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Betty asks…

Some dress help needed?

Hi. I’ve got my “prom” coming up, although it isn’t actually a prom, more of a “black tie” celebration party…

I’m desperately trying to find a dress, but am struggling. Because, all these “prom dress” websites are all too “prom-my”, because they look way too wedding/bridesmaid like for this thing that we are having.

So, basically, I’m looking for a formal dress. I am average height, long brown hair, green eyes, slim-ish…

BUT, I want it to be flattering, and prefferably show some boobage, but I don’t want it to be strapless, cause I want to wear my bra, which has straps (which can be see through straps but they look really obvious?). And no BRIGHT colours.

Can some-one give me links to nice dresses (short or long, but not very very short…), or to some good websites?

NOTE – UK sites please, and sites like these

are what I call “too prom-my”…

Btw, the bra straps are those which can be made into halterneck, cross over etc…
And also, I don’t want it to look slutty.

LoveKnots answers:

I LOVE these dresses:,100.000&sh=0&pge=6&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=SilverPeach

Sharon asks…

List of Clothing to buy when you are 13. HELP!?

my birthday is on the 16th of April and i will be 13, and i don’t fit into any of my clothes. I am a GIRL. Does anyone have a list of things (stylish) to buy that’s not to pricey! I have like £200 but i don’t want to use that much money.
i have been going round in like the same thing everyday!
i like hoodies! and jeans BUT i have a 20inch waist but the same height as normal 13year olds so its really hard to find stuff that fit me! ( i live in woking)

LoveKnots answers:

Hi! My birthday is April 24th and I’m the same age as you! Well, try New Look. I love their black blazer! It looks brilliant and it seems that we have the same sized waist (I think) The shirts are nice to, and they make your waist look smaller because it is well-shaped and broadens your shoulders slightly. I wear it with dark blue skinny jeans, converse trainers and a black and white checked scarf. Also, the awesome Panda Hat from River Island is a must-have. It’s quite expensive at £12.99 but Katy Perry wore it and quite a lot of people have it. Also, scarves like these are lovely.


To tie it you fold it in half to a triangle, then get wrap the two ends around your neck, tie with a loose knot and throw the ends of your shoulders. Try wearing colourful hoodies, converse trainers, skinny jeans and heaps of bangles, friendship bracelets and necklaces (Claire’s accessories!)
Hope my guide helped!
P.S. By the way to everyone, we are ENGLISH. We don’t do dollars, hollister, abercrombie or forever21 or whatever it is, it’s River Island, H&M, New Look and Rocket Dog (for shoes)
By the way, tank tops are so in with a shirt underneath and a cute pleated skirt, tights and converse trainers. It’s bound to make you look cute and unique!

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