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Love Knots for everyone…

Love Knot Tattoo Meaning

Donna asks…

What else is there can do with this tat?

This tattoo has been a headache for years now, it was fine knot and jap character but added flames which look cra p and really dont no why did it, just headspace was in but now want them gone.
Tried various designs for cover up but studios wont do it as its designs have to be solid black, or they wont work due to spacing issues.
If the surrounding areas around the knot were gone or faded, to point where can do something else over the faded area then would be happy but want to fade it ( flames out) with something that will work not laser cream or wrecking balm, which dont work, or old unproven methods
Theres TCA acid but unsure about this due to making ink blotted
The areas are small but black and it hurts so want to make sure its going to work before try it, not leave a huge **** off big mess
If the area its applied to works how long before skin can be reworked, after healed. Can it be reworked

What designs are likely to cover flames successfully, thought tribal but its very hit and miss.
Studios wont touch it just work around it, or recommend lasers which are to expennsive needing multiple sessions.
Just hate looking at it, want the flames GONE love all other tats have inc a sleeve but hate this

LoveKnots answers:

Aw…tattoos are just lovely.
HAha anyway – it’d be hard to know what to do if tattoo artists only work around it – meaning they won’t actually go just blend into something else…maybe if you research a bit further you may find a tattoo artist that does fix it but then again it may Just be a big black tattoo and that isn’t enjoyable.
Could Colour be added at all to make it look more realistic or is that interfering with the tattoo?
A tribal would be nice but again it depends where it is on your arm and how much tribal ya want…

Probably only stating the obvious, but let me know how ya get on!

George asks…

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon marriage?

Does anyone else think this has some other deeper reasoning or motive? I know every woman likes a man who can make her laugh but this is ridiculous. First he meets Selita last year in February and proposes in May. Then before June its over. Mariah asks him to appear in her E=mc2 video and in less than a month rumors circulate they are dating. Low and behold in less than 4 months again not only is he engaged but married too. All with rumors of a recycled ring and baby on the way. Maybe these old friends were in the Carribean drinking fruity drinks in the sun with cool breezes and they rolled around in the sand. Then Mariah calls him up a few weeks later and tells him “I havent had my monthly yet. Oh no what am I going to do?!” So, Nick says “I got an idea, I want and need to get married anyway, and you sure aren’t getting any younger so to head off all the ‘who’s the daddy’ and bad single momma drama and bad publicity that could ruin your image, lets tie the knot!

LoveKnots answers:

Mariah and Nick met over a year ago and become good friends. He admitted that always had a crush on Mariah. They met up again and started dating and fell madly in love with each other. They went to the Caribbean to make a music video and ended up getting married while they were there. Mariah has always wanted children but since she had such a rough childhood she was afraid of being a single mother and she wanted to wait until she found true love and a solid marriage before she had any kids. She has been divorced from Tommy Matola for many years and I think it is awesome that she could find true happiness after everything she has been through in her life. As for the tattoos and their backs it is to show their true love for each other and that they are each others soul mate. Mariah has never got anyone’s name tattooed on her body and now that she has it must mean that she is truly happy and in love. I agree that it all happened fast but sometimes in life it doesn’t take long to connect to your soul mate.

David asks…

What do you think of my story so far (part 1)?

The birds chirped happily outside my window. Ah, the sign of spring. But as the light peeking through the glass window, witch was helping to separate me from the outside world, grew brighter, I realized more and more there was no way I could escape today. The worst day of every week until summer: Monday.
I sat up and looked at my right arm. It was a habit I created at a young age, about five. There was no denying the mysterious tattoo that had appeared years ago. Starting at my palm there was a beautiful butterfly with one black and one white wing. A black ribbon fell from the black wing and a white one from the white wing. They crossed and twirled until they both connected at the middle of my arm.
I stayed still for a minute longer then got out of bed and looked at the alarm clock that had not been set for the last week. The time was around six-thirty so I slipped on my blue jeans, long sleeved, and some socks and shoes. I grabbed the brush off of the dresser and tugged it through my ratty hair until there wasn’t’t one knot left, and then put it up in a ponytail. Then I flung some mascara and lip gloss on and hurried to the kitchen for breakfast.
“Casey, wake up Aaron for me, please; he’s not getting breakfast if he doesn’t’t hurry up,” my mom said. So I turned around and headed toward his room and banged on his door as hard as possible (which really hurt) and yelled to him to get up and hurry up.
No response.
“Hey, just because you’re older than me, that doesn’t mean you get to sleep in longer than me!” I yelled understanding once again why brothers were so annoying.
sorry about any spelling mistakes or my discriptions being bad I’m only 11

LoveKnots answers:

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you please post some more?

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