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Love Knots Necklace

Daniel asks…

What is a suitable everyday necklace?

I am looking to buy (or preferably make) a necklace that is casual enough to wear everyday. I can make pendants etc. in sterling silver. If it can be made with clay, I can make it in silver. I also like to use beads (particularly glass lampwork beads).
I have had ideas of shells, silver pendants, stones, things like that, but I am unsure as to what would be considered casual and what is more ‘occasion’ or ‘going-out’ wear. Is a silver pendant too ‘going-out’? Is a pendant on a silver chain (rather than, for example, leather thonging) too ‘going-out’?
Also, what sort of design would be suitable? I love celtic knots, that kind of style, and the work of Charles Rennie MacKintosh, but I feel a pendant of a rose in his style (google it if you don’t know) might be too ‘going-out’.
Basically, I just want suggestions and ideas for a suitable necklace I could wear every day, and to know what would not be suitable. I am open to any ideas, and any thoughts will be muchly appreciated. Thanks.
Also, I am a young adult, so I want something suitable for my age.

LoveKnots answers:

A simple silver pendant would be perfect. Use a thin silver chain with a small pendant like a rose would be cute or a heart or even ur name or inital of your name

David asks…

Celtic Knot Necklace Charm?

I bought this necklace at a flea market, and i was wondering, since a lot of celtic culture has mystic backgrounds, if it has any sort of charm or meaning? Here’s a link to a picture of it…

If this were a charm, what would it be used to bring to the wearer? If i am correct about charms they are usually protective, but sometimes have other qualities as well, like luck or blessings in love or wisdom?

LoveKnots answers:

Means love

Maria asks…

whats a good gift for my g/f on christmas?

iv been with her for a year and 8 months now and well laster year i got her a sivler necklace and a not sure what to get her this year. she is pregnant now but i still want to get her something real nice she doesent like gold she likes silver and well thats all i know i ask her what she would like and she tells me nothing but ima still get her something what are some good ideas?

LoveKnots answers:

Since you have been with her this long and she is pregnant ……….
A ring would be nice.

Not necessarily a wedding ring but some type of ring ( silver love knot on a chain) to show commitment to staying with her and your child.

Steven asks…

Is this too much to get my daughter for Christmas?

Hi, I know I asked this question before, but I asked my daughter to narrow her list down.
My family is in the Middle/Working class, and I also have a son.
My daughter put this all on her Christmas list, do you think this is an unreasonable amount/price? Why? What do you think she should take off? Do you think this is good? Thank you!

1)UGG Classic Tall- Chocolate (Size 8) $180
2)Vera Bradley Double ID Wristlet (in Very Berry Paisley) $30
3)Victoria’s Secret PINK Bootcut Yoga Pants (XS) $34.50
4)Victoria’s Secret PINK Crew Neck (XS) $44.50
5)Forever 21 Chain Knot Necklace (in Silver) $5.00
6)Black Leggings $14.00
7)Curling Wand & Heat Protectant for Hair $26.00
8)Forever 21 Gift Card (Price Can Vary)
9)Abercrombie Gift Card (Price Can Vary)
10) iTunes Gift Card (Price Can Vary)

LoveKnots answers:

You ought to try to get a little of everything, not EVERYTHING. I understand trying to be fruggle on the holidays!

So far I see she wants
1 Pair of shoes
3 Gift Cards
1 Wallet
3 Clothing Items
1 Curling Iron
and 1 Jewelery

The ones you definitely want to get her are the leggings and the necklace. Leggings are cheap at Target, and I’d consider getting maybe 2 or 3 pairs for her. She’s gonna run through them like you’re pantry during puberty!
The other one to definitely get was the necklace: if you have any idea what her style is like, I’d suggest getting other necklaces from F21 she might like. They’re jewelry is SUPER cheap and is good quality as far as a teenager should be concerned (it’s not gold, obviously, but it’s still jewelry!)

The ones you have to chose between are the wallet, shoes, clothes, and gift cards.

Now for gift cards, I’d stick with the iTunes card. Get one for 25 bucks which is enough to get nigh 25 songs.
For clothes, I love VS Pink stuff, I’ll be honest. BUT the clothes there are very expensive (and rightfully so: they’re great quality) But I’d just get the crew neck top. The yoga pants are adorable, but I’d frankly rather have a sweater from them than yoga pants. If she REALLY wants some still, get some from Target, or heck: instead of the itunes card, get her an abercrombie one. They have yoga pants too.

I love Vera Bradley as well and they have great quality luggage and accesories. I’d get the wallet too.

The only things you ought to not get are the shoes and the iron. The irons a great idea, but I think she needs to consider getting that for maybe her birthday. The shoes…I don’t particularly like, and couldn’t recommend :)

I hope this helped! You’re daughter has classy taste for a young lady!

Sharon asks…

Good Book Names Please…?

I’m going on a vacation this summer right after school ends and it is a long flight there (in Asia). I love books, mostly fictiona nd fantasy, but they have to be long and have chapters. My favourite books are the Twilight Series (Twilight Saga) and the Eragon Series (Inhertance Cycle). I need new books to read! Please give me good names of books that i can read…preferrably recent ones! Thanks!

LoveKnots answers:

Not all of these are recent but they’re still great:

Marley and Me (not that recent but still great)
Noughts and Crosses
Before I die
The Declaration and The Resistance – (My favourites)
The Carbon Diaries 2015
The Gift, The Riddle etc.
The Looking Glass Wars and Seeing Redd
His Dark Materials
Ink trilogy
Generation Dead (a bit like Twilight)
Georgia Nicholson series
Graveyard Book
Icemark trilogy
Ruby Red
What I was
Finding Violet Park
Charmed Life and The Pinhoe egg etc.
Ingo, The tide Knot, The Deep and The Crossing of Ingo
The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith
Skulduggery Pleasant Playing With Fire
The Red Necklace
Blood Ties
Here Lies Arthur
Gatty’s Tale
The Fire Within books
Message In a Bottle
Marked, Betrayed, Chosen… Etc.

These books are the best. I have read all of these and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

Donna asks…

anniversary day ! what should i do !?!?

its my girlfriend and i’s one year anniversary dating. i want to make it really romantic and special. i bought lots of balloons streamers and rose petals .. what else should i do to decorate my room? im going to put msgs inside the ballons so when they pop she can read a cute msg. idk what else, i want to do more . help. im also baking a cake and cookies and decorating with icing.. i bought her 3 gifts. !!!! help with more please

LoveKnots answers:

You’ve done a lot.

Dogeared sells really cute Make-a-Wish necklaces

Make a bunch of origami hearts (ehow) and folded roses (bloom4ever) and fill a ‘love jar’ with a love note

Laminate a photo of the two of you, made into a bookmark – so it can be a few small pics or just one, glue it to construction paper with hearts, then hole punch the top and put a piece of ribbon though the hole and tie a knot in it.

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