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Love Knots for everyone…

Love Knot Meaning

Sandra asks…

Calling all ?GUNSMOKE? fans…….Ever seen “Matt’s Love Story”?

At 2PM Arizona time today, it is on TV LAND…….Ladies…..hang on for dear life……Matt falls in love, KISSES the lady and then retires to her bedroom !!!!! The first time I saw this I nearly ended up in ICU with over-exposure to happiness. You will DIE!!!! He is playful,romantic and down right HUNKALICIOUS !

Watch the show and then post your comments…that is….if you can pick yourself off the floor.

HeeHawwwwwwww….I love MattBaby?
It was 2PM EST not 2PM MY time !!!!!!!

Okay…I’m trying to stay calm. After all I have seen it and SOMEWHERE in my new home there exists a tape of it.

If you have ever seen it, care to post your comments?

LoveKnots answers:

That must have been soo exciting. I always wondered if he and Miss Kitty would tie the knot, but just wasn’t meant to be, especially if he had something else going. What happened to his lady love? Please don’t tell me she died off at the end of the episode!

Mark asks…

How to show a love to my cat??

LoveKnots answers:

Play With Your Cat:
Most cats will play, if inspired to. Just drag a string or feather in front of him, and watch his eyes widen with curiosity as you move it back and forth. Fast moving things are eye candy to cats. They have the instinct built in to hunt, and their inner tiger comes out if provoked. Be careful not to get scratched, as kitty reaches for whatever you’re dragging. It’s best to have a long string, with something tied on the end of it (I tie one of those little catnip mice on the end, by its tail) so there’s little chance of coming in proximity of sharp cat claws. Cats instinctively put their claws out, they don’t mean to scratch you if it happens.
Give Kitty a Really Good Massage:
Cats usually love to be petted, brushed or scratched. Some favorite areas on my cats are under the chin, behind the ears and down their backs. Even the most macho male cat will tend to melt like butter if you hit the right spot on him. If you see their paws kneading then you know you skritched them into kitty bliss. Kneading is something cats do when totally content and happy. The purr motor usually comes on, too. I use soft brushes, such as my artists’ duster brush (soft brush for drafting), they are cheap and can be found at any art store. Brush gently, so your cat will feel relaxed. Just like any human, hard brushing can hurt the skin or pull hair. To keep him happy, don’t yank out any knots, always think gentle and with a light touch.
Talk To Your Cat:
Ok, so this appears odd, but just like humans, cats respond to being talked to. They may or may not understand what we’re saying, but they are glad to have your eye contact and approval. Even my deaf cat likes being talked to. He cannot hear me, but he sees my lips move. Winking your eyes may spark kitty to wink back. Many people in my family agree (we are all cat owners), winking is a way that our cats acknowledge us back at some level. For hearing cats, talking to your cat in a calm voice is important, because his instincts may react if you’re uptight or raise your voice. So, try to talk to kitty with a loving tone, but not too loudly.
When Passing By, Reach Out and Touch Him:
As you walk past your reclining cat, give him a quick acknowledgment. My old cat, Blackie, loves it when I reach out and pet him as I pass by. He sleeps a lot now that he’s a furry senior citizen, so a little kindness his way brightens his day. Just a quick touch means a lot to your pet, who is happy to know that you’re pleased with him.
Surprise Kitty With a Treat or a New Toy From Time to Time:
Go to any pet store, and you will see a large variety of toys and treats for your feline friend. If your pet is older, opt for the softer treats, since his teeth may be more sensitive. As for toys, anything with catnip is a good bet. My cats are partial to catnip-filled small pillows. They hold them between their feet and play with them for hours. It’s best to get one per cat, so nobody fights over who gets the great, new toy. I learned this from personal experience.

In general, a little attention and thoughtfulness is highly appreciated by your cat. While you’re at work all day, he’s alone, or asleep. A little stimulation is good for him. Play and variety make all cats’ lives richer. They happier your cat is, the more content you’ll be. Be sensitive to your cat’s likes and dislikes, and find what makes him happy. He’ll be very grateful that you did.

Ruth asks…

I’m in love!… i think?

