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John asks…

Are there any women out there that are huge fans of hockey?

I find, in general, hockey isn’t a widely supported sport. I am a huge fan of hockey and I would like to find out if there are any other women, femine women, who love hockey the way I do. I am a nightmare to bring to a hockey game- I’m a yeller. So for 20 min 3 times a game my femine side goes under cover.
Hockeygirl- I embarras my poor husband with my rantings. My hubby plays hockey weekly. I can’t skate or I’d be playing too. I want to be a goalie! I know I’d be good!

Boston Bruins!!!!
REPLY TO: Kinggretzky
She read a book???! Is she insane???
I’m here in CT and we had the Whalers- I cried when they left. Then we got AHL Wolfpaack and the opening night I was sooo happy hockey was back in the state I cried and the Wolfpack won the first year. I wish we could get a NHL team here.
Even though the Wolfpack are the farm team for the Rangers I have converted from a Rangers fan to Bruins. Oddly enough I’m still a Wolfpack fan. It’s not the same since PJ Stock left. He was good for our AHL team.
Gretzsky- eeee. sorry missed the s

LoveKnots answers:

I’m a huge hockey fan!!!! I love the game, everything about it. And I’m a huge girly-girl. I paint my nails before my hockey weekends (team colors of course), wear heels all the time (not normally during hockey weekends or games), wear earrings while I play, have a chain necklace with crossed hockey sticks (never take it off), always wear my toe rings (even in my skates), wear light make-up, and must put chapstick on before I get on the ice. I’m an ice hockey goalie!! I love my position and the game.

We don’t have an NHL team here, but we do have a CHL team. I’m a yeller at my brother’s games, but when I go to an NHL or CHL game I’m very quiet. I actually get knots in my stomach for the goalies. I think it comes from actually playing the position. Any time the puck comes in the zone, I get nervous for the goalie. And because I am a goalie, I really don’t get upset when there is a call I don’t like. It’s one of those things I gotten use to. I’ve actually gone to a game and cheered for the away goalie. The home team fans around me were not happy!

I’m following the play-offs like a hawk. Too bad the Avs didn’t make it. I’m cheering for the Sharks this season.

You should totally play hockey!! Skating’s not that hard. It’s like riding a bike. It’s really simple. Just get out there and try. Your husband knows, right? Have him teach you. You will gain a new respect for the players. You won’t stop yelling though, you might even yell more ;-)

Well, I’m all bruised up and need to get some sleep. (Had a very tough hockey weekend, 5 bruises on my legs alone.)

Charles asks…

What is your bird’s favorite toy? I am looking for new ideas for home made toys for my cockatoo.?

Big birds are very intelligent and need a lot of stimulation to keep them busy. My bird is a Sulfur Crested Cockatoo. Her name is Chicken. She loves new foods and she likes to rip stuff up. I give her junk mail stuffed with fruit and veggies sometimes, which she likes quite a bit because it gives her her two favorite things. She has lots of perches, two swings, a coconut with a hole in it where I put her pellets and nuts, a music box with lights and buttons, a plastic chain to rattle, and she gets out several times each day. I would like to know what other people give their large birds to keep them entertained. I am not big on mirrors or bells for birds, as they can get a little obsessive-compulsive with them.
About the obsessive-compulsive thing: little birs housed alone often think of “the bird in the mirror” as another bird and bond really strongly with their image in the mirror, which can damage their relationship with the owner, often causing aggression. I have never given Chicken a mirror because a bite from a big beak is quite painful and can do some serious damage. Bells can get really annoying if a bird gets too attached to jangling it. I find contant bell ringing even more irritating than screaming. My friend’s parents have a bird who jangles the bell constantly AND screams simultaneously. I would lose my mind.

LoveKnots answers:

Man – these people who are obsessed with mirrors!!!

Whats the point? What can they do but stare, ignore or get obsessed by them??? They are NOT good bird toys.

On the bell – issue: Very much against them personally. However – my Corella had a screeching problem and I needed something he could transfer some of that excess to. I caved in when I found a pipe bell – Powder coated steel, thick with a VERY muted low pitch ring – no access to the ringer etc. Music to my ears compared to the screeching believe me. The best thing about it though is that there is another section of pipe above the bell that has holes for threading leather and rope through – I put beads on and knot them – he spends hours undoing the knots which also stops him focussing on the bell too much. I would NEVER give him any other kind of bell though.

Rope or leather with knots – keeps him busy for ages. And if you knot things like big beads, leather scraps etc he can use them as foot toys once he’s undone the knots. After a few days re-assemble the toy.

