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Love Knots for everyone…

Love Knot Meaning

John asks…

what does this mean? do i love him?

okay there is this boy and everytime i see him i get like warm fuzzy knots in the pit of my stomach and i think about him all the time. i flirt with him and he flirts with me. i always laugh and blush and act all cutesy when im around him. i get sooooo excited when i talk to him and i just cant get him out of my head. i love being near him and when i talk to him or see him i get a bit dizzy and my insides get all warm and i just get a sense of real calm when near him. i know it sounds cheesy but thats how i feel when im near him.
also when he sees me he gets a massive smile on his face and sometimes he winks at me. the other night i got really nervous when talking to him and i was like okay im sorry forget i said all that and he was like awww no its cute. he flirts all the time and is just amazing. all my songs on my ipod remind me of him and most of them are romantic cute love songs.
what does this mean?

LoveKnots answers:

It means we twins! Im lyk that with a boii i act all cutesy too nd go shy for some reason……. Gurl! U deep in love!!!! Use it. Flirt. Love. Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont ask HIM out tho! Wait for him!!!!!!!….ur first kiss with him WILL be amazing btw!!!!!!

Charles asks…

Am i in love??????????

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months now… I don’t know if im in love yet or what… I care for him deeply… I think of him every day and night…he’s the 1st person I talk to in the morning and the last person I say good night too…when I hear his voice he makes me smile… when I feel his touch he gives me goose bumps… when he kisses me, my stomach gets in knots… when I’m near him I get butterflies… He gives me a warm feeling inside… he always knows the right things to say when im down and he always makes my day…am I in love?
Im 20yrs old and recently got out of a seriously bad relationship that i had for 4 yrs… its been 1yrs since my bad break up… and i feel like since i found my current boyfriend i have never been more happier in my life… but last break up caused me to guard my heart and im honestly scared of getting hurt again

LoveKnots answers:

Hi ;-) It seems like you are very much in love sweetie..I found this online and thought I’d pass it along…good read~

How Can I Tell If I’m In Love?
By Bonny Albo,

Wondering whether or not you’ve found true love? For some relationships it can be hard to tell, especially if you’ve never been in love before. Ask yourself the following questions so you’ll know when its love.
Am I In Love Clue #1: Physical Responses

One of the ways to know its love is by the physical responses you have to your partner when in their presence or thinking about them. Do you shiver? Get goosebumps? Blush? Sweat? Feel tingly all over? Cry when saying goodbye? Get stomach flip flops or butterflies? Feel like there is a lump in your throat? Can’t stop smiling? Feel warm and fuzzy? All of these physical responses are indicators that you may have found true love, but only when paired up with the other clues in this list.
Am I In Love Clue #2: Non-Obsessive Worry

You’ll know when its love by the way you worry about your mate. Did they make it to work okay? Are they late because they were in an accident? Will they enjoy the dinner you painstakingly made for them? Of course, we all worry about our loved ones, but when you’re in love with someone the worry takes on a different quality. At no point is it obsessive or negative however; rather, you are truly concerned for their well-being when in love.
Am I In Love Clue #3: Wanting the World To Know

A common trait amongst couples who are in love is that they feel compelled to tell the world that they love one another. Whether it is wanting to yell at the top of your lungs from the rooftops, “I love you,” or taking the celebratory nature of love towards a more traditional route (marriage), true love is characterized by wanting everyone to know just how happy you are together.
Am I In Love Clue #4: Constant Reminders

You know you’re in love when almost everything you experience reminds you of your mate. From the kind of coffee they drink to the smell of their cologne/perfume, from the way they say, “Hi!” to the silly way they tie their shoelaces, wherever you are, it all comes back to your partner.
Am I In Love Clue #5: Positive Thoughts

Being in love with someone means that you (mostly) see them through rose-colored glasses. In What is True Love, positive thoughts about your partner are a crucial element to continued love for your partner. In some circles this phenomena might be called “doing no wrong”, but with healthy optimism and realism.

Jenny asks…

What does it mean to you to allow another person to fully love you?

