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Love Knots for everyone…

Love Knots Recipe

James asks…

things to do before i die?

what should everyone do before they die??

i want to experience everything … so please give me ideas!!!

LoveKnots answers:

Visit a foreign country.
Get to know your family. The history of who you are.
Make peace with yourself and your enemies.
Thank the ones who have helped you.
Help someone, anyone.
Continue your education.
Take a chance.
Fall in love.
Make a difference.
Teach. Even if it’s how to tie a square knot. Teach it.
Enjoy life.
Learn to cry, even if it’s happy tears.
Pet an alligator.
Read a Shakespearean novel.
Ask a stranger, “How are you” and mean it.
Learn to say hello in many different languages.
Make up a language.
Write a book. Even if it’s 3 sentences. That could be a story.
Visit a museum.
Go fishing.
Have a no theme party.
Meet your neighbors.
Look up at the sky for no reason and see who else does.
Give a stranger a hug.
Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
Ask the question that you really want the answer to.
Stand up for what you believe.
Just stand up in a crowd that is sitting.
Laugh for no reason.
Smile at yourself in the mirror.
Take a picture of something that others see as everyday.
Give up your seat.
Give to the man/woman at the corner street begging.
Make a loaf of bread.
Try a new food.
Invent a recipe.
Spend a day in bed. Doing nothing.
Pay a bill for a friend.
Learn to say no.
Learn to say yes.
Drop by a hosiptal and ask what you can do to help.
Help your community by cleaning up.
Clean your conscience.
Be a great lover.
Be a great son/daughter/brother/sister/parent.
Edit note: whomever (name withheld) emailed me. Nope, this is my list of things I want in my life. No plagism here.

Steven asks…

How to make Pak Tong Koh (Steamed Rice Cake)?

My boyfriend for a few years lived in Hawaii, after much searching for this mysterious cake he loved from the islands, I’ve tried multiple recipes we’ve found online and I keep having trouble with it. The first time I cooked it wrong and it didn’t rise and it turned to jello. The 2nd time the yeast didn’t bubble and didn’t cook right again.. and so forth. I think I need some more pointers with more precise directions. If anyone could help me, that would be great!

LoveKnots answers:

280g rice flour
200g sugar
600ml water
3 pandan leaves, knotted
1 tsp instant dried yeast
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp cooking oil

1. Mix the rice flour with 300 ml of the water.

2. Boil the sugar with the remaining water, salt and pandan leaves until the sugar is dissolved. Mix syrup into the into rice flour mixture, stirring well. Strain the mixture and leave it to cool.

3. Dissolve 1 tsp yeast in 2 tbsp lukewarm water and add to cooled rice mixture, and mix well. Cover the batter and leave in an oven or warm place for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

4. Prepare a pan of water for steaming. Grease a 30 cm round pan and place it on a wire rack in the water for steaming.

5. Add the oil to the leavened batter, stir it well, pour into the heated pan and steam for 20 minutes.

Mark asks…

Asian Cooking using fish heads, fish roe, etc.?

An Asian Market has opened in our town and my son and I love to shop there. We love Asian food, rice noodles, tofu, sesame oil, asian dumplings etc. They have an extensive selection of meats and seafood, some of which we have never heard of or tried to cook. I would appreciate some recipes using these items. We are adventuresome with our cooking and my husband will generally eat what we fix.
I have tried asking for cooking instructions but no one in the store can understand English very well and I can’t understand them very well.

LoveKnots answers:


Serves : 4

Ingredients :

2 red snapper fish heads (cleaned)
1 long brinjal (sliced)
1 packet curry powder
500ml coconut milk (squeezed from 1 coconut)

4 shallots
3 cloves garlic
2cm piece ginger

1 star anise
2 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1 dried assam dice
5 stalks curry leaves (knotted)
oil for stir-frying
salt, sugar to taste

Method :

Heat oil in a large pan. Stir-fry the ground ingredients, star anise, cloves, cinnamon stick, salt and sugar till fragrant.
Put in the fish heads, brinjals, curry powder, curry leaves, dried assam slice and coconut milk. Stir often to get a thick and lovely consistency to the curry.
As soon as the fish heads are done, remove from heat and serve.


