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Richard asks…

Ladies: Could You Marry A Man That You Find Out Has Been “Bi-Curious” In The past?

OK, here’s a loosely based scenario.
You’ve been with this man for at least over a year.
You both have been seriously talking about marriage.
Even been shopping for rings.
There’s not a lot you don’t like about him. In short, he could be the one…
Then he feels guilty for holding his secret from you this long and wants to confess it at least before you “tie the knot“.
A few years ago, he experimented sexually with another man.
He realizes it’s not for him, but also doesn’t regret the experience.
How do you think you would take it? How would you react?

LoveKnots answers:

I identify as bisexual. I prefer monogamous relationships, but some of the people I’ve dated have been male, and some have been female. I am in a long term relationship with a lovely man, and have no intention of ever sleeping with anyone else, of either gender. I am very grateful that my sexual orientation didn’t mark me as unmarryable in his eyes, and I’m also grateful that he didn’t make any assumptions about me based on my dating history. He knows what kind of person I am; the fact that I have some ex-girlfriends doesn’t change anything about the relationship I have with him. Being bisexual doesn’t mean that you’re promiscuous, and it doesn’t mean that you MUST sleep with both sexes to be happy. It just means that you’re capable of loving someone regardless of their gender.

Now, your boyfriend isn’t even bisexual. He had sex with ONE guy, ONE time, and he didn’t even like it. If actually being bisexual hasn’t stopped me from having a healthy, monogamous relationship, then why do you think his past is going to cause any problems for him? Hopefully you are as openminded as my fiancee is, and will make your decision based on who he is as a person, not on one thing that happened one time before he even met you.

Carol asks…

Why Wont He Marry Me?… :( ?

We’ve been together for over 3 yrs, we have a 1 yr old baby, we live together, he loves me in so many different ways (not sexually i mean) We have fights, but what relationship doesnt. He says hes “not ready” but i feel what would change? We already have a family, we live together, i cook for him, keep our house clean. It would just be the title right? I also think hes been immature about sharing bank accounts, in other words money. But ive been waiting. He African American, and Im Mexican American, and we have way different ways that we see the situation. In a mexican family with the culture, when the girl gets pregnant if before marriage, that usually means marriage. And the thing is that he said he wanted to marry me when we were together like barely not even a year, he even asked my mom for my hand. Then we found out i was pregnant, and thats when we said, lets go to cali and go to Tijuana and get married. (i was under age and we couldnt find my father anywhere to sign his part) But when we got to cali i noticed him acting weird, i asked him if he wanted to go through with it and he said he wasnt ready. So i went and told everyone that i wasnt ready and the wedding was off. I didnt want him to be look down on by my family. Now its been over 2 yrs, and still no proposal or wedding arrangements. I ask him if he wants to get married, and he says yes. When we go out to shop he always looks at things and then pictures them in our own home. “we will have that in our home ten years from now. When we can afford it. I will give you everything.” So you think hes just scared of not being able to provide just yet? Should i wait another 3 or 5 years? Getting married has always been my dream, and im getting impatient.

LoveKnots answers:

Honestly, this is just my opinion, BUT…. Why rush it? You are common law already, AND you have a child together. It’s not like he’s leaving you? My parents have been together for 22-23 years and have only been married 17 years. I was 5 when they got married and both my younger sisters were born too. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to get married, but they wanted to make sure it was affordable. Having children is costly, so my parents put US first, and put their marriage second.
It’s a personal preference I suppose.
Personally if I were you, I’d tell your boyfriend that perhaps if he even bought you a ring and proposed, you could have a really long engagement? My parents were engaged 4 years before tying the knot.
Besides, this is a special special time, so don’t you want it to be carefully thought through rather then a rushed pressured wedding?
The more you pressure the idea, the more likely he is uneasy about it?
Like I said, get engaged, tell him how important it is to you, and strut yourself as a fiance for a while and when the time is right, tie the knot.

Best of luck to you, and keep in mind, you two are still as one now, so try to respect his feelings as much as yours.

