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Love Knot Meaning

Sharon asks…

What does it mean when one says “all is fair in love and in war”?

LoveKnots answers:

It’s an ancient / old saying… ‘All is fair in love and in war’

Those days, during the King’s time ….the natives try to solve war in their region by tying the knot between the two provinces that’s being in war constantly.

Therefore, they believe when there’s war it could be solve by love i.e. Marriage.

This trend usually happed it the European Union between the 18th Century & below.

As women; back then were nothing more then to serve mankind’s political purpose & to be slave.

Mandy asks…

Knot by my lower intestints and hip bone. What could it be?

hi, I have a large knot that i just noticed below my left hip bone. Its under my skin, so I know its not a skin problem. It hurts to push on slightly and besides that, it hasnt caused me any other pain. Any idea what it could be? Im starting to scare myself thinking it could be cancer because colon cancer runs in my family. Im only 13 though, so i doubt that. But i know there’s many many different types of cancer and dangerous diseases that cause large knots. Any thaughts on what it could be? Thanks soo much for any help!
PS- I am going to the doctor, but I want an idea of what to possibly expect. Thanks!

LoveKnots answers:

If it’s round and firm, and smaller than the size of a grape, you have a swollen or infected lymph node. This does NOT mean cancer. Just keep an eye on it. The swelling will probably go away within a week or two (although you may still feel a small bump about the size of a pea).

Love & Blessings

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