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Thomas asks…

i need help on finding this song?

i remember watching a video for this song and loving it. i believe its by an english guy or maybe an irish guy. i think he had red hair in the video and his hair cut was very different, almost similar to le roux, i also remember that one of this ears was pierced and there was a dangly (sp?) cross earring in it, also there was 2 videos to this song, on was really plain with i think a white background and the other was way more artistic, there was a girl in it walking toward him and i think she was getting show but her wounds bursted with different colored powders. its a really good song and i know someone out there knows what im talking about!!

LoveKnots answers:

The only ones I can think of that vaguely match parts of your description are Ed Sheeran, Lisa Hannigan’s “Knots” video, or Glen Hansard…

Lisa asks…

I want to take up beading jewelry as a hobby? Where do I start? Please help!!!?

I went into Micheals yesterday to look up some hobbies I can take up as I have none and never had one. I went into this isle by accident and saw such beautiful beads and other jewlery pieces hanging up on the wall that I could complete or add things to. Anyway I want to make earrings first as I love earrings more. What are some good Beginner books I should look into? Also what about beginner jewelry making kits?
They had beginner books at Micheals, but it had 2 books like “getting started wire making” and “getting started beading” and I am unsure of which is the right one for me as no one at that store was very helpful yesterday.

LoveKnots answers:

The problem with the books is they don’t always give you a good introduction to all the different TYPES of bead and jewellery work you can do. Beginner books are pretty useless I found as all they do is show the bare basics of knotting and using pliers- something most people who aren’t complete idiots already know how to do!
I found this book to have a very good overview of most of the techniques used, not many projects but does give good and clear instructions on most techniques.


Basically the tools you need depend on what TYPE of beading/jewellery you want to make, I went out and purchased EVERYTHING the book I borrowed from the library said I needed and most of it sits in the bottom of my bead bag gathering dust because I don’t use the techniques those tools were meant for!
I do thread work mostly, in my case wire and pliers were a complete waste of money, mine is all knotted thread and needle weaving. I only need beads, thread and a needle!
For earrings you will need round nose pliers and wire cutters, other pliers are dependant on whether you want to go into the fancy wire work or decide to branch more into polymer clay work. If you decide to branch into polymer clay a kiln and torch may be a good investment, these tools are also a must if you decide to go into lampwork beading (that’s a bit advanced though)

Helen asks…

PLEASE!!!!!! ANSWER!?!?!!?!?

Correction to the Goth questions…

• Painting
• Sketching
• Hardcore Rock(Mostly Indie)
• Hardcore Rap(Mostly Indie)
• Dark Colour(s)
• Politics
• Reading (Mostly html codes)
• Star Wars
• Active Feminism
• Poetry
• Sports
• Lingusitics
• Studying Religion(s)
• Martial Arts
• Studying Culture
• Ninjas
• Anime
• Motorcycles
• Anti Fashion
• Studying Conspiracies
• Exotic Architecture
• Anything with wings
• Abstract Art
• Challenging reading material
• Finding beauty in negative spaces(lol! Seether: Grungiest album ever!)
• Ghetto Things
• Big Bling
• Skulls
• Dancing
• Headbanging

• Popular Music
• Hot Pink
• Orchid
• Dazzle Pink
• Cotton Candy
• Snikers(XP yuck!)
• Mini Skirts
• Dresses
• Picture Books
• Soap Operas
• “Jerseylicous”
• Jazz Music
• Black Eyed Peas
• Lady GaGa
• Jewelry
• Make-up
• Pale Skin(I’m black[Not bitter!])
• Pink frilly things
• Long hair
• “Ponies”
• Dating
• Pregnancy
• Marriage(I don’t believe in that kind of “love“)
• s*x
• Desperate housewives
• Fake nails
• Curlers, Brushes, combs
• Hair spray, mousse
• Stockings, fish net, and various others
• Garter Belts
• Frilly panties
• Wonder bras
• Perfume…a variety
• Scarves…multicolor
• Short skirts
• High heels…one to match each outfit
• V neck sweaters
• Low cut silk tops
• Hoop earrings
• Rings
• Bracelets
Does this make me “Goth”, I’m confused!

LoveKnots answers:

No… None of that makes you goth.

Here, I shall explain.

