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George asks…

Does your stomach knot up when your angry?

its 6:24 am, my parents are arguing again, and my stomach is destroyed right now. Im on y!a for a distraction… be honest i dont think i even believe in marriage anymore so as a

BQ: Do u believe in marriage? And why do u believe in such a lie? :(
Shoosh, Im choosing you as best answer. :) , here’s why:
Yeah, my nerves must be really sensitive too. I need to see a doctor, to make sure I dont have any ulcers too, because my stomach is always acting funny when im stressed. :/

You’re right about how everyone argues, but my parents were arguing about something that they ought to get a divorce for, and get it over with already. Its so true that how a marriage goes doesnt depend on the title, but the two people in the relationship that make the experience. It depends on the people, if they both want to be together, they make it work. I thought well about it, like you said. And im still thinking it over, but marriage seems to me like its only shackles. Let Love Be Love without the Complication of marriage. thats what i think, but good luck on yours. And i really do hope it lasts forever <3 Its good you found someone, and I wouldnt be soo resistant if i found somebody truly worth marrying. But my standards are higher than ever right no

LoveKnots answers:

First of all, yes my stomach does knot up when I’m angry and sometimes it leads to vomiting, I chyecked with my Dr. And he said it’s all because I’m very sensitive so nerves in my stomach gets disturbed!!

For the second question, I’ve been married for almost two years now, I’m 28 years old, I can’t tell u that I’m living a perfect or romantic marriage life but I can tell u I’m happy and this is normal I guarantee u, there no couple on this planet that does not argue over stuff, even if they are not married, even friends, siblings or parents and kids, We’re all different than eachother, that’s why we usually argue about stuff, if your parent’s relationship is not ok, that doesn’t mean marriage is a disaster, you and your partner are responsible for making marriage a fantastic thing or you can make it hell on Earth. Marriage is all about love, understanding, trust (if possible lol) and sacrificing ina way.
Think well about it

Michael asks…

What does this mean when a Woman does this?

I’ve been with my girlfriend now for 6 years… And I’m very ready to tie the knot. The problem is though I get so many mixed signals from her… One minute she’s clingy for a few weeks.. Then for a week she acts like I’m the plague? For Example, the past 2 weeks, she’s been calling me like crazy.. In the morning, early afternoon… If I miss her call she wants to know why I missed it? Then suddenly. Starting last weekend.. She’s acting like I’m the most annoying person in the world.. Like she’s dodging me.. Saturday I call her.. She answers and tells ms she’s shopping, then going to the pool with her kids.. I tell her she sounds busy.. She says she will call me in a few.. That was 1PM.. 10PM she calls me back. Sunday she calls me for 1 minute to tell me she’s going to pick up some food from a restaurant and she will call me right back.. 3 hours later no call.. I text her just saying something nice.. She texts me back ” I’m watching a movie”.. I’m thinking? Why didn’t she tell me? Then 2 hours after that text she calls me while she’s washing dishes, totally pre-occupied doing dishes laundry, not even talking on the phone… Today I call her before I go to work to say hi.. She answers the phone and says ” I’m getting ready to go, I’m putting my kids in the car, ” I said .. ” You sound busy”.. She goes ” yeah I’m real busy about to go to the grocery store”? I apologized saying I didn’t know she was busy. I just don’t understand this? Who tells someone 3 day’s back to back, everytime they call , that they are busy and need to call them back , only to call them back 4-8 hours later? I never do this to her, if I tell her I’m busy doing something, I call her back when I can, Not after a movie, and dinner and TV shows??? What should I do, I don’t know what this means? We’re both in our 30′s. She has 2 kids ages 10 and 12. Should I back off?

LoveKnots answers:

It means she thinks she is too good for you. When she should be worshipping the ground you walk on. Very few good men are willing to date a divorced woman with kids. There is a reason second marriages have a 70% divorce rate. The woman thinks she is too good for the man. I guarantee if she ever gets the chance she will cheat on you.

No woman who really loves someone will push them way one week and cling the next. She is playing with you making you wait for her call.

I would leave her…Although when you leave her be ready for her to crawl back to you when she sees who is available for her to date. But remember she has lost ALL respect for you and will never treat you well. If you do get married I am willing to bet with an attitude like hers she will divorce you ( 90% chance)

YOU Deserve to be happy…with someone else….

EDIT: She is NOT attracted to you. She is trying to keep you there UNTIL she finds someone else. She doesn’t want to be alone but she doesn’t want to be with you. You DESERVE so much better than that.

Ruth asks…

Who Is REALLY in Love Today ?

You know what I mean… you cant eat, cant sleep, your stomach is tied up in knots, you just cant stop thinking about that special one for a second.

Anyone feel like this and does that person love you the same !? (i hope so)
Is it good or does is scare you ?

I’m not saying I feel like this before you ask, I’m just curious !

LoveKnots answers:

Yeah it’s scary as hell, everything you try to eat is like cardboard, stomach churns at every thought of them and you can’t sleep at night cus they are on your mind because you can’t be with them. I have no idea if the other person feels the same way that’s just how I feel so without asking him I have no idea

John asks…

complicated inter caste love story. please help urgently?

I’m in love with other caste girl. We understand each other very well, like each other and love each other more than life.