LoveKnots answers:

It means you have given yourself completely to another heart,
so they may use you,
lie to you,
take advantage of you,
take your head & heart and twist it into a knot,
make love to you one moment,
then flirt with someone else in the next moment,
ah yes,
to be in love again,
what glory and passion of desire to express so abstractly,

then again,
it could mean the most beautiful experience to feel alive,
provided you find the one who truly will love you,
so you both share emotions grabbing at ones spirit and soul,
and that you would do anything for them,
because you belong to them alone,
so who you are unfolds as an open book,
you let them love you and into all which is you,
never lying and always in one an others trust.

? ? ?

Laura asks…

Ok Is It Love Or Lust???

Ok I’m 15 years old and I don’t know if im really in love but, it feels so real. I cant stand to be away from him to long. Everytime I see him its a mix of emotions
like i fell and got the wind knock out of me
and knots in my tummy
and memories come flashing back
and i get nerveous
and sweaty
and excited

but we just broke up about a month ago
and its killing me…we are still talking and getting ready to date again. should i go for it again or should i move on???
do i love him
or is it just high school

LoveKnots answers:

It could be either one. I know that’s a copout answer, but sometimes it’s hard to tell love from lust. That’s why the divorce rate in the US is so high. Just chill, enjoy being friends with him, but allow yourself to be with others at the same time (meaning group activities). If it is lust, the fact that you aren’t alone with him will keep lots of stuff from happening. On the other hand, if it really is love, even if you’re with a larger group, you two will just sorta “zoom in” on each other. But, please, at 15, discipline yourself not to give in to desires that, although perfectly normal, can really mess up your life forever. You’ve still got time to know what you want out of life. Good Luck.

Donna asks…

Know any true love stories? Tell me about it =)?

I wanna hear real life love stories….That you personally know. Also if there is a song that makes you think of them put a link up.
Davina that was really sweet you should really tell him you miss him hope things go for the best..Keep me updated =)

LoveKnots answers:

His names Sheldon. I met him 3 years ago. He lives 3000 miles away. I never knew it was love when I first met him. I started flirting then, one day I decided to get deeper with my flirting because I wanted his attention. I then got his attention. We grew to knowing eachother.
{When I say knowing, I mean KNOWING. You don’t know your best friend the way you know your love, mate, partner.
You can finish eachothers’ sentences, you know their favorite colour, band, hair style, crush, the way they like to eat their food. You know a lot about your best friend.
But, you KNOW your love. Your love knows you. Stop and think to yourself, .. Okay right there! You can think to yourself. No one else can, but you can think to your partner. They know you, they get you. They’re the only person in the world that feels like an actual part of you. Thats what make them so special. He knows what to say, how to say it, and how to fix it. He’s unpredictable a lot of the time, but sometimes you know exactly whats going to happen.
Love works in mysterious ways. No one knows how, but it does. It’s a great thing. Often people mix it with lust, and some days imnot always 110% sure if it’s love, but deep down, he’s my man. }
We fell in love. Never really dated but our close friends knew how we truly felt. We talked basically 24/7. Never got bored of eachother, just always wanted more. Eventually some guy got us to start dating. We dated. It was great. He made me happy, more than happy. I made him feel the same. We gave eachother butterflies and knots.
[One time we were talking on MSN and he had thus huge silly grin on his face, he hadn't realized until his Mom said, "No girl can make my boy smile like that unless she's someone special" after that Sheldon told me about that and I havn't forgotten that since]
But then I felt I needed some space. We grew apart. He fell in lust with another girl. He broke my heart. We didn’t speak for several months. Aprilish- I think the end of January. Then he messaged me our song one day(Far Away- Nickleback), I was scared to get caught in the love thing. I was angry and nervous. We started talking and I fell deeply and passionately back inlove with him. Later he told me the reason why he sent me that song was because he was going through a rough time with family and his life. He planned to send his love the only thing he had left then to go for suicide. But, I distracted him.
[I always distract him. :'). We go on Skype and he plays his guitars for me, BTW~ he is an amazing musician!, anyways, he will be playing then he will look up at me in the camera, get distracted, then mess up :3 it's the cutest thing ever! <3]
anways, we grew back together. The feeling we first had never really came back, we think it was more puppy love, but the whole 'love' aspect never left.
Things got serious, we told SO many people about our relationship. Even the people we were hiding it from. I told my dad, and some how his parents sort of found out, not to mention the little hints he would give here and there. Like referring back to his Mom saying, "No girl can make my boy smile like that, unless she's someone special,"
But then things got rough. I had to end it, I couldn't stand the pain, and the distance. I ended it. We started arguing too much, and I basically ran away. I wanted to start fresh. Get what I felt like I was missing. I wanted to be taken to prom, and go out on dates and to parties, but with the distance I couldn't. I only wanted to go with him or not at all. But I didn't want to miss out on any of that because I always wanted thongs to be perfect, always thought that way since I was a little kid. I wanted to have life the way it is in movies. I wanted my teen years to be crazy, and outgoing. Cute, and enduring. I was scared to waste timefor something I wasn't totally sure of. Y'know, incase I was completely wrong, not in love, and have everything be unworth it and a waste of time. But then I lost him. At first it seemed okay, but then I felt broken, I was a mess. I am a mess. I'm lost without him. He's the only one that can fix anything and everything just by saying "Hi" He makes me feel good. He makes me angry. Lol he makes me laugh. He makes me frustrated. He makes me confused. But most of all, he makes me feel loved. He's my everything. We have our rough patches, some worst than others, but if I know him, I know we will bounce back, he's my Penguin. I love him. <3

