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Ruth asks…

My stomach is in knots over my ended relationship…?

I haven’t spoken to my boyfriend in 2 weeks – I wanted to talk to him 2 weeks ago when he stopped calling me for days and he stonewalled me – PLUS asked for a weekend to himself.
In my mind, it’s already over and my stomach is in knots over the fact that I spent over a year with him – I even lived with him for 2 months and suddenly he lost interest.
I’m trying to distract myself with hobbies (although it’s winter now and I can’t take long walks or go out and take my mind off of things.)
I have head aches and feel nausious over the fact that the relationship is over and he basically walked away from me without being honest.
How do I physically deal with this aggravation?

LoveKnots answers:

Honey, try to keep in your mind that things DO happen for reasons, regardless if we know why or don’t. He obviously wasn’t the rite one for you or it would have lasted. Therefore, that would tell me there IS a someone even BETTER out there for me. You’ll meet him when you least expect it. You’ll then have the love & happiness your heart desires. KNOW the best IS going to come, KNOW that it WILL. Keep that utmost in your mind. When you DO meet the rite one, you’ll then KNOW the reason this was not meant to be. Keep believing & trusting the BEST IS yet to come & it WILL. Put the past in the past & keep going forward with your life. It WILL ALL be well worth it & you’ll know you’re with the ONE you were/are meant to be with. Good luck, honey!^

John asks…

All about love. and its delimas?

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Giant. Knot. Triangle Romance.?
My best friend and I are really close. we would lose each other’s virginatity to each other. But I introduce this guy to her friends formal. Because brian (the other guy) is extremely nice and extremely attractive, all the girls want him. Now my best friend jaime, likes him. So you see the love triangle? WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO?! Even though she has only ever met him once.
She is aware of how I feel towards her

She is a attracted because he is cute AND nice.

LoveKnots answers:

If she met him once.. Andd she has feelings… Something is wrongg. You cant have feelings for someone you met once. Andd.. If she knows you like her and shes telling you she likes him shes just playing hard to get to make you jelous all girls do it. Trust me.

Maria asks…

Connection between depression and a falling out of love feeling?

Depression has made it hard for me to connect with my boyfriend emotionally. It’s like there’s always a wall between us and I feel so EMPTY when I’m with him even though our relationship was perfect and I was so damn happy before the trigger. After some therapy sessions, the symptoms like fatigue, lack of concentration and disconnection from my surroundings lifted but the lack of interest in my hobbies and friends and even feeling like I fell out of love with my boyfriend stayed. There’s like a knot in my head and I just feel so empty and whenever I think about falling out of love with him I get so anxious that my chest starts to hurt and I start to cry real hard and everything is just falling apart because I know so much that I love him (and no, I’m not just saying that, I really DO mean it) but since my feelings dulled and my thoughts blurred, it’s been hard to feel positive things for him and everything I used to love.

Will my feelings come back for him ? I would rather be unhappy than be happy without him. Please help me… I really want to know how to fix this already. He’s the basis of my recovery.. If I can’t feel anything for him then that means I’m still depressed. He’s the only thing I’ve known to be happy for..for the past year and a half.. I don’t know how to be happy without him and I’d be so lost if he wasn’t there anymore. Even with my interests like dancing.. whenever I’m in the dance studio, it usually makes me so thrilled and happy to be there no matter how many times I come and go.. but recently it’s just been ONE big flat line and I can’t feel anything!

**He knows about this and is very supportive.. He understands me and puts me in place which is why I need him so much.. please help!

LoveKnots answers:

My feelings are dulled and numbed as well I know exactly what you mean, find out whether he is happy or not, and although you may sometimes feel like you feel nothing towards him – if you take him away then you will discover that actually you do. Although you feel numb, you probably need him.

Unless you’re genuinely unhappy with him and feel like breaking up would help you feel alive again, then talk to him about this and I can tell you love him a lot – If I were you I wouldn’t rush out of this relationship.

If you need any more advice, or just someone to talk to message me :) Depression comes in waves so soon hopefully you’ll feel something for him again, even if you’re still depressed. You can even try anti-depressants which help – talk to your therapist/psychiatrist/doctor :) Good luck

Sharon asks…

how i express my feelings without saying “I LOVE U” ??

i have deeply feeling for one girl,,,how i can propose her without saying “I LOVE U”,,i mean to say i don wanna use sentences called “I lOVE U” ,,,any other idea to express my feelings ??

LoveKnots answers:

- Look in her eyes. Kiss her forehead & say “Will you be my wife…” If you do have problems using the L word, you should work on that before you tie the knot.

Betty asks…

Becoming sick and depressed – Husband no longer loves me?

My husband has recently realized that he wishes he never married me. He feels like he has missed out on a lot and wishes he were single. He has brought up the fact that he wants a divorce several times now, but I can’t bear the thought of splitting custody with our daughter and having my time with her ripped away from me. I have begged to stay together, and he has agreed. I feel myself getting more and more depressed as time goes on, and emotionally sick. My stomach is knotted up almost constantly, I feel so much stress and anxiety. My husband has told me flat out that he refuses to be loyal to me any longer, he is very mean almost all of the time and shows me barely any love or affection. It is his way in every single aspect of our lives now, or he will leave. I see family members and friends, and even strangers in stores, who are affectionate to their spouses and it makes me even more sick because I miss feeling loved so overwhelmingly. I know divorce will seem like the right answer for many, but like I said I can’t stand the thought of not being able to be with my daughter always. Can anyone give me advice besides the idea of divorce? How can I cope with my overwhelming emotions? I wish and pray constantly for my husband to somehow be happy with the idea of being married again, instead of wanting to sleep with other women, and show me his love and affection once more. Thank you for any kindness and help that you can offer.

LoveKnots answers:

This is sad what is happening to you. If he no longer loves you and wanted to divorce you, he is never going to show you that he loves you. He is just with you for your daughters sake. You need to be strong and leave him for your daughter. Your daughter is going to grow up and feel like her parents don’t love one other. If your husband is not going to be loyal would you like your daughter to know that. This is not a healthy thing for both of you to be doing. Just leave you need to be strong and do that for your and your daughter’s sake.

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