Goth has it’s roots in late 1970′s post punk music that originated in the UK for the most part. Punks were more politically motivated to go against the mainstream and embrace anarchy. This was reflected in their music and fashion. Borrowing from these roots, Goth takes a more dark romantic turn on being different by embracing the darker side of beauty and allowing yourself to enjoy it, rather then ‘try’ to go against the norm. Goths borrowed most of its fashion traits from punk fashion, black and white horror movies, and Halloween inspired characters.

Key Traits of Being a Goth:
- Listen to Goth Music
- Be Creative
- Find Beauty in Darker things

Christian Death
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Sisters of Mercy
Alien Sex Fiend
The Mission UK
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Extra Knowledge:
- Both is not a religion
- Someone is not goth based on fashion alone (ie: dressing in black)
- Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth, Slip Knot, HIM, Evenessence are NOT goth bands
- There are MANY sub-genres of goth, gothabilly, deathrocker, gothic lolita, cyber goth, steam punk, etc
- Most real goths are passed high school aged
- Goth shares it’s name with an ancient Germanic tribe of barbarians, but they have nothing in common other then the name.

Photo Reference:

So after all that, you tell me if you are goth or not.

Donna asks…

Ke$ha Halloween costume?

Ok so this is a bit early but I am going to be Ke$ha for Halloween. Here’s what I got so far…
A big white t shirt that I cut at the neckline and I cut the tops of the sleeves and tied the part I cut in a knot. I cut a long slit in the back of the shirt and I cut little strips and tied them in knots too. I wrote “I AM AN ANIMAL” on it in black and put gold and silver glitter glue on the word “animal.” and I splattered highliter ink all over it to make it look like paint. I have some mid thigh (must be appropriate for school) shorts that are grey with studs on the back pocket. I have a pair of fishnet leggings to go under them. Then I have a bunch of silver, gold, and black jewelry. Some with studs, some with big rhinestones, some pearls (fake obviously), some of those jelly bracelets that they banned from a lot of schools (they are black and some have glitter) and yah. For my hair, I will French braid it while it’s wet and let it out in the morning. Then I will add some random braids and glitter. For makeup, I will do a black base on my lids and some black eyeliner for under my eyes. I have these gold glittery false lashes that I will wear and I will get TONS of glitter like everywhere. Here’s what I still need, but I’m not sure where to get this stuff cheap…

Black cowboy boots (or gold hightops)
Cheap feathery earrings
Headpiece with feathers. I might actually make my own come to think of it…
Anywhere I can get this stuff cheap? Does my costume sound okay?

LoveKnots answers:

I love it & think it would be fun to be Kesha for a day. I say go for the fishnets – maybe rip them up a little. If you combine styles, it’ll still be obvious you’re Kesha – just have fun with it.

Not sure if these are for women or men, but not a bad price at all

You could look through thrift stores (and I think tan would work as well). Here are the cheapest gold sneakers I could find:

Super cheap feathered earrings

Or do you have a Charlotte Rusee in your local mall? You could also check Michael’s arts & crafts for random feathers for your hair. That’s all I can think of – hope it helped!

Carol asks…

advice please. im really sad?

i look really ugly now. i cut my hair yesterday… and it was nothing like the pic i showed the guy. and he cut it really ugly… and this morning i was crying a lot, so my mom took me to a different salon to get it cut again. but they said my hair was too short and i cant cut it anymore. and when i got home today, i kept on crying. now tomarrow when i go back to school everyone will make fun of me. can you guys give me some tips or something to make my hair more pretty?
my hair length is about 5-6 inches away from my shoulders

LoveKnots answers:

Awww sweety, been there done that and cried too…

Definitely liking the clip idea – I think the wig is a stretch unless you are SKILLED in putting one on…

Girl get festive – be trendy – get a scarf that matches your outfit and rock that as a head band. Do a 70s style look include some big hoop earrings and bright colors…and don’t forget the lip gloss.

Head wraps are also an option depending on how indie you want to look…. I have always liked the knot in the back look… Rock a bendi and girl you have your own fashion statement…

In the end my love you must learn as I had to learn – you are not your hair. Nothing is ever done on accident. The universe sends us these ……… “minor tragedies” to teach us lessons…

You are probably just as beautiful without the glamorous hair style…

In the end you can only be you…


Good luck!

Charles asks…

best homemade christmas gift?

LoveKnots answers:

It depends on you and your recipient.

Food is always a good idea. I would suggest homemade fudge, christmas cookie, or chirtmas candies.
If you can’t cook you can also try this, its where your basically placing all the dry ingredients for cookie in a jar with a recipe for the person.