Donald asks…

Will he ever want/ask me to be his wife?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years living together for 3 1/2. I know he loves me but I am getting worried, Is he ever going to “pop the question”. We have a 2 1/2 year old son. We have been through so many trials and tribulations, losing parents, financial struggles, problems with in-laws, EX issues, losing friends, over coming drug problems, I mean…we have been through it all and gotten through it all. I want to marry him more than anything in the world. What could be holding him back? I don’t doubt he loves me but what the heck is holding him back from tieing the knot. Everyone says it is just a piece of paper, it is more than that to me. It makes it REAL. I cant wait to be called Mrs……I have dreamed about my wedding day since I was a little girl. Am I being impatient? Is it a man thing? Do you think he is scared? Should I ask him? What is too long to wait? I just want it so bad. Please give me some advice. Thank you very much

LoveKnots answers:

Yor situation is very similar to what mine was but i was the man who wasn’t going to ask. My woman kept droping hints at me i assume you have tred this already but what got me to do it was when my woman sent me an email ofthe ring she wanted that was in our price range.

Robert asks…

I am 17 years old, why do i want a baby?

i am a 17 year old girl. i have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 7 months. we are crazy about each other! when my mother kicked me out of my home, he took me in. we have been living together for 5 months. and our relationship has only gotten stronger. but lately ive been wanting a baby. not the usual “oh it would be nice to have a baby one day” mine is more like ” i want a baby, and i want one now.” i have never wanted a baby before in my whole life. why do all of a sudden i want a baby? even though i know im not ready for one.

LoveKnots answers:

Hormones, you probably think they are cute and love taking care of babies but dont know the endless hours of parenting!

Top Five Wrong Reasons to Have a Baby
Wrong Reason 1: You Need Something New to Obsess Over
Now that the wedding planning is over, what will you do with all your free time? Suddenly there’s a strong urge to fill it with another big project. Don’t mistake boredom with baby cravings. Take up a hobby — whether it’s searching for houses on the Web or learning how to wallpaper your bathroom. Sure, you’ve proven that you can stick with something and follow it through to the end, but get the most out of this free time (and alone time) while you have it.

Wrong Reason 2: You’re Freaked Out About Fertility
No matter how well we know our bodies, most of us have no idea about a fundamental aspect of our health — our ability to conceive — until we actually start to try. It’s this nagging feeling that makes us anxious to jump into the baby ring. But take some of the pressure off yourselves and let nature take its course. Some couples have to wait a while to conceive, some get pregnant on the first try, and some without even trying! Assume the best, and only start the process when you’re truly ready for the pitter-patter of little feet in the house.

Wrong Reason 3: Everyone Is Having Them
Come on. What’s that saying about all your friends jumping off a bridge? This is a decision that will change your lives like no other. Make sure you’re both on the same wavelength about the big issues: Who, if anyone, will stay at home? Can your living situation handle it? A solid, united front is the key to being perfect parents to a kid. Just because Sam and Anna are ready doesn’t mean your twosome is ready for a threesome. And just because Britney did it, doesn’t mean anything.

Wrong Reason 4: You Think a Baby Is a Quick Fix
Being married isn’t easy, but it’s easy to think a baby will make your life a fairy tale. Parenthood isn’t all romance. Don’t make the biggest mistake of all and expect a baby to fill a void in your marriage, or use the idea of starting a family as a Band-Aid for your relationship. Instead, work on the two of you, and remember all the fabulous reasons you got together in the first place — then make room for baby.

Wrong Reason 5: There’s Pressure From Parents
For years before your engagement, Mom dropped tons of not-so-subtle hints about wanting you to hurry up and tie the knot. Never one to let up, she’s now talking about her grandma urges. Like you do with everything else your mother tells you, listen patiently and then calmly explain to her how you’re still the master of your own destiny. Don’t worry — tell her she’ll be the first to know.

More info-

First off, you are being responsible and thinking this through before getting married. Having a solid marriage is hard enough, even if you share all the same life goals. I have seen a very solid relationship of one of my best friends end up in separation because of this very issue. The husband wanted kids, and my friend felt too young. She ended up rebelling against the relationship and they are well on the way to a divorce. What you should do is really try to sort out your feelings of what you most want out of your life. Do you want to travel or work on a career? Do you want to be more financially stable? I am sixteen weeks pregnant and I had been trying for almost a year. Even so, I am still stunned by the commitment I have made, and I know that if I had not wanted this 100% that I would be miserable right now. You need to think of if you really want the commitment of having children for yourself, and not just for a relationship. Otherwise you are going to end up unhappy.

