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Love Knot Meaning

Joseph asks…

What does my dream mean?

Alright, you’re all gonna think that I’m insane. But I keep having the same dream over and over again, where I’m hanging by a rope tied around my wrists and I’m naked, and the guy I love is right in front of me but he’s just crying and he can’t help me, so he just stands there. And then my wrists start bleeding and I drown in my own blood, and at the same time he drowns in his own tears. And I can literally taste the blood when it happens. Then all of a sudden I wake up in a white room and he takes me and kisses me, and hands me a rope. And he says “its time”. So I go into the room with the rope, undress and hang my wrists in the knot and then it goes black. What the hell?? I’ve had it every night for the past 94 nights!
I’m not currently in a relationship with him. I’m just in love with him, but he’s a lot older than I am so he left for university and he just left me here like this. And it’s absolutely killing me.

I think the fact that I’m naked in the dream demonstrates my vulernbility towards him.

LoveKnots answers:

Your not in a relationship with him but you’re in love with him…is he a past lover? A hopeful?

My guess would be he’s a past but still hopefull lover and your hanging naked by your wrists in front of him crying is an attempt to make him feel bad for leaving you ‘hanging’ and vulbnerable. Him crying is your way of implying to yourself that he would be upset to know you feel so bad, or perhaps hoping he feels bad.

Drowning in the blood/tears is your way of ending the current feelings/thoughts and starting afresh (waking in a white room), hence him kissing you when you awake, but your deeply affraid he will leave you hanging again, hence him giving you the rope, only next time it’ll be over, hence the black.

Sandy asks…

What does this poem mean?

Im having a hard time figuring out what it really means. Does it relate to the Odyssey?

“Names We Sing in Sleep & Anger”
by Amaud Jamaul Johnson

Like fishermen at dusk, the soldiers returned
From war with stories slumped over their shoulders;
Their fingers firm at the knot, the netting, thick
And tangled with the names of the dead.

None could explain how the flood of life all around
Them escaped like water from between cupped hands,
How the bodies of men they loved began to crust
The earth like salt, how destruction danced slapdash
And unashamed everywhere, and still they survived.

When I came home from college proud, my educated
Mouth agape, a tackle box of words, slick and glossy
And I saw the names of my friends, the young men
I fought with, learned to drink with, and left behind

Lil’ Rocc, Pumpkin, Ulysses, Junebug, Aghoster
Names spray-painted throughout our neighborhood
In memoriam, I could understand how a god
Could make one life possible and strip the world
Clean of so many, or how, like high-watermarks
The dead remind the living of the coming of storms.

LoveKnots answers:

This book is talking about someone who got out of the draft and is seeing what the war in Vietnam did to people he knew. So, no, darling. No Odyssey reference here as far as I saw. Love–Simone

Donald asks…

I love my wife very deeply.Please help.?

I dont think she feels the same way in return. Shes a Christian and im a non Christian but i get the feeling we dont feel the same way towards each other. I would do anything for her but she seems to not mind hurting me being interested in flirting/ mucking about with other people etc. She also had this great love for god which i dont quite understand and i certainly feel about 7th best with the interest shes shown in other people etc. She says she loves me deeply but has a black spot on her heart which means she cant quite love me how i want to be loved but shes dealing / dealt with it. I just dont get it ? Any ideas. Shes been to counselling but not really said much just that shes changed and shes ok now. We talk alot about it but i always seem to come to the same conclusion. Weve got kids whom she adores and i adore but i am seemingly doubting she really loves me which is hard to live with daily.


LoveKnots answers:

Well, the situation sucks. But you got married too soon. Seems like you two didn’t get to know one another long enough before tieing the knot. Actually, I would assume that you two go married because she was pregnant, or because you two had a kid together beforehand. I can tell you one thing, it sounds like that wife of yours still has some experiments to go through in life/relationships and you may want to take this as a red flag…meaning, she may start to broaden her horizons to other things/men for pleasures that she does not have with you. What does this mean for you, start scanning your potential, the guys that go to her church that can “understand her better”, because she may go to them..and by that time, you’re the bad guy…Just be careful, that’s really all I can say…you may be setting yourself up for a heartbreak

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