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Lisa asks…

Help with ideas?

I am buying a house and the kitchen has white cabinets, pink-beige backsplash, and brown granite countertops. The walls are a pale yellow. What should I do to tie it in? Specifically, what type of window treatments?

LoveKnots answers:

It’s all about your specific taste. For a more traditional look you might pick curtains or a topper in a plaid that has your room colors in it. For a more cottage look, a floral. For a formal or French country look toile fabric is good. Matchstick or wood blinds give a great casual feel. A roman shade is very classic. Maybe you’d like a more whimsical look with a wrought iron rod across the top of your window and either suncatchers hanging across or assorted beautiful ribbons knotted across the rod and hanging down in streamers. Decide what direction you want the room to take and let your imagination run wild. Linens like napkins or doilies can be draped across a window rod, too. You might find napkins that match your kitchen linens and try that look. Your privacy needs and light preferences will aid in determining your window coverings, too. Our kitchen faces a wooded area and I love natural light so I just have a topper. My friend’s kitchen faces right into her neighbor’s so she has miniblinds with a topper. Keep in mind, the more minimal your window treatments the less dust catchers you have. Draperies and curtains catch and hold dust.

Jenny asks…

what styles are going to be ‘In’ during spring-summer 2011?

I’m going shopping soon so I’m going to be buying everything I need, shoes, shirts, short, pants, etc… Any ideas on styles to buy? Also what would really go with my skin tone? I’m quite fair and sometimes tan but not alot.
And last of all… what could I possibly do with my hair? Its medium length and I normally have it down and straight, if I curl it, it looks really short so ideas would help:-)

LoveKnots answers:

2011 Spring/Summer styles and trends are, in my opinion, the best we’ve seen thus far. There is a huge variety of trends ranging from floral dresses to biker shorts & tees to ’70s silhouettes. No matter what your personal style, you’ll be sure to find something that you’ll love!

For your skin tone, I would recommend choosing bright colors [which are extremely popular for spring/summer fashion], as well as lots of floral as it will look gorgeous on your skin. Also, depending on your personal style, must-haves for any wardrobe include:
1] flowy & flouncy skirts [those made out of light fabrics are best for the season]
2] a couple lace pieces, whether it be dresses/tops/skirts/shorts/accessories
3] high-waisted bottoms [extremely popular for 2011 spring/summer fashion!]

As for shoes, flip-flops are obviously well-known and widely worn; some unconventional and new shoe trends include gladiator sandals, wedges, and kitten heels.

In terms of hair styles for spring/summer, messy buns and top knots were seen all over the runways. If your hair is too short for this style, then tousled waves are also great, as well as simple side braids [made popular by Alexander Wang].

Hopefully this helps with your shopping trip, and I hope you’re able to find stylish clothes for spring/summer! (:

For more advice on 2011 spring/summer fashion trends, check out my video:

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