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Chris asks…

If you were me, how would you take this? (Relationships)?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for two and a half years, I’m not gonna lie, there are days that I love him beyond words, and days that I wanna strangle the crud out of him.

However, recently we went to a dear friends wedding, and he was a little inebrated, I am not gonna lie. He asked me “When are we gonna do this?” and like an idiot I didn’t say, “When you grab a ring and ask me” I said “Whenever” But he then said “I know you don’t want those things, marriage and kids…” then I said “I do, as long as you can promise me our kids don’t grow up like I did” cause I had a crappy childhood. But anyway, I mean, we both have had our ups and downs, and we’ve done it as a couple. Does this sound like he wants to marry me? Or do I dismiss it because he’d had a little more than a few?

LoveKnots answers:

It sounds like you’re not 100% sure about this guy and the strength of this relationship. So, my take would be that you’re not ready to get married yet. You seem to still have some doubts. Once you get past the “wanting to strangle him” moments, then you can probably feel better about taking the next step.

Since he brought it up, I can only assume that he’s thought about it and is interested in tying the knot at some point, though not necessarily now.

Mark asks…

please help, im so confused.?

let me start off by saying, my husband is a amazing guy, he is sweet and i really love him with all my heart (we have been together 5 years)

(i was a little concered cuz hes been working late 2 hours away and for the past 3 nights comes in smelling like alcohol)

but yesterday we were going out to eat—
and he got a text…
i was using his phone to look on the internet and
this text was a picture from his friend
and it was a pic of a naked girl from her “va-j-j” up…
now I know that that is nothing to worry about right….
so i told my husband what it was and he was in “”shock”" (fake shock)
and he went from super sweet to “oh my god, no way, delete it….”
like he was scared–like i caught him or something…
so i delete it no big deal right…

then in a calm way (im starting to cry as this pic,ruined my good mood)
i asked my husband to text this guy back and tell him not to send pictures like that…
then my husband exploded–
yelled at me ” hell no, your embarrising me”
*we were in my car, nobody around??! i dont see how i was embarrsing him*

then the worst part.
he punched me in the arm really really hard.

my husband does construction work and hes a bigg ole boy.

it really hurt–so i took my wedding ring off and rubbed in his face..

and yelled at him “is that the kinda shit you want–fine take this back”

and i told him *becuase he hit me* he could either text his friend back or i was leaving…

he hugged me and did the old im sorry it will never happen agian ruientine.

by the way my husband has NEVER hit–this was the first time…

but i guess something inside me broke–becuase today theres a HUGE brusie and knot on my arm, and althought my husband has been back to normal since the Im sorry rutine, i guess im just not the same…
i really love my husband and i know he loves me..

but looking at this bruise i wonder will it happen agian and

as hard as it is to admit–i dont know if i trust him anymore–

please help… any advice will be apprecated.
growing up my dad was abusive–not ever sexually, but phisically…
i know all about the cycles and stuff. i dont see any of this in my husband,

but i guess my question is not about if hes gunna hit me agian–

its more about regaining the trust i had in him…
I just dont know–sitting here tears flooding my keyboard–i really need help—

i just want the old him back…

i miss the way he was….

i dont even know this new guy—-hes not my husband…

and its really hard to want to hang on–hoping the old him would finally walk back through our front door….

LoveKnots answers:

I have a “friend” that he never calls or text for anything else than to send porn and stupid crap, but I don’t see myself telling him to stop, sometimes I look at them and sometimes I delete them, it doesn’t make any difference to me, your husband felt like he was gonna look like a b*** if he asked that from his friend, maybe, but he has no right to hit you, make it VERY VERY clear that you will not take one more hit from him, and when I say VERY CLEAR, I mean it, and he will not do it again.

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