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Love Knot Meaning

Lisa asks…

Where can I find a knotted plant in a teapot?

Sounds weird, I know. But I was at a teashop and saw this beautiful plant growing out of the teapot, twisting around the handle and sprouting leaves above it. It was gorgeous, but sadly not for sale :[ Apparently it was a present to the store owner so she didn’t know where to get another.
I’ve seen knotted money trees, which are pretty too but not exactly what I’m looking for (unless their knotted AROUND something). Any online sources would be great! Or even just a name for what I’m looking for, if you know it! Thanks!

LoveKnots answers:

Wouldn’t happen to have a picture of it would you? Kinda sounds like it might be some sort of bonsai plant. Not sure what you mean by it being knotted tho, do you just mean wrapped around? If you could get a picture shoot me an email or something. I’d love to see it.

I think just about any plant could be made to grow around a teapot like that, if started when its young and flexible. Now you’ve got me really curious. Might be a fin experiment if i can find a cute old teapot somewhere.

Nancy asks…

Are you in Love with anyone right now????

No at the present I am not in love buttttttttttttttttttt I am always Open to Love ….which is key to I hope one day being in Love with the person God is saving for me hahehehe he better be special :) )

LoveKnots answers:

Can you help “not” being in love with someone or a group of people? I truly believe that everybody is in love with many people! Simply because there are so many levals of love!Love has no boundarys, it extends from our hearts and is felt by more than we have recogonition of… Some might call it “touched by” or “you really touched me” or yet, they feel that they “click” with someone… Or something way down deep stirring inside them they cannot explain in words..and it might possibly be a little scarry to is a “spiritual interaction by means of the (our) spirit through the means of our soul, by the access gate of our bodies,touch speak, look, gesture, smile, doing, an act of kindness, from our hearts…we are not impervious to it, nor can we deny it..we can only accept it and learn from it and continue in it ..and as we learn it’s levels, we will grow and understand when we are to accept the type of love that we call “marriage love” and make the vows and tie the knot that binds…untill then, be open and cherish these facts of love and it’s vast wonders and unlimited barriers!!!….lol… on….give and receive..

Joseph asks…

Could this type of love be impossible?

Do you think that it is possible to marry your first true love?

LoveKnots answers:

True love is only true if you’ve known the guy enough to REALLY love them. If its just a three-month thing, then you probably only have a sexual attraction for him. If your true love is true, and you believe, trust, and love him enough, then, yes, by all means, tie the knot. But if you are uneasy, or doubtful, then it will probably not last. Just remember: more divorces are made because a sexual attraction was taken for love. Be careful.
God bless you.

Betty asks…

Is the concept- love at first sight.. really true?

what do you think?..

LoveKnots answers:

It depends on your concept of love.
If it means that the guy really turns you on, then yes.
If it means as Scott Peck defines in his book “A Road Less Traveled” that love is an active comitment to the happiness and growth of another person…. Then I don’t think so.
If it means the heart knotted, passionate, head over heels crazyness described in paperback romances…. Sorry but that’s a fantasy.

Susan asks…

Does this Chinese decoration mean anything? Pics included?

LoveKnots answers:

Mystic Knot is the symbol of success,rich & undying love.

Hanging it at home can maximize good fortune.

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