We both did many mistakes because of fear, when we both came to know that we love each other at the same time my parents found a suitable girl who is completely like what my family is, so when I asked my girl for marriage due to the fear of her parents she forced me to get married but still I went to my home and told my family that I love some one else so can’t marry, I told the same to the girl whom I was marring, my mother threaten me that she will do suicide if I don’t get married, so due to all this I got married to this girl which is biggest mistake of my life for which there I don’t think any justification can make it right.

But at the same day of my marriage its broken because I really can’t get this so I have told on the same day that I can’t do this but its already done, even my wife understand that its mistake from her side aswell as I told her before itself. We took the minimal period of 1.6 years to break-up and now I am back to single/ divorce, In this I lost every thing , Money , my image and respect. My ex wife is settled on the same day we go divorced and married to some one else.

all these 1.6 years, me and my girlfriend where talking to each other day and night and the girl I love was waiting for me as she was any ways decided that she will never marry any one apart form me, because even she realized what mistake has been done from both, now she has asked this to her parents and they are not even ready to listen to any thing, they are just talking about forgetting all this and that this is not even an option by any means.

I know, in all this the person who is culprit and coward was me but believe me every day I regret for what I have done on the day when I got married.

Her Father even threatened the girl that if we do some thing like getting married without their consent, then they will kill us both.

She has a younger brother whom she loved a lot and for whom she has done a lot, her brother told her that he will find her and me and will kill both.

I talked to my family and finally they agreed on this because they don’t want to repeat the earlier mistake and they told that as long as you both love each other and like to live with each other they will never come in between.

The girl loves her parents a lot for that matter – same as she loves me, her parents also love her the same way, so she want both parents and Me, her parents are not ready to listen to any thing so we are afraid that they might do some thing bad, my family is very simple and there is no one who can talk to the girl’s parents as her parents are very rigid.

I really can’t live without her, nether can she can, we already made big mistakes in our life so don’t want to repeat any mistakes and want to get married and live happily.

Here are the issues in this.

1) I am divorcee
2) The age gap between me and my Girlfriend is 7 years
3) I am Hindu and she is non hindu.

I really don’t know what should we do now, I know one thing that we can’t let go each other by any means.

I am really afraid every moment that what will they do to us and where we are heading to.

So is there any one who can advise me what should we do now…..

LoveKnots answers:

Simple answer to this loooong question-

If you guys truly love each other, then to hell with the so-called ‘caste system’; if you both are consenting adults no one can stop you both from tying the knot. Get married; do the right thing.

I know your /her parents might not approve, but time is the only solution to this. With time they will accept your marriage and you two.Perhaps once they get grandchildern their hearts will melt and they will be happy.

You cant please everyone now..right now your focus should be to be with the one you love, move in/ get married and be happy..things will fall in place.

This is 21st century, I cant believe people still place so much importance on religion/ caste/ ethinicity etc…

Follow your heart friend.; dont lose the one you love or you might regret the rest of ur life.

Sandra asks…

How do you make a knot that will conntect two ropes and will consume the ropes (check details)?

How do you make a knot that will connect 2 ropes AND will consume them both?
What I mean is: if the knot is in action, either tension (or slack as the case may be) will cause the two ropes to “shorten” at the knot. Here is an illustration:


(after tension, or slack, depending on the knot)


Does such a knot exist? and how do you make it?
I don’t think a sheepshank knot will work. A sheepshank shortens the ropes, but will not respond to slack or tension.

LoveKnots answers:

There are many knots that will take part of the slack, but which one is the best is specialist work.
There are some people who love to talk about this aspect of knot tying, you will find them at:

You need to register to ask questions, but when you do you get replies from the best in the field, theoretical as well as practical people.

I agree with one of the other answerers here that the sheepshank does look the right knot for the knot, but only if and when the load is steady and the tension even.
If the tension gets of and on again you will need to stabilize the sheepshank and the locked sheepshank might do the trick, but I am sure that the specialists at IGKT will know a better solution.
They will ask what kind of rope you use and maybe also what kind of tension.

If the situations can be live threatening if the knot fails, do not experiment but ask the specialists.

Daniel asks…

What does it mean if you can tie a knot in a cherry stem with your mouth if you are a guy?

LoveKnots answers:

It means all the girls will love your tongue.

Nancy asks…

If i am in love, should i choose us over I?

I am a senior in High school about to enter college. He as well, but he is going into the military! Should i just drop what i want to do and follow him because i am in love with him? Should i just go off to college where i am so TERRIFIED we won’t work out!? Many people say high school relationships never work out. I hate that saying, we having been dating since our 8th grade summer and doing GREAT! Just every time OUR future comes into play I get so nervous i start shaking real bad my stomach gets in knots because im scared of saying the wrong thing.

LoveKnots answers:

You should definitely go to college. You don’t have to end your relationship to continue your education. An education is something that can never be taken from you. College also offers life experiences that go beyond education. If your relationship is meant to be, it will last!

Thomas asks…

Big knot under his arm?

My husband has a big knot in his under arm (you know the crease of your under arm. Its big swollen, red & warm to the touch & hurts him up his arm & towards his shoulder & chest. He can not put his arm all the way down because it hurts him so much.
I told him that he should go to the doctor but he won’t listen to me.
He said that he’ll go tomorrow. It concerns me because what if it’s something & it gets close to his heart.
What do you guys think that he should do?
Do you know any home remedies for the swollen?

LoveKnots answers:

He should go to the docter or maybe try and brng a docter to him i mean you love him right he will understand and then if it is something really bad dont rub it in his face

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