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Richard asks…

i want to to go but is it boring?

how good is the i mean how fun is knots berry farm i’m 14 i went to six flags and i loved it or can you tell me some other park please thank you

LoveKnots answers:

Knotts berry farm is awesome, but its no six flags. Ive been to both numerous times. If you love big coasters and thrills, then knotts is good, but its only got a few coasters. Xcelerator is amazing, dont miss that one, and if youve never been on supreme scream, you gota do it at least once. Ghost rider is another decent one, but BE WARE you neck WILL be sore after ghost rider. That ride is sooo jerky. Its worth it though

Linda asks…

im 14 with a love problem?

im 14 and I’ve known this girl for 3 years(6th grade). I’ve always had somewhat of a crush on her just not anything big or something. I guess we were sort of friends but we didn’t talk that much and when we did it was only in school…just a few days ago i actually thought about it and it turned out that I do like her alot. I didn’t know what to do and now im in a knot…today was the last day of school and we are going to diffrent high schools(I dont like thinking that if I don’t do anything I will never see her again) after school today I was going to actually try to talk to her and try to let her know but it just didnt work…now I have no idea what to do and I cannot try calling her because I have nowhere to get her number.
I took some of your advice and checked the phone book and I could not find it. for those who say im to young and stuff…I did not ask for a answer like that I never erally said anything about love just the title would bring more people then saying like.
josey jo, it is not just a school crush I can feel its more than that. I had a dream about someone else a few weeks ago and I had a crush on her for like 2 weeks then it grew old. 2 weeks is a school crush not 3 years.
in the beginning of this year I new she liked me. she isnt very shy and in some sort asked me out. I didnt no what to say but my class mates pretty much decided for me. even though there answer was not the correct one. but back then I didnt realise how much I liked her. do you think maybe she still does or did she get over me?
and since then every know and then she would have a flirty voice

LoveKnots answers:

I wanna tell u something , honestly, im 14 years old too and there was this guy at school i never knew except a few months before now but i noticed that he does really like me but never said it directly…..and 5 days ago when it was our last day at school he came to me when i was about to leave and told me I love you ….I was terrible embarrassed to answer his question whether i did too or not so i said no and one of my friends noticed i was stuck and took me away in a rush and pheww….how thankful i was to her!!
So my advice is…..don’t do this and tell her if u can reach her by any means except if u know that she likes u too…i feel sorry for the guy i turned off but i cant say yes if i dont have anything towards him …not even as a friend….
If u know she does then go for it !

William asks…

Brailey Nouvel Stripling ? Love it Hate it ?

I love the name Brailey & yes thats BRAILEY not bailey..
i found the name Nouvel its french its pronounved like ( NA-VELLE )
it can also be spelled Nouvelle which is better ? & does it flow nicely for a baby girl ?
Brailey Nouvel Stripling
Brailey Nouvelle Stripling
Braileigh Novel Stripling
Braileigh Nouvelle Stripling

LoveKnots answers:

With a surname like Stripling, you should really keep the first & middle names simpler and more traditional.

Brailey is one of the weirdest names I’ve seen on this site.
…the assumption of Bailey will always be there forcing her to explain/pronounce/and spell for all 70-100 years of her life. That’s just evil and mean-spirited.
…the name also sounds like a mispronunciation of Braille (the raised-dot reading method used by blind people)

Braleigh is even worse.
…it’s incredibly fugly and will have the same explaining/pronouncing/spelling issues along with tryndy, childish “leigh” ending…makes it look like “brah-lay” like barley, misspelled.

The only information I could find was that it’s a surname (and those are usually masculine when used as a first/middle name):
French: from a diminutive of Brael, from Old French braiel, a belt knotted at the waist to hold up breeches, presumably an occupational name for a maker of such belts.

Nouvel or any of the horrible variations you have given, is silly.
I mean, gee, calling a kid “new” sounds like a laundry detergent ad…”the new & improved belt!”

On a scale of 1-10, these names rate zero both individually and as a combo.

Michael asks…

In love & I have NO desire to eat…is this normal?

I have been eating maybe 500 calories a day or so. Just enough to get by. I don’t mean to not eat, but the thought of food makes my stomach churn! My stomach always has butterflies and is in knots, and sometimes I even forget to eat. I feel so content and happy that food doesn’t even matter anymore! Is this normal?! This has never happened to me before. And I am really scared.

LoveKnots answers:

Hahaha aww cute, its totaly n0rmal, it happens to me to0. Last time i lost 5kgs (aprox ten pounds). I went 4 about 2m0nths eating the bare minimum. I was also insanely happy and i loved each and every s0ng 0n the radio lol :)

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