I’ve been on the internet heaps and researched toys – my corella had a rather charming assortment of behavioural problems when I got him!!

Apart from the usual (which you seem to have taken care of already) some of the other toys my bird has are:

Rawhide bones (for dogs – unbleached), and pine cones, as foot toys. Cardboard rolls with nuts inside. Generally any combination of leather, paper, cardboard, rope, wood etc is great.

Treat balls – you can get them for dogs and cats. The cat size one is perfect for cockatoo’s. You put a treat inside (mine likes sunflower kernels) and they have to roll it around on the floor to get them out. I don’t leave this one in his cage though – only under supervision.

A treat maze – acrylic bird toy. Usually pretty expensive but I got mine from GetBirdStuff – see the maze here:

They were very helpful, cheaper than anyone else and the maze fits in letter post so it doesn’t cost a fortune to get from overseas.
Plus its a toy you can leave in his cage – good for when you are out all day like me.

Do you put natural perches in your birds cage? If you change them over every now and then they will spend ages tearing off the bark. You should also put bird-safe branches in his cage – they like to chew the wood and strip the leaves off. Try different types of tree’s – mine has a preference for wattle.

Mary asks…

Can anyone suggest easy jewelry making projects to take with on vacation that wont wig out airline security?

I love making jewelry and it helps me unwind in the evenings and have been trying to decide what I should take to work on, but can not decide what can and can not be taken with me in my carry on bag. I know I can take my jump ring opener ring, but don’t know what other tools I can take with. Any suggestions will greatly appreciated. The trip I am taking will be part work and part vacation.

LoveKnots answers:

Learn to string pearls with knots. Even those funny looking pearl-stringing tweezers might be considered weapons though to the ultra-paranoid and stupid security folks.

Betty asks…

What do women do with the engagement ring after they are married?

I’ve read another question & answer about how some women stop wearing their engagement ring after they have tided the knot. Their husband has shelled out a lot of money for that ring. What does she do with it? It seems like a waste to keep it stored away in a box.

LoveKnots answers:

The way I see it, the engagement ring is the first symbol of love, promise and lifetime commitment from a man to a woman. I believe the engagement ring should be worn as a symbol of that promise. I have been married for seven years and would not dream of keeping my engagement ring in a box. What is the point in that? To me my engagement ring no matter how big or small is a symbol of my husbands love for me. I will go to my grave with the ring on my hand. That is how much it means to mean. Not monetary, but the love which came behind the giving of the ring. To me this is special and should always be a reminder of that love.

Sandy asks…

Trouble with bitter friend after I got engaged: what should I do?

I got engaged in 2011, and we have been together for 3 years. When I announced my engagement I received nothing but congratulations from everyone and lovely cards. There was one friend who I’d gotten close to over the last 2 years, due to working together, and it became natural to go shopping and meet up every few days outside of work as we got on so well. One could say we were too close. She wasn’t exactly thrilled to hear of my engagement. I think it may have been because she has always wanted marriage, but she has got a very loving partner and I truly believe they will tie the knot one day. She was happy for me but her first response was: ‘Are you going to ask me to be a bridesmaid? Can I be one?’ Other friends also said that in a jokey way but she was being serious and when I told her that Id probably be planning wedding things the coming year but female relatives, like my sisters will probably be my bridesmaids. Well, she did not like my response! She didn’t speak to me or want to hear anything about the wedding from then on. She never asked me how we got engaged (which was quite a tale to tell). She stopped meeting up with me outside of work and our relationship in work became awkward. I was trying really hard to maintain our friendship and I told her that it would be a lot to me if she came to my wedding. I told her the date rite from the beginning we booked it. She recently approached me and said that she heard from another friend about the date of the wedding which she can’t make now because she is starting a job on the Monday (Contract hours: Mon-Fri) and she’ll probably need the weekend to prepare for that – (baring in my mind our wedding is a Saturday after her job starts). I personally believe she’s trying to find an excuse to not go and I don’t understand why – is it because of the bridesmaid issue or the fact that she’s bitter about me being married and I am in a situation she wants to be in?
Over the last 6 months of wedding planning other friends who I am closer to now are in the thick of it helping me out with all the wedding planning because my 3 sisters are too young to help. And the friend that ignoring me doesn’t want to know about the most important part of my life or have anything to do with it. It became natural for me to ask my other friend who was helping me so much, to be a bridesmaid because of the amount of work and help she’s been doing to organise the wedding with me. I felt I made the rite choice in asking her, she never expected to be asked and cried when I did. She knows the situation with the deteriating friendship and even offered to give up her place as a bridemaid so she could be one. This friend has really upset me, and my partner and family do not like her because she has spoilt what is to be such an amazing time. She discovered that Id asked a friend to be a bridesmaid and then started integrating me over the phone on why I had asked a friend, when I originally said it was only family, and why she had never been asked. I told her that our friendship hasn’t changed and she still meant a lot to me but after that her behaviour just went worse and worse. She went though a phase where she completely ignored me when we passed on the street, and started organising event with our mutual friends and leaving me out completely. She has started talking to me in a normal manner now, but will not mention the W word wedding, and Im not sure if she will even come.
My question is, is this normal? Should I continue to try and safe whatever left of our friendship? I don’t understand why she’s so bitter when she has a partner herself?? I know she always wanted to get married, but not enough to despise me for being engaged! She can’t even bear to look at my ring and has never asked to see it. My family think I should never have given her the privileged of an invite to the wedding…. Has anyone else had a friend like this? or have you felt bitter about a friend getting married? If so please shed some light so I can understand why! and how I should approach her in relation to our friendship now?
Sorry for the long drawn out explanation of my question – hope someone can make sense of it and answer :) Thanks.

