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Ken asks…

How can you make a necklace clasp for two string ends?

I want to make a necklace with a string as the chain. I don’t want to just knot it around my neck. I want to use some findings or some how finish the ends so they aren’t just knots. I’ve been looking, but just can’t figure out how to search this to find anything helpful. Do I have to glue them in some findings? I just don’t feel that would hold. I would love something I can knot inside the finding maybe. Does anyone know what I”m talking about? Help!!

LoveKnots answers:

I’d go to the bead store and ask. Usually with string, I see these spring-style clasps.

Over the internet, clasp would be the word to search for. Depending on the size of the string, you could really use any clasp and either tie a knot, or use a crimp bead to close it around the clasp.

Lisa asks…

If I buy her a ring, how long till she is wondering when we are going to tie the knot??

Even though she knows that I dont belive in marriage.. I dont need a piece of paper to tell me that we love each other.

LoveKnots answers:

Depends on the girl and her feelings about marriage. If she is really eager to get married, then this is going to give her the green light to start wondering and planning it out (at least in her head.)

If you really have no intentions of going through with a wedding, and you think she would like to, don’t get her a ring. Try a necklace, bracelet or some other gesture or item to represent your love for her.

If she feels the same way as you, then go for it.

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