I met this guy a few hours ago, and i think he’s the ONE, ya’ll. he already popped my cherry and its goin good. no condom usage, that could be dangerous, thats why we’re running to vegas tomorrow to tie the knot! so excited! but is this moving too fast? im fifteen, and he’s eighteen, so idk if they even will let me get married. buti look older than i am. so what should i do ya’ll? he’s so dreamy!

LoveKnots answers:

Alright, no offense girl but you’re just a moron. You’re basically ruining your life and having s*x is not love! When will people understand that? If you met him a few hours ago and you already did it, you’re just another oblivious girl who has no idea about love. I’m sixteen, almost seventeen and trust me, I never did it, I’m truly proud of being virgin; you should learn about other people’s mistakes, did you know that if you don’t use a condom you can get pregnant? I think you don’t as you said it would be dangerous. I’m sorry I’m being mean or upsetting but that’s the only way I can answer this, It’s such a shame that girls at the age of flowering think love is bang any guy at any age. When they’re actually supposed to become professional and smart people. Such a shame.

Robert asks…

Friend said we need to talk. What does she mean?

A friend says we need to talk because she’s not the person, I think she is. Well I know she had an affair so it’s not that. What else could you possibly do? The only two things that came to mind is murder or her being gay/bi. But I don’t think either one of those are it. I guess I put her on a pedestal but I love/care about her for her imperfections. What does she mean by this? My stomach is in knots.

LoveKnots answers:

It means that somthing bad happend

Ken asks…

What does it mean to be a MAN?

Just wanna get some opinions on this
I try to do all that I can.
thx to anybody who actually answered this. all the people that think “having a pair of cojones” means your a man, you’re very wrong.

LoveKnots answers:

Are you kidding? Wow, what a complicated question…
Being a man takes decades. It means growing up, acquiring knowledge, finding your true self, developing morality, learning how to treat others with respect and earning respect for yourself. Being a man means that you can be powerful enough to make anyone back down from doing something wrong and it doesn’t necessarily take your fist to do it….while being able to stand up for what you know to be right….again, the fist is not the first way to do that either. Being a man means leading a household and finding a woman who needs you to complete her soul and help her to bring children into this world who will respect and honor you for being a role model. It means getting up and going to work to earn a good living for the family you have created. It means that you will one day teach your sons and daughters about everything from your faith to the best way to tie a good knot in a fishing line. Being a man means that you can and will make a difference in this world because your word is your bond and when you shake someone’s hand and look in their eyes, it is as good as any legal document created on earth. I know what it means to be a man because my father was one of the greatest men I ever knew and I watched him be a man and knew that really great men are not the ones on tv or the ones that are not necessarily politicians, but they are the ones who make my nation strong and the ones who have children who love them with their souls. I hope that my sons can be men like their grandfather was (God rest his soul) and my husband is.

Donna asks…

How do i show this girl that i love her?

Hi. I am here to tell about someone that whenever I look at her my stomach gets tied in knots and lifts my spirits for the whole day. I have know her since I was an infant and even from then I have had feelings for her. I used to live in Norwalk where she was but last year my family had to move to Adelanto but we still go `downhill` about every weekend but sometimes I don’t get to visit her. I am 14 right now a bit overweight have low *** self esstem although I don’t let it show. I’ve been wanting to tell her for so long how I feel. I always try my best to make her laugh and sometimes I do which is awesome. Sometimes I think about drawing her something because art is my thing. When we were younger 10ish I drew her a Pokemon buizel she loved it she still has it pinned on her wall my Pokemon is a totodile. So I was thing of drawing something like both of them cuddling? This is what I need help in I just can’t tell her that I love her. Trust me its love I can feel it. Help me figure out how to present her the drawing what to say that stuff I need details on . Because I love her so much and I feel that every time I leave her house I feel like some attractive other guy is gunna swop down and steal her away cause trust me …. she’s hot as hell. So please help me . Please. P.S Her parents love me so does her older brother. Thanks.

LoveKnots answers:

Ofcourse you should draw her a pic of a cartoon cuddling. That is so adorable. It is your skill to do that and if she loved the first one then keep making her more!!!! Girls love all kinds of gifts because then it means someone is caring for you and that’s always nice. If you have known her for for such a long time then you should write on one of the drawings and say I love you(her name) love (your name)

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