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Love Knot Meaning

Paul asks…

What is it like to “fall in love”?

I’m not sure

LoveKnots answers:

It’s like a dam that has just burst and all the water that was restricted to flow now rushes into a mighty stream. Falling in love for all the right reasons is the most glorious feeling and emotion the human soul ever experiences. At first, your hands getting sweaty, your stomach gets tied up in knots, your heart flutters, you can’t be without that person either in person or in communication. Love makes you a better person. You have urges to give, to share of yourself, and to lovingly accept that person for who and what they are in relation to your own existence. There is not only a strong friendship, but there are feelings of respect, honor, trust, and affection for that person. The bonds of love that comes about an individual is like spring following a cold winter. Everything is seemingly in bloom. Everything is brighter, more colorful. It seems you can notice every detail of that person–a change of hair style, the scent of a new perfume or cologne, every color and sparkle of their eyes. You will come to know what love is once you share those words, “I love you.” Sure you will make mistakes in judgment or because of inexperience, but it all happens to the best of us. At times your rational processes will be over-shadowed by emotion. Just roll with it. After a while, falling in love will be like riding a bicycle. You will always know how. Always be communicative with your partner–and that also means to be a good listener before you speak. Once you fall in love, it will be like you’ve been struck by lightening. You will definitely know it. If you need help, drop me an email. Good luck.

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