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Ruth asks…

How do you know if you love someone?

What do you guys think love is?

LoveKnots answers:

Your pulse rate increases. You feel like you can’t breath. Your stomach is in knots and you feel a cold sweat take over your body.
Love, it is the most painful thing sometimes yet we desire it more than anything.

It’s amazing. It takes you on a roller coaster. You go from being totally calm to looking at that particular person and feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under you.

If anything mentioned above rings a bell to you…you were in love =]

Donna asks…

What types of tattoos do couples usually get? without getting eachothers names?

I wnat to hear from people who have gotten matching tattoos with their significant other. Or if u know of people who have matching tatts. Lemme know thanks!

LoveKnots answers:

These are some of what I’ve seen….and other random ideas.

•Matching hearts.
•Matching paw prints.
•Eachother’s zodiac sign intertwined
•Eachother’s birthstone colours intertwined into a design
•Using your partner’s birthstone colour as the dominant colour of your tattoo.
•Matching Kanji Japenese symbols that say ‘love’ ‘companionship’ ‘soulmate’ or whatever.
•Matching eternity knots.
•Matching ring tattoos.

Daniel asks…

John asks…

Is there a website with virtual wedding games?

Is there a website with a game where you can plan a wedding, decorate the wedding, then be in the wedding?

LoveKnots answers:

Note that I have not played the games, but I am quoting descriptions I think match yours. I will list possible games in numbered form, for order when I list links in sources.

1. “Wedding Planner: Make it a day to remember in Wedding Planner. Pick a client and plan the wedding according to the budget. Be careful not to spend too much!”

2. Wedding Games Online: This is a collection of various wedding dress up games, nail painting games, cake decoration, and others. I don’t have a quote to sum these up.

3. Wedding Dash: Fall in love with this exciting challenge from the creators of the Diner Dash™ series. Help Quinn, a hopeful wedding planner, make bells ring by planning and pulling off the perfect wedding! Assist the happy couple in selecting all the details – from cakes to flowers – but once they’ve tied the knot, look out for obstacles that can wreck their perfect party, such as tipsy guests, falling cakes, and catty bridesmaids.

I hope these are what you are looking for, and have fun.

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