Thomas asks…

Shakespeare analysis (easy)?

i have to choose one of the following two passages to memorise and analyse. i have to analyse it based on the poetic devices use and the themes it presents such as love, loyalty or whatever.

which one should i choose? and can you give me some ideas or analysing it?

I left no ring with her: what means this lady?
Fortune forbid my outside have not charm’d her!
She made good view of me; indeed, so much,
That sure methought her eyes had lost her tongue,
For she did speak in starts distractedly.
She loves me, sure; the cunning of her passion
Invites me in this churlish messenger.
None of my lord’s ring! why, he sent her none.
I am the man: if it be so, as ’tis,
Poor lady, she were better love a dream.
Disguise, I see, thou art a wickedness,
Wherein the pregnant enemy does much.
How easy is it for the proper-false
In women’s waxen hearts to set their forms!
Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we!
For such as we are made of, such we be.
How will this fadge? my master loves her dearly;
And I, poor monster, fond as much on him;
And she, mistaken, seems to dote on me.
What will become of this? As I am man,
My state is desperate for my master’s love;
As I am woman,–now alas the day!–
What thriftless sighs shall poor Olivia breathe!
O time! thou must untangle this, not I;
It is too hard a knot for me to untie!

O, what a deal of scorn looks beautiful
In the contempt and anger of his lip!
A murderous guilt shows not itself more soon
Than love that would seem hid: love‘s night is noon.
Cesario, by the roses of the spring,
By maidhood, honour, truth and every thing,
I love thee so, that, maugre all thy pride,
Nor wit nor reason can my passion hide.
Do not extort thy reasons from this clause,
For that I woo, thou therefore hast no cause,
But rather reason thus with reason fetter,
Love sought is good, but given unsought better.

Yet come again; for thou perhaps mayst move
That heart, which now abhors, to like his love.

LoveKnots answers:

it is a sonnet
has rhythm and rhyme scheme

Nancy asks…

Wrote a song, just wanting some feedback?

It only took a few minutes, so it probably sucks, but as I’ve done with the most of my lyrics, I’m sharing it with Yahoo. Enjoy! :)

I’ll be coming home tonight,
As long as you love me,
Your arms will always be where I run to,
As long as our spark lives on,
I’ll be still dreaming of the day I ask you,
Isn’t it about time,
We tie the knot?

If it’s really meant to be,
Just you and me,
Then it’s true that I believe in love at first sight,
There will times that we fight,
When it’s just you and me,
There’s no other place I’d rather be,
In all of this woorld..

When you’re away for a night,
I fall asleep by the phone,
Waiting for your good night call,
Just to hear you say the words,
Baby, I miss you so much,
I wish I could feel your warming touch,
Softest words I’ve ever heard. (..ever heard)

I’ll be coming home tonight,
As long as you love me,
Your arms will always be where I run to,
As long as our spark lives on,
I’ll be still dreaming of the day I ask you,
Isn’t it about time,
We tie the knot?

When others are making excuses,
I’m picking out the ring,
Cause I’ve found my own angel,
And I wouldn’t take anything,
If it meant you’d leave me,
Because when it’s just you and I,
I feel so alive,
When it’s just you and I..

I’ll be coming home tonight,
As long as you love me,
Your arms will always be where I run to,
As long as our spark lives on,
I’ll be still dreaming of the day I ask you,
Isn’t it about time,
We tie the knot?

LoveKnots answers:

The ideas nice.
But it doesnt flow

and to be quite honest, i hate this part:

When you’re away for a night,
I fall asleep by the phone,
Waiting for your good night call,
Just to hear you say the words,
Baby, I miss you so much,
I wish I could feel your warming touch,

Sandra asks…

Can you please find meter in the song, Dig Two by The Band Perry. It’s for English class.?