LoveKnots answers:

Wow. That is a lot to swallow.
Sorry you’re going through all of that so close to your wedding… I work in the wedding industry, and see lots of things, and this is not unusual. You sound like you are a very concerned, kind, and caring person… And that other people’s feelings effect you. You’re going to need to realize that no matter what you do, say, or try… She has some things she is going to need to work through herself. One thing we (our company) has to tell brides often is, “Don’t be afraid to say, ‘no’ to him/him!” This is your day, and it’s not being selfish to do things the way you would like them to be done. It sounds like you have even tried to include her… So, give yourself a pat on the back, keep your chin up, and have a lovely wedding day! :)

Sharon asks…

Something romantic to put in an impossible bottle?

I bought a ship in a bottle kit off ebay and well, it’s not as great as I thought it would be–the “ship” isn’t very detailed etcetera. It was cheap but I figure I got the dang bottle, so I might as well try and put something else cool in there. I’ve heard about scissors, knots, decks of cards, etc. but does anyone have any ideas of y’know–maybe some things that are more cool that a scissors or a deck of cards? Thanks. And actually–I just thought what do you think something romantic for my girlfriend would be that I could put in there something that wouldn’t spoil like a flower so thanks again.
Ok, an impossible bottle has to have something that would seem impossible to get in there. Confetti and slips of paper are obviously easy to get into a bottle. Pandasex is an idiot.

LoveKnots answers:

Watson had some great ideas, here are some others to consider.
I think that this could be very romantic.
You could turn this into a lifetime of memories if you wanted to.
What about transferring a photographic image of the both of you onto the back side of the bottle, then you could utilize this bottle repeatedly leaving love notes or trinkets. You would use(inkjet-printed image on Epson glossy photo paper #SO41649 ) or (transfer paper for inkjet printers).
This product is found in art supply stores, craft stores and office supply stores.

Http://,,HGTV_3121_1382895,00.html,,HGTV_3255_4173855,00.html or have it done for you at Business depots, staples or places like these;

This bottle could become a lasting memory that you both utilize later on in your relationship.
Imagine when the time is right for you, you could leave her an engagement ring, later on she could leave an announcement stating that you are both expecting or the ultrasound or a sonogram image of your new one.
Down the road it could become the message centre for the household.
Later in life It would be filled full of memories to share and tell to your grandchildren.

An elegant idea for the exterior of the bottle is to write something like Imagine, her name, or whatever that would be
special to you in glass etching cream.You would apply this to the outside of the bottle.
You could etch several meaningfull words all over the bottle. It is a very easy project to do. All that you would need is etching cream and stencils. Even cheaper would be to purchase stick on letter of the words that you want displayed on the bottle from the dollar store or Craft Shops.They have different fonts that are available.
Or, more you could download ones that you like for free from
this next link;
You would have to completely cover these paper letters that you download in clear tyetac sticky paper and trim around the letters, then with repositional spray adhesive, attach them to the bottle and etch over them. You remove them when the cream has dried.
Either way you choose to do this ,you would have an opache background with the words in clear glass.

I have attached some webpages with instructions should you decide to try either of these ideas.
Transferring Images- more tutorials:
One way is to:,,HGTV_3433_1369415,00.html great site to have.


Glass etching instructions below;

Links to more. Don’t forget to look on the far right hand side page of this next site;

Other sites that you may want to browse through for more ideas; free craft patterns, craft projects, crafting ideas, resources and supplies. Free crafting lessons.


Romantic ideas:
Art Stores like Dickblick or craft stores like Michaels
Or Walmart will have most of these supplies.

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