Sandy asks…

When a girl decides to get married, how should she go about finding out if a guy is “her kind of guy”?

There are a few things on my mind – a few questions that I would like answered…I’m sure these questions would’ve definitely crossed every girl’s /guy’s mind at some point in their lives, although I ask from a girl’s point of view since I’m a girl myself.

As everyone knows, even the best of individuals may not be at their best when together…similarly, the most ordinary of people can be at their all time best when they meet their so-called “true love” due to the undivided love, attention, support n encouragement they get and because they complement each other so well… So how do we go about finding the “best match”?

In an arranged marriage, when her parents are in the process of finding a match for her, the girl is given a choice of guys. Since all people are never the same as they are when you first meet them, how should these girls know which of those guys are most suitable for her, and which of them will change in a way that she can still handle?

What kind of questions should she ask? What are the unspoken things she should look out for/notice? Are there any particular warning signals she should be aware of?

In general, how do you know if a particular guy is not the right person for you?

On average, how many people are actually in love with their spouses in the long run – be it love or arranged marriage? Since I know that the initial attraction does eventually wear off, esp whn u get to know some of the undesirable habits/ways, etc of ur spouse that never came up in a conversation before you tied the knot.

Besides all that, the most troubling question of all : is an arranged marriage as reliable as it seems?

When we are making a decision about if we should marry a certain person we’re in love with as opposed to a person our parents might pick, what are the things we should consider first?

In an Indian marriage, we have to consider that person’s family as well. What should we look out for?

Anything else we should know that I might have overlooked?
Thanks everyone…I dnt think I can rate any ONE question as the best as I learnt something from each of your answers.The One – I am in da kind of relationship u describe,and I can say tht ths person can b ideal 4 me,but da sad fact is tht both of us r from educated,yet conservative families, n unfortunately, we belong 2 different religions.Out of sheer loyalty n a sense of duty to our parents,we’re unable 2 evn get into a workin relatioship, which is mainly why I decided on asking these question, caz,at ths point,my vision doesn’t go past him – itz like all those other guys don’t even exist.M far from over him although we mutually decided on not “going out”.In a way, I wish things were as uncomplicated here as they are in the US,but the reality is tht we’re in India,so I have 2 start getting ovr him.My mum knows abt ths,but all of us know that it’s pointless even trying. Anyway, I will soon be getting married, which is another reason why I had 2 have these questions answred. Thanks :)

LoveKnots answers:

I am from the USA, and I married for love. It was not an arranged marriage.

I would NEVER participate in an arranged marriage, personally.

If my parents picked my spouse, and they don’t make love to him, take care of him, clean and cook for him, live with him, argue with him and comfort him, how the heck they know if he is a good mate for me ?

Unless they physically walk in my shoes (and body) there is no way that they could know if that person is compatible to me.

I can’t answer any questions regrading the arranged marriage aspect of your question. However, for a marriage of love – I can answer that question (a little).

Its just a different feeling than normal. Its a person that you can relate to, its a stronger feeling than anything else, its more powerful than a normal ‘in love’ kind of feeling its stronger, and you feel it. Wen both of you have no problems committing yourselves to freely demonstrate such qualities as compassion, respect, compromise and dependability, then you may be right for each other.

The KEY to true Love and Romance are not like recipes that you can use for that perfect relationship. That Key is unique to every couple and relates to their social cultures and values. Almost every human relationship has its ups and downs. When people can focus on the important and valuable stuff that makes it all worthwhile, rather than curse the stuff that causes pain then they are on the way to finding that right person.

To me, there is no specific “right one”. It is possible to tell if he is one that you can spend the rest of your life with, there are just factors you have to consider. For you to even think he may be that “one”, you’re on the right track. You just need to make sure he qualifies in all the ways that you expect.

To want someone with you for the rest of your life, you must understand how he affects your life. Is he someone you are happy with and can spend the rest of your days with ? Are you comfortable with his decision making ? Could you see him as a family man (if that is what you are looking for) ? I could go on for days about this, but that is just a brief overview.

Ask yourself these questions:

1- does he care about you?

2- does he get jealous fast?

3- does he want the best for you?

4- when you guys fight, even though you are the one that made the mistake, does he come and say ” I’m sorry dear ?”

