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Mark asks…

can you fall in love with the same person again?

Can you ever feel that honeymoon phasee of dating again after its over or is that feeling of love and excitement gone forever? I love my boyfriend but we’ve really lost the happiness and excitement we first ffelt together. And I’m sad if I stay I will never feel tthat feeling again, we’ve been together for over a year now and I’ve just been feeling so sad about dating. I always reminiscence about us first dating or before then the excitement about flirting and the chase. Its been getting me so depressed lately because idk what to do or if I have anything else to look foward to. Help? Does anyone else feeel this way or delt with this problem?

LoveKnots answers:

Thats how it is. Feelings always go away. A feeling is a feeling, not a permanent fixture in your life. One second you feel hungry, the next you feel full. Same with love. One minute your infatuated, the next you’re feeling bored.. That’s not how life works. But I understand what you’re saying, you want those butterflies again, the knot in your stomach when he calls. It’s all so romantic. But once a relationship is past the ‘honeymoon phase’ there is so much other stuff to look forward to! This means you are finally comfortable with someone and that can open so many doors in of itself. Stay positive. Try to do new activities together as a couple, don’t give up.

Donna asks…

I love him but…..?

look i love my fiancé and i know he loves me, but some silly small things he does really get to me and although i promised him ill marry him i sometimes find myself feeling so sad and abandoned and completely bored with him that it makes me want to look for someone else, ive never met a nicer man but hes just soooo boring, ive given up alcohol for him because he doesnt drink and its unfair for him that id be drinking away while hes completely sober, so i dont even go clubbing anymore i dont even want to meet up with him cos i know ill be bored to tears, should i leave him? even though ill probably never find a kinder and more wonderful man, who loves me completely? :(

LoveKnots answers:

Well try to think of your life five years from now. Ten years from now. Thirty years from now. Can you imagine yourself being happy?

It’s true, he’ll be hurt if you break of the engagement. But…will it hurt any less than if you “pretend” with him and eventually break it off because you’re bored? How will that make him feel?

Also, don’t stay with a guy because he’s “so nice” or you’re afraid to hurt him. It’s not right, and neither of you will be happy. I know, it’s weird, right…here you have a perfect guy and you’re just not sure how you feel about him, eh? How many girls would kill for that, and you just don’t know…it’s tough. Why can’t it be easier!!

In short…just do some soul-searching. Pray if you’re religious.

Try finding fun things you guys can do that you both love. See if that helps to “spice things up” (I don’t mean sexually).

I think you should be sure about this before you tie the knot. Sooner or later, the truth will come out, so be sure you know what you think/feel.

Robert asks…

what does it mean when a guy says: “I want to make something of us”?

I don’t know him too well but we have talked about getting married. We’re young & he’s a little older than me. Thanks(:

LoveKnots answers:

This could be several different things, but usually when a person who is older, and I’m guessing, who has dated more than you have begins talking about marriage and “making something” of the relationship it means taking things further than just casual or non-committed relationship. Depending on how you two’s relationship has been thus far will also be a factor. If you’ve been intimate already (ha sexual relations) then it could mean either he’s deeply emotionally attached to you. Usually though, when an older person (not necessarily a man) wants to take the relationships further then its going to mean sexual relations and deep emotional commitment. I don’t know how old you are, but if he’s dated enough to know he wants a committed relationship and you don’t know, then you might be smart to wait a while before becoming so committed. Marriage isn’t a simple step of “getting married” and living together. Its an emotional roller-coaster for the first 2 years while 2 people learn the true nature of the other and as how they work as a couple.

If you’ve not graduated high school yet, let that be the first goal you have. If he truly loves you, he will wait. And if he says he won’t wait, then tell him to wait anyway. He may just tell you that to see if you really are serious about waiting. And just because you love him doesn’t mean you have to run off and get married as soon as you can. If you two love each other then it means you can (as a couple and as individuals) learn to live with inconveniences and bend to each others needs. Anyone who has finished high school (and a lot who have not) will know and understand that it is a necessity not a want and will encourage you to keep your mind focused on good grades and graduation. If all of that is past you, then what about college? What is your focus in life? What do you see as your career in 5 years past college? If you can’t answer those questions perhaps you should take some time to discover who you are and what you want out of life before tying the knot.

Please understand, I’m not downing marriage. I was married at a young age to a younger guy. He was 3 years younger than I. We got married the year he turned 18. We ended up living together for 6 months, and our marriage ended after 10 months. It was heart breaking when the divorce papers came. I truly thought I’d never get through it. Several years later, I had dated a few people…enough to know what I was looking for in a mate…and oddly, I couldn’t help but think of him. I always compared people to him. Oddly, 1000 miles away, he experienced the same thing. One day we happened to find each other on the internet. After talking for a few months, and seeing each other through the clear eyes of experience, we decided to move in together. A year later we were married, and we celebrated our 10 year anniversary this past June. So know, that even if NOW isn’t the right time, if he’s the right man, it can work out.

Chris asks…

Is it okay if I marry somebody I don’t love?

She’s a little Russian hottie who has offered me a small fortune to tie the knot with her so she can get UK citizenship. Then we’ll get a divorce and I can marry another one.