Anyways, I know this was long. I'm probably not that good at writing true love story's. But this is mine, at least so far. Idk if he will take me back, or what will happen. I just can't have him completely gone from my life. I'm lucky we still make small chat..
I hope this tickled your fancy in some way

Ruth asks…

What does this quote mean?

“There is within me (and with sadness I have watched it in others) a knot of cruelty borne by the stream of love, much as our blood sometimes bears the seed of our destruction, and at times I was mean to Doodle.”

LoveKnots answers:

To paraphrase: I have a mean streak that sometimes surfaces, and sadly, I have seen this in others. It stays hidden in most relationships, like cancer can stay hidden in our bodies for years. But, I must confess that at times, I was hateful and hurtful to Doodle.

Helen asks…

He said this..What does it mean?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for a while and we’ve always said that we love each other, not everyday but often enough. Recently, he’s been a little “absent” in our relationship. He says that he is really stressed out and overworked at work. (I massaged his neck and back, they are full of knots, so he’s really tense and tight.) So I told him that I love him and he said “you do, huh?” So what the hell does that mean? I didn’t want to fight so I let it go but it really hurt me. I don’t know how to interpret this? I think it means that he questions my love for him, what do you think and how would you fix it?

LoveKnots answers:

It only means “great, I love you too”. Don’t always expect men/guys to say exactly what we’re thinking, never going to happen. And whenever you feel the need to read something into what your guy is saying, always error on the side of positive.

Carol asks…

why do some love marriages turn ugly and end up in break-ups?

for God sake, when two people marry for love..fighting with the rest of the world just to stay together…but then why do they have misunderstandings/ from where does trust issues creep in? why cant they sustain their love….they might have a great sex life…after some time only sex matters…love is lost? why?
there are no finance problems.

LoveKnots answers:

There is impalpably fine difference between Infatuation and Love. Infatuation is a stepping stone to Love. It is generally experienced that infatuation does not last life long. Infatuation does lead the two to Love but then Love is not just all about liking each other. Every true Love goes through the acid test and if it weathers the storm, then it stands to meaning. Generally people head over heels in love, they soar too high in the sky and builds the castles in air. But when they marry, they come to face the reality. There are very many responsibilities inherent in a marriage, which they were unaware about and they are not prepared to come to terms with these attached strings. During their courtship, they sail in the fancies and daydreams but when they really tie the knot, their cherished dreams come to naught. Because it is not certain that the dreams that you visualise really actualize. And there goes untiring efforts and inexhaustible patience into realizing the dreams. You can not get everything overnight. The two in love when walks down the aisle they find the reality a far cry from what they had dreamt and that’s where cookie crumbles and cracks set in their relationship, which widen with passing time with growing bickering and exchanging accusatory vibes with each other. Resultantly, Love evaporates and what remains is sex because it is a symbiotic need. But then two should sit down peacefully and clear the air. Realities are ought to be accepted then why accept with resignation but rather accept them sportingly. Be positive and nourish your drooping love which will once again flourish like before. Wish you best of luck !

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