Another thing you could do is to make
Pillows, which are a very simple sewing project, but you can change the shape and fabric to make it so the person would absolutey love it.

Or a new sew blanket is also really nice.
You need two pieces of fleece, as big as you want the blanket. Here are the directions to make a handbag version
To make a blanket you would simply have just rectangle shape instead and tie the knots all around.

Also you could try making earrings or other jewlery if your aiming for a teen to preteen girl.

Good luck!

Chris asks…

Ladies please read this?

this weekend my girlfriend and i are in a musical together. she is actually in it and im a stage hand but what is something little i can get her for opening night instead of sending flowers

LoveKnots answers:

Dating: 1-3 months
Kosta Boda Atoll
What is it?: An elegant decorative bowl.
Why?: This impressive blue bowl sends a message to your girl that you can pick out nice things for the house. (Just don’t tell her we picked it out for you.)

Salisbury Pewter Candle Holder
What is it?: A red candle holder.
Why?: This candle holder is simple enough to show her your romantic side and Casanova moves.

Skagen Clock
What is it?: Polished steel desk clock, square top and dial, Japanese quartz movement.
Why?: A great way to show her you’ll never be late for dates again. (Just make sure to set the time back about 15 minutes or so.)

Calvin Klein Obsession Body Lotion
What is it?: A blend of florals and spices with an earthy, long-lasting appeal for her.
Why?: If you want to her to smell a certain way all the time, this lotion is the way to go. And unless she develops a skin rash from it, there’s no reason for her not to wear it all the time.

Dating: 4 – 6 months
Wendy Brigode Platinum Pearl & Iolite Collection Earrings
What is it?: Platinum freshwater pearl earrings with sterling silver wire.
Why?: A relationship that lasts longer than three months requires an investment such as jewelry, and earrings are a great way to start. (But always keep the bill, you never know.)

Peggy Karr
What is it?: A 14″ decorative plate.
Why?: Although a gift of this sort is not very practical, it still proves that you enjoy beautiful things in life other than a vintage beer bottle or a Wayne Gretzky rookie card.

Sensa Classic Collection Rollerball Pen
What is it?: The award-winning body features a Crystal silver color with clear trim. Comes with a capless rollerball refill.
Why?: A beautiful gift usually given to men, it shows great class and taste. But be careful, she might just make you use it to write down the things you keep forgetting, like her birthday or her cat’s name.

Calvin Klein Eternity
What is it?: This romantic floral women’s fragrance is the perfect combination of freesia, mandarin, sage, and lily.
Why?: Nothing says “I love you” like Calvin Klein does. So break out the perfume and let her smell like roses ’til eternity
Dating: 1 year +

Orrefors Odyssey
What is it?: A crystal vase.
Why?: Even if it doesn’t do more than gather dust and make people wonder how much you actually paid for it, it gets the point across to your lady.
Price: $180.00

Lisa Jenks Leather Wallets

What is it?: This wallet features silver signature engraving, snap closure, 4 sleeves for bills, 10-credit card capacity, and a push clasp for coins.
Why?: A great way to make sure she never forgets to go Dutch in what might turn out to be the Last Supper if she doesn’t.
Price: $178.00

Ashford Solid Cashmere Collection

What is it?: The cashmere scarf is the perfect woman’s accessory to keep her warm all winter.
Why?: Show her you’ve actually spent some time looking for an original gift. (An added bonus is to actually learn how to spell the word cachmire… Katsmear… Cashmeer… Whatever.)

Robin Rotenier The Square Collection

What is it?: A sterling silver square pendant set with white sapphire.
Why?: Time and time again, jewelry has proven to be the best gift idea around, and women love it. (Be careful not to overdo it because then you won’t have anything to give her when you screw up.)

Diamond Band
What is it?: A 14-karat yellow gold and diamond anniversary band.
Why?: When the moment has come to tie the knot or renew the weddings vows, simplicity is best with this ring of love.

Il Bisonte Leather Handbag
What is it?: A leather handbag.
Why?: If she’s always looking around for stuff in her purse, then at least let her do it in a nice one. (Hope she’s not looking for your credit card in there.)

Gucci Envy
What is it?: A fragrance for her made from a combination of lily of the valley, jasmine, violet, iris, and vetiver.
Why?: If you want the best for your woman and find that she smells like a flower, this is a great gift to ensure she always does.