The perks aren’t too bad either, if you see what I mean :o P

LoveKnots answers:

Is say go 4 it m8 and if u dnt wana do it u can send here my way and dnt listen if some1 tells u its moraly wrong coz it is but who gives a f**k sex and money is so much better than love. Love will just kick u in the nuts at the end of the day but sex and money will never do u wrong

John asks…

I’ve been married for 3 years now, but I’m still in love with my ex?

I have been married for about 3 years now. I was with my husband for 4 months before we tied the knot. I love him and everything about him. Now before him my ex (Who i met 3 years before my husband… but we didn’t get serious until 2 years after we met) is just a wonderful man inside and out, he’s one of the most amazing men i’ve ever known. When I was madly in love with my ex i knew he loved me but i couldn’t get him to fully confess how he truly felt about me (Some of us woman just love for you to tell us how you truly feel) and when going threw this I met another guy (Who is my husband) and he was just so great at the time that i made the decision to be with him and a couple months later he asked me to marry him and I said yes. Now 2 month before i got married my ex had told what i’ve been waiting on.. that he was crazy in love with me just like I was with him and even though i’m the one who asked him to tell me how he really felt and it was exactly what i wanted to hear it did nothing but confuse me, i guess i wanted to feed my ego because I still end up getting married. After I got married i would talk to my ex from time to time and he hated that I was married, then i end up getting pregnant and he just stop talking to me altogether, he felt it was best if he just move on.

2 1/2 years had past before my ex start talking to me again and I thought i just wanted to be friends but one day i just let him know that I still felt the same, I was still madly in love with this man and i knew it every time i talked to him or seen him (Him and my brother-in-law are best friends) and he told me that he felt the same but i’m married and he wants all of me not half of me and I just broke down and cried. My husband doesn’t know I talk to my ex on a regular, he’s knows i was in love with him so he wouldn’t like it. I’m still head over hills for my ex after years but I love my husband too. My ex is everything to me, he’s my best guy friend, he even listens when I have complaints about my husband and always actually tell me to tell my husband how I feel or what my problem is. I couldn’t cheat on my husband because I love him and don’t wanna hurt him but i’ve been having thoughts and dreams of cheating on him with my ex. All this confusion and pain is really taking a toll on me, I am past stressed. I am 22 years old married to someone I love and still in love with my ex and all I keep thinking is “What if i wasn’t ready, What if i made a huge mistake?” and all the what if’s and what could be’s is driving me crazy. I can’t keep loving 2 people, my husband is great but my ex, it feels like he could be my soul mate, it’s just something about him. My question is how do i get over my ex cause nothing works, or is it that i will always love him? I’ve cried myself to sleep so many nights not knowing what should be my next step. Can anyone help or give me advice please…

LoveKnots answers:

You… Are… MARRIED. And, to quote Icanhascheezburger,,, ur doing it wrong.

First, he’s your EX. Meaning you don’t have a relationship with him anymore. Meaning he needs to fade out of your life, because you are married to someone else and you OWE your husband fidelity and respect, just like he owes it to you.

Second, complaining to someone else about your marital problems and/or saying bad things about your spouse is breaking a cardinal rule of marriage. Marital problems need to be addressed with your husband… And no one else.

And as a personal opinion, I think you got married WAY too young. Your mindset and continued relationship and obsession with your ex is not the mindset of someone who is truly committed. If you want to save your marriage, you need to cut contact with your ex… Completely. And you need to do it now. If you can’t do it, then you don’t deserve your husband, and you should seek a divorce before things get worse.

Lizzie asks…

why did a friend asked me questions about love?

My friend asked me if I ever been in love I answered no and she was like “high five me neither”. Then she asked if I ever been heartbroken I responded no then she said “cool neither have I”. Then she asked do I believe in love and responded yes but I don’t want to fall in love yet I want to do stupid stuff with my friends I want to wait until I’m like 25 (I’m 17 btw). Then she said “I dont believe in love” and what knot. So does she like me or something? what does it mean? Why was she asking me does questions?

LoveKnots answers:

I think she likes you. A lot
And she may want to know if you’re seeing someone or if you have feelings for someone (especially her) so she’s asking these questions “as a friend” so that she can gauge where to go from here

And I only say that because that’s what I do when I’m interested in someone and I’m curious about their feelings lol

Sandy asks…

love, hate crush or what?

Okay so i had everything figured out and the knot in my stomache went away! i was getting happy but now everything is change! i had this ex bf he was my 1st love and we had our whole lives planned! then he broke up w/ me 2 weeks ago not know if he loved me! so last nite i saw a ? asked by him which was–;_ylt=AjweAbbDP5ZKpm6jDFL3m7vsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070914210034AA9jVMC

(the jr. is his new gf) And i was like so y is he asking that is he gonna break up w/ her? i mean i wanna date him but idk! And then i found this ?;_ylt=AoOmXEgpik1TpVDxpbXMOkTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070731200329AA7nWx6

And this one is about me! It said he knows he loves me in it! So my something either my heart or head is telling me move on and the other is saying hold on! and idk what to do. I want him more than the world but i want my heart to stay in 1 piece more! any help plz!!!!!

LoveKnots answers:

Tell him you saw the ?’s he posted.. .and take it from there.

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