I told you on the day we wed. I was gonna love you ’til I’s dead. Made you wait ’til our wedding night. That’s the first and the last time I’ll wear white.
So if the ties that bind ever do come loose. Tie ‘em in a knot like a hangman’s noose. Cause I’ll go to heaven or I’ll go to hell. Before I’ll see you with someone else.
Put me in the ground. Put me six foot down. And let the stone say:
“Here lies the girl whose only crutch. Was loving one man just a little too much.” If you go before I do. I’m gonna tell the gravedigger that he better dig two.
Well, It won’t be whiskey, won’t be meth. It’ll be your name on my last breath. If divorce or death ever do us part. The coroner will call it a broken heart.
So put me in the ground. Put me six foot down. And let the stone say: “Here lies the girl whose only crutch. Was loving one man just a little too much.” If you go before I do. I’m gonna tell the gravedigger that he better dig two.
Dig two
Ooh, ooh
I took your name when I took those vows. I meant ‘em back then and I mean ‘em right now.
Oh, right now
If the ties that bind ever do come loose. If “forever” ever ends for you. If that ring gets a little too tight. You might as well read me my last rites.
And let the stone say: “Here lies the girl whose only crutch. Was loving one man just a little too much.” If you go before I do. Gonna tell the gravedigger that he better dig, uh!
Heavy stone right next to mine, we”ll be together ’til the end of time. Don’t you go before I do, I’m gonna tell the gravedigger that he better dig two.
I told you on the day we wedI was gonna love you ’til I’s dead.

LoveKnots answers:

Instructions – Find the Meter of a Song

Tap your foot along with the song to find the steady beat

Tap more forcefully on the beats that feel strong, while tapping lightly on the beats that feel weak.

Take note of which beats are strong and which beats are weak.

Decide if your pattern of strong and weak beats fits comfortably with the song. If it feels awkward, try experimenting with differing patterns of weak and strong beats.

Once you have found a comfortable pattern, add together the first set of strong and weak beats. For instance, 1 strong beat for every 3 weak beats tells you that your meter is in 4.
Read more:-


James asks…

Is this rape? Or was I just being used?

Um, well I dated this guy who’s three years older than me. I was 16 , and he was 19 at the time.
Well when we first had sex, I thought I was in love, and soon after that he started to change. The first two times were fine. But the third or fourth time pissed me off. He kept demanding we do it. But I didn’t want to. Every time I went over there, all we did was that bull. And I got tired of it, I felt like I was only good for that. And one day I told him no. He got pissed , and had a huge attitude with me. He started to kiss me, and I told him no. But he kept doing it. And I got so fed up with it, I called my mom and had her pick me up. The next weekend I went over there, I felt like he was literally trying to rape me. He held onto my arms, and I pushed him off. That night I broke up with him. I got rid of him, My friends say he was just wanting to use me. But I don’t know. Everytime I think about it, I get a huge knot in my stomach like I wanna puke. I hate that man. I had a promise ring, and now it’s all gone. I cried every night because I broke so many promises to myself, my mother & God. Please , don’t judge. I just need some advice.

But ever since that, I never had sex again. People call my the secondary virgin. I’m not having sex ever again until I’m married , or I’m with the RIGHT guy for a long time like a couple years. I have self-respect for myself now.

LoveKnots answers:

He’s 19, all he thinks about is sex. It does not mean that he didn’t care for you, but he cared for himself more obviously.
It’s good that you got rid of him, he’s so selfish, and like you said, you’d rather wait for the person who would love you and protect you and respect you, better be your husband.
Good Luck.

George asks…

Needing a little help girls…?

This guy and i were together for 3 years…we were planning on getting married…i even had an engagement ring. All of a sudden, he got really mean and distant and started cussing at me etc. Well, i felt that we needed a break and i told him so…the next day he is seen making out with another girl. Ouch right? well, yeah, i wanna get over him. It’s been a week now so i know that i still have plenty of time to heal but i was wondering if there are any suggestions out there…i’ve already put his pictures away and burned everything he gave me…threw the ring into the woods never to be seen by me again.

I would really love it if you guys could help b/c i don’t wanna be with him anymore after what he did but part of me still loves him.

LoveKnots answers:

You need to get away from him. You don’t deserve to be treated like that, and if he’s treating you like that now before you’re married, imagine what he’s going to be like once you tie the knot?

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