons can be men like their grandfather was (God rest his soul) and my husband is.

Donna asks…

How do i show this girl that i love her?

Hi. I am here to tell about someone that whenever I look at her my stomach gets tied in knots and lifts my spirits for the whole day. I have know her since I was an infant and even from then I have had feelings for her. I used to live in Norwalk where she was but last year my family had to move to Adelanto but we still go `downhill` about every weekend but sometimes I don’t get to visit her. I am 14 right now a bit overweight have low *** self esstem although I don’t let it show. I’ve been wanting to tell her for so long how I feel. I always try my best to make her laugh and sometimes I do which is awesome. Sometimes I think about drawing her something because art is my thing. When we were younger 10ish I drew her a Pokemon buizel she loved it she still has it pinned on her wall my Pokemon is a totodile. So I was thing of drawing something like both of them cuddling? This is what I need help in I just can’t tell her that I love her. Trust me its love I can feel it. Help me figure out how to present her the drawing what to say that stuff I need details on . Because I love her so much and I feel that every time I leave her house I feel like some attractive other guy is gunna swop down and steal her away cause trust me …. she’s hot as hell. So please help me . Please. P.S Her parents love me so does her older brother. Thanks.

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Ofcourse you should draw her a pic of a cartoon cuddling. That is so adorable. It is your skill to do that and if she loved the first one then keep making her more!!!! Girls love all kinds of gifts because then it means someone is caring for you and that’s always nice. If you have known her for for such a long time then you should write on one of the drawings and say I love you(her name) love (your name)

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