Jeanine Payer Bracelet
What is it?: A sterling silver hand-engraved bracelet.
Why?: Think outside the jewelry box and get her a unique bracelet she will carry around all the time. (A great way to mark your territory if you ask me.)
Price: $270.00

George asks…

What do u all think about………………….?

What do u all think about this dress??? Also can u find some cute shoes to go with it or jewelry??? 10 points for best answer!

LoveKnots answers:

I have your answer..I was voted best dressed in high school , have worked in retail and am a model so please trust me on this…I also commend you on picking out such a good dress nice to see someone being fashion forward.

Here is link to choices to go with outfit

I personally love the way Bebe styled the pink dress with the black belt and dark lip with, smokey eye , and wavy hair IT IS PERFECT……Hmmm but I’m not sure if your going for a formal look or more casual so I’ll pick some items out for both :)

(These Great dressy shoes that go prefect with pink dress,some are ultra edgy but will get you noticed)

(Here are some choices for casual shoes)

(This necklace can be both casual and dressy)

(I think this is the belt Bebe used)

(Great causal belt comes in different colors I like the cream)

(great headband for a dressy look)

(A dressy wallet)

(A casual wallet)

(great earrings for dressy look causal look does not need earrings)

(great dressy ring)

(great casual ring)

Ruth asks…

how many hours a day does your bird spend at home alone?

Hi all, just wondering how many hours a day on average your bird (specifically cockatiel owners) spend at home alone?
do you leave the radio on to keep it company?
I do wonder whether i should get my cockatiel a companion. we spend 4-5 hours minimum with him out of his cage playing a day. 3 days a week either me, my partner or both of us are home so then hes out of his cage pretty much all day. I often come home from work on my lunchbreak if i can but on occasion he may be at home alone for 8 hours a day, with the radio on. Hes a happy birdy but what do you think about a companion? I was thinking of maybe getting a budgie to keep in a seperate cage because “obi” my tiel was hand-raised and is super affectionate and i don’t want to lose that. Financially i can easily afford another bird and would be wanting to spend time making it tame too. so what do you think about the seperate cage option? and another cockatiel or would a budgie and a tiel keep each other company too?
thanks everyone for your answers so far! he has a massive cage! 36inchs high, 24inchs wide, 19.5 inchs depth and i always leave him with lots of fresh veggies and millet sprays (not everyday) and he has heaps of cool toys, funny that he loves the cheapest one and barely plays with the dearer ones! – i just love my little guy and want the very best for him, i always hear negative things about mirrors though? thats the one thing he doesn’t have in his cage cause i hear that birds can then become quite territorial and aggressive when you try to take it away because they think its another bird, also lose interest in you???

LoveKnots answers:

I have a 17 yr old blue crown conure– before him I had lovebird pairs. The time that you are away is NOTHING for your birdie–they are very used to amusing themselves and if you get him/her a partner–your closeness will be gone because they will bond with eachother and will not need you. My conure talks…and my new dog hasn’t gotten used to him yet flying and walking around the house…but they do amuse eachother…but if you put a mirror in your cage–they LOVE THEM–a dish at the bottom for a bird bath—then get ( I like to make my own toys, cheaper and more creative) get the type of thread they use to make macrame and put knots and attach plastic hoops– I sometimes use old ladies earrings–they like the glitter, just make sure there’s no parts your bird can break and eat….and I also have the treat holder- its soft plastic with all slits–you fill it with treats–peanut butter to help hold the nuts and then all treats–almonds, walnuts, pistachios-bruno loves them, dried fruit, fresh fruit like grapes…you will come home and he will be sleeping from trying to eat everything. Also get him/her a cuddle buddy– they’re fur material that is “cupped” so your birdie can cuddle up to it when he goes to sleep–try to find the same color and put it on the high perch he sleeps on….they also have the tunnel but if you’re bird isn’t agile enough to crawl into it, it will be useless……..I have actually left Bruno alone for 3 days with my sister-in-law checking on him in 3 days and then another 3. He did just fine because he was secure in HIS home and knew when I told him we would be back…again, he talks…alot and understands what you say….so, don’t feel guilty and don’t get another bird unless you want to lose your closeness with him….no radio either–doesn’t like the chatter but he does like his cage near the window to watch the birds and in the summer his cage goes out on the deck…and of course, treee twigs in his cage to shred…… the way, when we leave he goes “bye” and makes a kissing sound…….very smart…….

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