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Will this help my new pet rats?

I am getting my first rats. I have gotten a starter kit with food, bedding, and a starter book (I have read it top to bottom but there is nothing i didn’t already know). There is also a small bottle of “Beaphar small animal vitamin”. Would this help my rats in any way, or is it just something they want me to go out and buy over and over again?

LoveKnots answers:

If the rats are getting a high quality diet its not strictly necessary, and if you do go the vitamins route I suggest you order “Mr Squiggles” instead…you may have to get it online but its really, really good. Make sure you get your ratties lots of toys to play with too…you dont have to spend lots of money, they love chewing cardboard boxes, running through sections of drainpipe (cheap from your DIY store), tearing knotted straw, and ringing bells designed for budgies. You can also make hammocks out of old clothing for them.

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