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Love Knots for everyone…

Love Knot Tattoo Meaning

John asks…

Motherhood Knot Tattoo?

I disigned my own motherhood knot tattoo about 3 years ago after i had my first child now i have 3 kids and on the 12th i will be getting my tattoo done.. i was going to get it on my lower back but i dont have much meat on my back so now i am thinking on getting in on my lower calf i already have one tattoo on my left feet so i was thinking to get the new one on the right.. i was told that i should get it on the left cause the left is the side of love..? any idea’s on where i should put this would mean alot ? i trying to think of a place where it can be seen.
to see the tattoo here

LoveKnots answers:

I say wat u sed would be awesome

Sharon asks…

Ideas for quotes on a tattoo?

I had a little baby boy in October 2012, me and my boyfriend (fiance now) decided being so young and him having health problems (heart complications) that we should choose adoption. We hadn’t made this decision until after he was born, so it all happened so fast but i am so blessed we found such a special loving family for him to go to. With being so excited to take him home and be a mom and have a family of our own when i had to say goodbye it hurt more than it would have if i were prepared for that last day. So i want to get a tattoo, i don’t think i want the ordinary foot or hand print on the shoulder with a birth date, i want something more meaningful to my personal situation. Although i did consider getting a small one of his birthday on my pinky in cursive from my knuckle down. But then i read this one quote.. “And she loved a little boy very very much, even more than she loved herself.” I’m no crazy about this one, but it’s nice, maybe if i played with the words a little?
I also came across these-
“one gave you up
it was all that she could do.
the other prayed for a child,
and was led straight to you.”

“The first gave you life,
and the second taught you to live it;
the first gave you a need for love,
and the second was there to give it.”
So sweet :)
but I’m in a knot, because it will be there, of course, forever.
SO, if you have any quotes that you think would fit i would love to hear them, or if you have a similar story i’d love to hear that too :) and if you have placement ideas as well, love to hear it. Thanks in advance

LoveKnots answers:

“Children and mothers never truly part, bound together by the beating of one another’s hearts.”
“A baby is a miraculous gift from God, no matter how one receives it. Some are given the ability bear them, others the ability to rear them.”
“He is mine in a way that he will never be hers, yet he is hers in a way that he will never be mine, and so together, we are motherhood.”
“I didn’t just feel love; I did what love dictated.”
“Just because he isn’t with me doesn’t mean he isn’t a part of me.”
I also like the first quote you shared :)

Ruth asks…

tattoos and wedding gowns ??

ok, so i’m not planning to get married anytime soon ( haha only 18 and single), but i am planning on getting a sleeve real soon . I just wondered , how did ladies handle lots of ink on their wedding day ? did you put make up on it , wear something to hide it or show it proudly ?

i don’t want to hide mine, i love my ink, but i just wondered if it could harm the perfectness of the day with everyone staring at it , or making bad comments, or being reluctant to take picture or something ?

i’m certainly not stopping to get my ink because of that, i just wondered.


LoveKnots answers:

Hey Onega.

I love this question. I have a sleeve in progress (started in my 30s) so my skin was ink-free on my big day in my late 20s.

I dream about renewing our vows so we can do it all over again but showing off my beautiful ink.

Yeah – when you get around to tying the knot it is likely that there’ll be people at the ceremony that disapprove of your tattoos, but it shouldn’t ruin your day.

I mean, there are lots of people in society that disapprove of tattoos but if I come across them I never let it get me down. I just think ‘Everyone to their own’ and ‘You can’t please everyone’. Or ‘If they don’t like it – tough crap!’ Obviously you’d be the same, so you should easily be able to carry this through on your future wedding day too.

And if anyone has the nerve to make rude remarks about a bride’s ink on her wedding day then they are scumbags in my opinion. If someone is out to cause grief for a bride on her big day, they will find some way to do it whether she has ink or not. The best approach is to treat it like water off a duck’s back. It can only upset you if you allow it to.

If you get yourself some art work to be proud of I’m sure you’ll feel the same way as I do about mine. I welcome people to stare at my ink, whatever their opinion. That’s what being a walking work of art is all about.

I pretty much expect the nudges, stares and whispers wherever I go with my ink out, but I think in general people are mainly just curious and don’t dare to ask outright.

I also have heavily inked friends and family that looked fantastic on their wedding days, their guests ranged from heavily tattooed to tattoo-free and as far as I know they didn’t get any bother.

Good luck with your sleeve.

Donna asks…

Can you get an allergic reaction to tattoo ink on your third (or subsequent) tattoo?

Planning to get a third one – of the two I one is a lotus, about 1.5 square inches in size and made up of mostly red, abit of white and yellow plus little bit of black for the outlining. The other one is just about one square inch in size, and only made up of black ink – a Tibetan love knot.

The lotus is on my lower left back on my pelvic bone, the love knot is on my left pelvic bone but in front.

Had them for about 2 years and 3 months now, no rashes/allergic reactions/bumps in and around the tattoo – and yes, I had both done at the same shop.

Can getting another tattoo stimulate any allergic reactions to ink? Just afraid that this third one may cause my body to ‘reject’ even the first two tattoos. The third one – I am planning to limit it to mostly black ink, possibly very little white ink just for the shading and not larger than 2 square inches in size.
Woops, what I meant in the first line of the description is – “Of the two tattoos I have…”

LoveKnots answers:

I would say that if the second tattoo didn’t turn on you, chances are the third won’t either, but some of what you are concerned about holds true. People only can develop an allergy to something they already have been exposed to so it is not unusual to react to a tattoo that is six months old, or a subsequent tattoo.

