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Richard asks…

Is it horrible to anticipate getting engaged if I feel like this?

I am MADLY in love with the man I am currently with. He is my best (man) friend lol. We’ve been together for 1 1/2 years thus far and let me tell you we are in no way breaking up! :) He got me thinking last night after he asked me ‘non-chi-lontly” [yes its spelled wrong! lol] when I see myself getting hitched, this/next year etc. I started thinking, “OMG. he’s thinking of proposing.” After sitting on the idea for a while, I started getting cold feet. I started thinking, I would really enjoy spending the rest of my life with this man- but my family thinks I’m simply ‘settling’. I want my family to back up my decision and frankly that’s not happening at the moment. His family on the other hand, simply adores me. I can see it every moment were around them. I’ve also been called the ‘future daughter in law’ from his mum and his grammy let me try on her engagement ring etc. Last night as the two of us kneeled before their bed, his grammy started telling the story of when his grandpop proposed to her looked at us and said “when the time comes for you two, it will be a special moment; trust me.”
Also, his uncle asked if I would watch their pups and live at their place while him & his wife travel the county a bit for a week. He said to my boyfriend [after having pried the info from him] he said “all in do time my friend.” Insinuating- he hopes and knows we will one day tie the knot! Last night before hearing the story from his grandparents he looked at me with such heartfull eyes during dinner with the fam and said I was great with children after babysitting his little baby cousin and returning to my seat. And had no issues gleaming with the biggest smile I have ever seen, it made my heart melt.

My question remains, should I get engaged even if my family doesn’t agree I should? This is my life. This is how I want it to be and this is the man I want to share it with. IF they don’t follow, should I throw my feelings out the door? Family means the world to me, they are my backbone.

LoveKnots answers:

You have to consider why your family doesn’t like him. Perhaps they can see something that you’re missing?

Also, your boyfriend’s family sounds super-creepy.

Charles asks…


Mkay, here’s my story I’ve been working on since teh middle of Jan. I need critique, badly! 3NJ0Y!

Remembering Takes Time
By: Keela
January 14th, 2009

Preface- My Dad and I. Closer than close. Tighter than any knot could ever be. One out of the only two people I knew who really loved me: him and my Mom. But so much has changed now. That one night when he came home later than he had ever, and just in those fifteen minutes he’d been home, the fifteen that had changed my world upside down. The night he tried to kill my Mom and me.
I didn’t understand. Why does change come only seem to come to me? Why is it that the one’s you love are also the one’s who crush you, too? Why is it that life is full of amazing things, but also has an equal amount of horrible things? I don’t get it, why?
The terrible moment with my Dad was still very fresh. Which also means very painful and a difficult to carry on through life.
Katie Nightwood is my name. And admitting this just in my head is not nearly as hurtful as saying it aloud, but I have to say, I hate my Dad. He’s the biggest problem I have in my life. He’s the reason me and my Mom have to move. Remembering the time my Mom had to tell me we’re moving was awful and to the extreme. Even though I always hated it here in California, I had so many friends I did not want to leave. My Mom always said, ‘it’s for the best.’ (Like I hadn’t heard that in cheesy movies’).
Him and my Mom where planning on getting a divorce. She wanted to handle that situation in a calm way,… my Dad had other ideas. And boy was I the luckiest teen on planet earth when I walked in our living room to see my Dad choking my Mom, yelling,
“You’ll never forgive yourself if you chose this! Is this really what you would want, for you, for me, would you do that to Katie?”
My Mom barely managed but she choked out,
“Please,” She gasps, “It’s better this way.” I felt so helpless just standing there, doing nothing. My legs wouldn’t move. They were struck with complete horror! Unfortunatly, didn’t hold much longer, though, they’d given up on me, because, I felt my knees hit the floor followed by my face.
I had stayed on the floor for only seconds. Although, it seemed like hours. So I sat up slowly leaning up against the wall. My chest felt like it might combust from the firing pain whirling in all directions. I can’t take the aching of seeing this much longer!
Taking in three cool breaths, I crawled toward the home phone hooked up in the wall. My hands’ where shaking uncontrollably as I dialed nine-one-one. They picked up on the first ring. My voice trembled with terror as I explained what the problem was and then told them my address. I tried to be as quiet as possible, but, my Dad must have heard me when I sniffled. He looked up at me.
The man on the phone asked me centaury of questions. I gave my full effort to answer them. Time’s running out! The policeman repeated the address to see if he had it correct, but I wasn’t listening. The officer was worried when I didn’t respond, his voice gave him away. He yelled for the other officers to get ready, they were on a mission of saving two lives.
My Dad knew what I was doing. He wasn’t an idiot I took him for most of the time. No, of course not. He’s known me since birth. He’s the one who taught me what to do in case of an emergency similar to this (ironic isn’t it). I so wished that this was just a bad dream.
That’s when it happened. My Dad let go of my Mom, letting her fall.
He headed straight for me! I was too scared, but also surprised on how I could concentrate more clearly than I thought.
Picture a live rat, in a field of nothing. But a snake appears out of no where and is making it’s way over to you. And before you could think about an escape, it gobbles you up with your squeal of death. In this case, I was the rat, and my Dad was the snake going for its kill.
My brain wasn’t working well enough to know how to move out of the way. My Mom’s precious head hit the floor so hard, it sounded like it would put her out for days.
My Dad was getting closer to me! I let out a big scream as soon as he was nothing than a foot away from me. He tackled me onto the floor completely pulling the corded phone out the wall. And he then picked me up slamming me against the wall. Punching, kicking, and smacking every part of my body.
The pain of my Father doing this to me hurt. This was far more worse than breaking a leg, or maybe even doing a flip off the diving board, planning to land in the water, but, your head falls right on the diving board.
Moments later, I thank the Lord for making my body go numb from my neck to my toes.
My face was on the floor again, few minutes’ pass and there was slight pressure on the back of my head. I turned it to the side, noticing the pressure was my Dads foot!
My Mom moved then, which caught my attention. I could swear on my life that I saw her smiling. She noticed the confuse
This ISN’T real. My parents are not abusive, they are loving. But, please 3NJ0Y. And if you wanna read more, go here:

I’m only 13-years so is this good for my age? Also, tell me what you tihnk of my title. ^-^ THANK3S!

LoveKnots answers:

This is really good :)
The only thing I noticed, though it could just be a typo, is that you changed from past tense to present tense a couple times, like when you said “My chest FELT like it might combust from the firing pain whirling in all directions. I CAN’T take the aching of seeing this much longer!”

And the other thing is that, in my opinion, exclamation points should only really be used in dialogue. When you say, “He headed straight for me!” you should start a new paragraph and use a period instead. I know it’s just a little thing, but it will make it better.

All in all, great work! And yes, I think it’s really good for your age, and I’d like to read more. Keep on writing!

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