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Love Knot Ring With Diamond

Sharon asks…

Promise Ring???

My girlfriend and I are having our 1-year anniversary in March. We know we want to marry, but she still has one year left in college and we want to wait until we have both graduated. I was thinking about getting her a promise ring though. Any ideas? I was thinking the $100-$200 range. I have this ring as an option.

LoveKnots answers:

I think the ring is lovely. She will love it!

When you go to get an engagement ring…consider Moissanite instead of diamonds. It is a little cheaper, nobody was harmed mining it, and it looks like diamond. It is the strongest stone next to diamond.

Best Wishes!

Lisa asks…

Engagment rings…size/cost/diamond?

Before we were engaged and we had just a simple 1/4 ct from Walmart. I was fine with that. But from others I could tell they had comments about the size and it beign from Walmart.
We had gotten rid of the ring worked out some issues and now are doing even better! And he asked me again to marry him – We dont ahve a ring yet..I said yes. This time around when we get a ring…Does the size and place factor in? And why do other peopl need to worry about my ring?? LOL And I dont mean just anyone – Family also! (sister)

LoveKnots answers:

You have superficial family members and friends. Who cares if your ring has NO diamonds or is worth only 100 bux or 10,000 bux. The important part is you and your future husband. To “expect” a big ring is just flat out ridiculous and is just proof of people being gold diggers.

Want to know where I got the ring for my wife? Got a great deal on a ring that would cost 4,000 bucks at a jewlery store and got it for 700 bux there. We got it and it was beautiful and my wife LOVES it (and she knows where I got it). Then for the wedding, we got matching white-gold celtic dragon-knot rings (from btw).

Remember, this marriage is between you and your husband and it shouldn’t matter one speck how your family feels about the size and cost of the engagement ring. THat’s just flat out ridiculous on their part. A man’s worth is not measured by how much money he flaunts… It’s measured by his heart and his deeds. Remember that.

Maria asks…

what are symbols of Love?

LoveKnots answers:

Well, physical symbols in love are Cupid, The Rose, Hearts,
Lovebirds and Doves, The Love Knot, Mistletoe, Wedding Rings, The Claddagh (Irish love symbol), The Welsh Love Spoon, and Crystals (heart shaped).

Now, if you are asking about symbols as in examples of true love…..
-being there everyday, supporting them whenever it is needed, being kind, being patient, always protecting each other, always trusting one other
-putting the other person’s needs before your own, showing no envy or arrogance, no anger or blame
True love is not telling someone you love them everyday, it is showing them that you love them everyday. Sending flowers when she is having a bad day, making a candlelit dinner just because….., calling her a work just so you can hear her voice and make sure she is doing ok, going to the opera just because it is something she has always wanted to do……that is true love. You don’t need to buy there love with diamonds, cars, and Louis Vuitton hand bags……you just need to show them your love. Its your actions, not words that symbolize your love. Its is this true love that will yield the happiness you will share together forever…..

Nancy asks…

Untraditional wedding ideas?

I’m having a diamonds & pearls theme kinda going here. The wedding party is going to look high fashion, and my gown is evening couture. Nothing fluffy or flouffy. I want downright glam and celebrity style. Think Beyonce and Jay-Z! Looking for:
-Some cool things to do at the reception
-Feather/Jeweled bouquets
-Ceremony ideas to include parents/younger siblings more
-Diamond-y/Feather centerpieces/bouquets to make myself
-Cheap favors that people would actually use (I’m thinking mints)

Or anything else you can think of! I making invites and would like to make some of my centerpieces too!

LoveKnots answers:

I have the perfect place for you! Http://
I too am not having the average wedding, and this site has pictures, videos, community, forum, and everything a unique bride would want.

For feathered and jeweled bouquets check out It’s pretty much a craftsperson’s eBay, and if you don’t find what you want, you can use their Alchemy tool to have it custom made inexpensively. I am having a bouquet, six flowers, and wedding bands my fiance’ and I designed together made by Etsy sellers. My ring alone will onyl be $100 and that is for a custom 14KY ring.

I am doing a ring warming that will include everyone at the wedding, and those attending. That is when you put the wedding rings in a small nest or pouch and pass them to every person, so that they can have a moment to “bless the rings” or wish you well.
My youngest sister is flower girl, but not in the traditional sense, she’ll be walking down the aisle with six long-stemmed flowers (custom made by an Etsy seller, so they’ll last) and will hand one to each mother and grandmother.
There are so many ways to include your loved ones.

Definitely check out check out Offbeat Bride’s wedding “porn” and The Knot photo galleries where everyone has posted their wedding photos. There have been many glam weddings, so you’re sure to find some ideas, and I’ll post back with any I find =]

I’m forgoing favors and making a candy buffet–something even my smallest guests will enjoy. All you need are glass vases of various shapes and sizes, candy from a bulk store in your wedding colors, little scoops, and favor bags or boxes.

I’ll definitely be back once I go through my notebook and sites for ideas you may like! Good luck!

EDIT for centerpieces:

EDIT a tweakable sparkley wedding cake design:

EDIT a bouquet idea (you could always use real flowers with this idea in mind):

Donald asks…

My boyfriend just ask me to marry him..?

Ok so me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years and have a kid together.. he asked me to marry him for valentines day! he got me a 2 with a diamond and then a i just wear the diamond right now and the band when we get married? just a little confused!! but i totally love him and of course i said yes!
Ok if you are going to come on here and me a smart A** then done even bother to comment..i AM going to marry him, and i have already said YES! he just asked me like not even 5 hours ago… i just wanted to know what i posted in the question..

LoveKnots answers:

Congrats!!! Yes, you wear the diamond now, and the band is what he will give you when you guys tie the knot. Since you have it and have seen it, you can try to get a similar one for him. Enjoy!

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