This would mean that the color additives would have to be the same, etc. Overall, tattoo allergies are extremely rare.

James asks…

I want to get Tattoo for my fiancée but what and where, and will it be ‘trashy’?

I thought his name on my chest, but apparently that’s ‘trashy’.
I was also thinking an A or a love knot on my upper vagina (I know that sounds bad but the area at the front)
It’s not ‘trashy’ if it’s only for him right?
I mean, I’m not out to show it off to anyone, it’s just something for my soul mate…
Comments and advice please…
I want to know what I could get and where…
Oh, and also, just for those people who have already pointed it out.
I decided against his whole name just in case we did separate, but I would not care about a symbol or his initial on my body forever as this man changed my life and I will never want to forget him. I would have no problems with a reminder of him on my body for life. It is better to have loved and lost then to have never have loved before. And I would not want to forget the love we shared.
Yes I do mean lower pelvic as opposed to upper vagina, I just couldn’t find the words. Also I design my own work. :) So a meaningful symbol may be nice :)

LoveKnots answers:

Please do not get his name tattooed on you and if you dont really know what and where wait until you know exactly what you want….remember its going to be on your body for the rest of your life

Donald asks…

Tattoo Sayings?Help?Your Favorite?

I would like to get a tattoo that means something.I want quotes.I like these but any other suggestions?Which quote do you like best?I think I should get it in the corner of my back but where would you get it?What is your tattoo of?

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

It is not length of life, but depth of life.

Life is the sum of all your choices.

Live with no excuses and love with no regrets

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is Mystery. Today is a Gift. That’s why we call it the Present.
I just want one quote

LoveKnots answers:

Not 5 or 6. I like the corner of the back idea

Linda asks…

Tell me about your tattoos?

I have two, one on the right side of my upper back and one on my left foot. My back says “Be still and know” (from Psalms 46:10) in Hebrew. my foot says “dust thou art to dust returnest” from the poem ‘A Psalm of Life’.

Tell me about yours!! And maybe why if they have a meaning! I love to hear about others tattoos :) I’m addicted and can’t wait to get more.

LoveKnots answers:

I have Hebrew “light” on my ankle. A matching tat with my bro on my foot a knot of eternity down my spine. Cherry blossoms on my l arm and a star on my right elbow. Oh and a fairy on my belly.

Lisa asks…

what does this poem mean?

When you go before you are gone

when you die before you are dead

I will find

a maudlin Messiah in

the teeth of the sharpest screw

and I will eagerly crucify

the doubtful congregation of my brittle bones

in the deserted desperation of raped parking lots

you left me


you were even gone away

the way

I felt

you go slowly

in sluggish molasses entrails bleeding out like heroin overdoses

slumped sleepily over the porcelain ribcages of infected bathtubs corrugated

in fractured milliseconds of ounces

to God on lethargic ferryboats


those mercurial drops of your sealskin retracting from mine

digits shying away like God’s from Adam’s after the Fall of MAN

missing persons tattooed on the octagonal hips of milk cartons seducing absent eyed business men over broken glass breakfasts in their pinstripe ties

you are spectral sheets evaporating

in broken pentameter in unmarked scores of unfinished symphonies

in the dissonant choruses of acid rain against my opened Evangelist palms in faceless feckless rearranged chapels of our memories

discarded paperweights

raised anthems in pagan prayer uncurled unfurled like Fourth of July flags in desolate graveyards another shovelful of calendar pages until you disintegrate

fodder for writhing worms

a porous pair of purloined letters penned and forgotten in dulcimer serifs

neglected orphans in the eviscerated bowels of poorhouses waiting for redemption in tramways in benefactor credit cards in trafficking rings

I am on scorpion trips of pins and needles

when you go

I will find a Greyhound

running track marks up the length of my bicep

dragging the slender ballerina thighs of stainless steel scissors over my brachials

in the slumbering womb of our empty kitchen an aching archaeologist

and a coroner discovered

the ruins the runes engraved in my sinner’s flesh like the curved scallop shells of hieroglyphics

I am slicing tails of ribbons to the vacant soundtrack of your voice

replaying in the dirty tape deck of my hippocampus

sutures for my wounds wound round my abdomen

I am listing ways to the Reaper in creaking chronological order

slicing the azure netting of my woven veins like the suffocating mesh of fishing lines sinking into my prostituted epidermis a million cells impressed imprinted

I am dying to live

in arson fires self ignited immolating like Trappist monks I will never tell how many pills I swallowed I devoured thoughtlessly like atheist skeletons sinking in hellfire

when you go

I will find a stable noose to make love to my neck

the tender tendons swollen coursing through me as an occultist cult of vascular tree trunks imbibing the orchestral hemorrhage of blood dripping on hot tin roofs and serving spoons

rocking your cradle with both hands

with a third of all the angels angling guillotine blades into my humorless humerus fallen from grace to earth with Lucifer with torrents of Type O Negative

there is a vacancy in heaven

and you leave me for her sanctimonious snatch

I am leaving you for Lucifer

the way you left me with dirty Devils tangled in the knotted fathoms of my hair

I can only CUT them out

odes to Samson I feel I lose my strength

in this maelstrom

when you go

I will find

a Messiah


the sharpest knife.

LoveKnots answers:

Um it about how you feel when you start cutting. The depression… The sadness …and the anger.

Maria asks…

NEED HELP with tattoo symbol!?

I have a tattoo of a symbol that means purity(good) on one shoulder and I need an idea of a (evil/bad) symbol to put on my other shoulder. I have thought of solomon’s knot, but cannot think of the perfect one. Nothing like skull and crossbones. Any ideas?

LoveKnots answers:

Go to i LOVE that site :)

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