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Love Knots for everyone…

Love Knot Meaning

Daniel asks…

Can someone please edit my poem and make it a lot better! It would mean a lot!?

What is love?
Does it make the world go round
The beauty found in a woman
The way a couple feels around eachother
Or even tieing the knot
I say love is exactly what you are
Beautiful in every way, the lips of and angel and a smile as white as snow. Eyes prettier than the shiniest star and a voice that soothes aches. Love is the cornerstone of life, and Ashley, you are my cornerstone.

LoveKnots answers:

Some extra punctuation and breaking it up into more lines can make it read more poetically….

What is love?
Does it
make the world go round?
Is it
the beauty found
in a woman?
The way a couple feels
around each other…
(or is it tying the knot?)
I say love is
exactly what you are.
in every way,
the lips of an angel and a smile as white as snow.
Eyes prettier than the shiniest star and a voice that soothes all my aches.
Love is
the cornerstone of life
and you, Ashley,
you are my cornerstone.

Nancy asks…

What does ‘being social’ generally mean?

Does it mean having friends in college or Uni and hanging out or does it mean romantic stuff like dates?

LoveKnots answers:

“Being social” refers to being outgoing, friendly, open to meeting new people and experiencing new things with people. It has nothing to do with romance.

There are those who hesitate or won’t go to a party or event because “I won’t know anyone.”
Or those that are nervous when meeting new people, like siblings of friends, friends of friends, etc.
There are those that get knots in their stomach when faced with a lot of strangers.
There are those who simply don’t know how to act when a hundred other eyes they don’t know are watching them, so they avoid these situations altogether.
There are people who stand in the corner of a room and wait until someone talks to them first, and even then they might not talk much. Or, they might avoid having to talk to strangers altogether by walking away before anyone gets the chance to talk to them.
That would be anti social.

There are those that are happy to go to parties or events even if they don’t know anyone because they are happy to expand their social network.
There are those who actually seek out new acquaintances, whether it be at work, at a bar, or in a doctor’s waiting room.
There are those who seek out social networks, either online or through community services.
When you go on vacation to a southern resort, there are people who will start up a conversation with you at the bar.
There are people out there who just love meeting new people.
These are social people.

Joseph asks…

Can God untie an untieable knot?

If he is all-powerful then he could tie a knot that untieable. But if he is all-powerful/all-knowing then he could untie it, which means that it not untieable?! Does that make sense?! I’d love to hear you ideas! :)
Ps PLEASE don’t write lots of annoying comments on how God isnt real. Because it isn’t need or nessacery, and I will not appreciate it. Thank you! :)

LoveKnots answers:

God isn’t real.

Steven asks…

8 years later, does she still love me? Could marriage work?

8 years ago I met this beautiful girl Essa. She’s 11 years younger than me. She was 20 I was 31. We dated for 9 months and it was perfect. We got along great were very compatible and very attracted to each other, but I wasn’t ready to settle down for 3 reasons: she was too young, I just came out of a 7 year relationship and my mother passed away. I did something bad, I avoided her and I found myself a wh0re to keep me busy. I was Essa’s first so she was real hurt but because I liked her so much it was difficult for me to stay away or deal with the fact that I was hurting her so I had to disappear.

8 years later we haven’t spoken and I haven’t seen her, I even forgot about her.  I was in her city last weekend and saw her at a bar. She noticed me right away, she was with a group of friends. She came up to me and we started talking. She still looks just as beautiful. After a few drinks we were sitting alone all over each other, cuddling. I started to apologize for everything I did and she started crying saying that I really hurt her. I didn’t know what to say so I just stayed quiet and continued to hug her. Could she possibly have feelings for me 8 years later?

 I have to admit when I saw her my stomach turned in knots. I felt the same way I felt 8 years ago every time I look at her. She’s so distracting lol. We exchanged numbers and I haven’t called her yet. I was recently engaged to someone else.. I’m 39 now and I really want to settle down, but I wasn’t engaged to the right person for the right reason, I was just settling, so I broke off the engagement 3 months ago. And now bumping into Essa is really making me think if it would work. What do y’all think? Should I give it a shot? 

She is also single and has had bad luck with men from what she told me that night.

LoveKnots answers:

I think you should pursue the female. You never know until you try. Yes, she could still have feelings for you 8 years later. Especially if she gave you her heart 8 years ago. Women don’t fall out of love with someone as easily as they fall in love, so the feelings are still there. Her emotions when she told you that you really hurt her, shows that she meant it, and that it still affects her to this day. Go for it! I wish you the best.

Mary asks…

is it posssible to love someone in a short period of time, to the point of wanting to spend your life with him

i met a man and we have been dating for 2 months. we are so compatable, both share the same religous belifs, likes and dislikes. we have seen each other on a daily basis. somehow we embarked on our future together and discussed wedding plans. we are a mature couple. he has two small kids, and mine are grown. he has custody of his kids who presently live with his mom in jamaica. the love is there, seen by many. him moreso than me. has anyone ever encountered a relationship where you have felt as if their was no time barriers or cap on how long someone should know someone before tying the knot? he contributes more then his share of responsibilities at my home. he is well off and has the means of provision. family members say its too soon, but im no spring chicken

LoveKnots answers:

Its all up to you if you love him and he loves you then fallow your heart the rest will fall into place…. Everything happens for a reason!!!!!! Keep your Head up and good luck!!!

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