5- when you guys talk about the future, does he seem relaxed and happy to have you in his life ?

6-does he listen to you ?

7-does he comfort you when you are having a bad day ?

8-does he respect your friends, family, and the time you need to spend with them ?

9-if you have an argument, how do you feel ? Do you feel that your opinion counts ?

10-if you discuss having children, education, religion, music, working, cooking, chores, money, sex – how are those discussions ? Do you feel you are listened to ?

If yes, then your lucky to have him around! Don’t let him go.


Charles asks…

Girlfriend watching porn..signification?

Back from a ten days business trip (June 10 to June 20), and in search of a website link that I visited before my trip, I browsed the history of our laptop. I stumbled upon one free porn movie website that my girlfriend visited in June (6/5, 6/14 and 6/20) while I was away. Intrigued and surprised, I searched further, and found out that it seemed to only have occurred on those 3 occasions. She browsed the free porn movie website between 5 to 30 minutes. She is a conservative educated woman in her mid-30s. After having dating her for over one year, the only sexual activity we had was to lay down every week on top of each other with clothes partially removed, rubbing against each other. Based on her wishes, we never had sex. She touched my genitals a few times, but never masturbated me…and she went to wash her hands after that. I never touched her genitals, and saw her naked very briefly only two times. She says that she want to wait until the honeymoon, although we just talked about marriage but without any concrete plans. She is not virgin anymore, and had regular intercourse with only one boyfriend (about 5 years ago). The websites she visited are about some fetishes and include from what I remember feet licking, Asian with big breasts, lesbians, bondage, double penetration…
I understand that she is curious and that she is doing this in private and I should respect that, but what I found a little odd is that she does not want to be intimate with me, although we love each other very much and have a really great relationship. When I try to talk about this situation to her, she gives me evasive answers like “if you really love me, then sex should not matter..”, “I will have sex with you, but only after we have tied the knot..”, etc..
Basically, why would she be curious or interested in porn, and be so distant with me when it comes to being intimate ?
Anyone experienced this ? any insights ? any clues about the way she acts? signification? ..I am perplexed and disappointed by this whole situation.
TO Sienna Wilde:
I appreciate your comment, but I indicated in my initial message that she is not virgin anymore. She did sleep with her first long term (6 years) boyfriend. She told me she was compelled to do it…but what is strange to me is that she did it more then once with him (about 5 years ago) ?? There was another boyfriend after the first boyfriend and before me. She told me she did not sleep with him (they were dating for about 10 months)
Also, I know for a fact that nobody else used the laptop. I am 100% sure of that.

LoveKnots answers:

It seems to me that all the mystery is just too strange for you to trust by, “We do nothing until after marriage.” I am sorry but a relationship is based on complete trust and her holding out information on you and insisting to do or say whatever only after marriage is a bad deal! If she has a fetish of sorts or a past she is hiding, or some strange kind of urge then that needs to be addressed before you take it any more serious. Also the lack of sex by two adults is too strange to take lightly. If I were you I would confront her about all the doubts you have and I highly recommend to have sex before marriage, and this comes from a woman. Too many secrets is a recipe for failure in any relationship. I had a BF that didn’t want to have sex with me for months, I found out later he was BI but male sex dominant. In other words he was having sex secretly with guys while he built up to have sex with me, too many secrets! Do not turn a blind eye to it, trust me on this one!

Nancy asks…

Parents, I Have A Dinner Question?

I trust all of your opinions and love your answers so this is why I am asking this.

My Father in law and his wife are coming for dinner on Saturday. I want to prepare an amazing meal to thank them for being such amazing people and supporting me and my family through everything. He is such an amazing man and I want to honor that and do something great for him. Problem is every time I ask him his favorite meal he says “I’m not picky”. I know he is just trying to help by not letting me go to too much trouble… but its not trouble at all I want to do it. SO I need some great suggestions.

So… I need.

A Main Course
1 Side
A Salad

Please include recipes or any alternate suggestions if you have any!

LoveKnots answers:

Everyone loves Italian!!
You could do mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. I prefer garlic knots but don’t know how to make them.
garlic bread
NY style cheese cake

oh, and a nice wine.

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