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Lizzie asks…

Ah! My Goddess Questions?

OK, as many of you know, Ah! My Goddess (subbed ONLY!) is one of my all-time favorites. I have faithfully watched the OVA, Movies, Fighting Wings, S1 & S2. I have read what is about 40 volumes of the manga. I have lots of figures and gear from the show.

When are Keiichi and Belldandy gonna tie the know, or at least get the deed done? Eventually, they story arc has got to move on to them marrying and producing little Goddesses, right?

So far, we got about one “confession,” a few light kisses, some hugs, inuendo by Urd, and a ring that disappeared after S2 Ep. 3.

Do you see K-1 and Bell finally marrying? If so, when and why? If not, why not?

BTW, do you think their kids would be Goddesses?
Don: Apparently Volks already made a June Bride 1/4 Scale Belldandy figure, which now is worth a small fortune…so, Bell, K-1…KAMPAI!

Well, for some reason, that link is dead…so here is the whole listing.

Very tempting indeed. LOL

LoveKnots answers:

The thing is I cant see a clear ending of this series cause if Bell-Ken is going to happen in the end then at least one should have to leave its own Breed..either BellDandy becoming human or Keiichi becomes the god…On the basis of manga I can say Keiichi would be the one who is going to be the God(remember when he became the host of half Angel half Demon Angel…the one which is now resides in Welsper and also when he becomes the host of Cool or Mint).

When they r going to tie their knots..hmm thats one tough question cause it appears to me that the manga has been dragged more than it should be I mean a love story for like 20 yrs is too much so with all love for this series I wish mangka will think about them and will tie their knots as an nice guardian before the end of 2010.

Do I see Keiichi and Bell as an married couple well the answer is I dont see any reason that they r not going to get married in the end..when well if it was in my hand than by June 2010 in a grand ceremony..why cause I love Bell-Chan and I thinks she s happy with Keiichi(sob sob..).

Kids..hmm they should be for ex in series Bewitched(I m not comparing them but its just an example only) the children’s of Human Father and Witch mother receives the power of their mothers in their genes so it s an possibility to have a Human-God

Mark asks…

What is the best yaoi manga? ?

I’m looking for a new one to read and I want to know what your favorite one was!
Either the one that made you suffocate from a fluffiness overload, or cream your pants with all the hotness!! …or both.
I got nothin’ against an all out lemon, *giggles* but I prefer romance.
Btw, I’ve read all the one that are popular and the most heard of, plus any that were made into an anime; feel free to state these as favs, but could you also suggest another?

LoveKnots answers:

My favorite Yaoi are

Heaven’s Love
Touch Blue
Beast of the Tower
Michiru Heya
zion no koeda – One of my absolute favorites
Wild Rock
Welcome to Relish
Sumanai Masumi-kun
Brother X Brother
Crimson Spell
Love Knot
Cherry by Ichijou Lemon

I love Yaoi so I have a lot of favorites. Don’t know if you have read any of these. I actually have a lot more but figured you may have read them already. And I have to eventually stop somewhere.

Paul asks…

How the heck does a guy become a “Hot Nerd”?


I’ve been a nerd for the better part of these last 23 years (I was a particularly frail embryo) and my social life hasn’t been exactly “sweltering with nights of sweet passion” as a result. Most of my friends are girls but after years of hearing them gush about their crushes, I eventually got the impression they’re not exactly attracted to me “that way.” I don’t want to go all out and denerdify myself since that’s not me but I have seen other people pull it off. And I’m pretty sure it’s NOT just the attitude and confidence (Many a right jerk has that in abundance).

Anyway, I am not exactly a standard geek. Not a computers-and-videogames one anyway. I write for manga, compose poetry & fantasy/absurdist fiction (I’m a grad student), I do graphics design work and I compose electronic chamber music. I love discussing politics, religion and philosophy. I’m clueless about style and sports but I do workout a sporadically. I’m also a virgin- but you already know that much. ô_ô

LoveKnots answers:

Well, I think your on the right track by saying you don’t want to all out denerdify yourself because yeah that wouldn’t be you and then you would just be awkward and uncomfortable.

I dunno how your self esteem is looking but perhaps get a gym membership and start hitting the weights at least three times a week. Tone up a little bit, not only that but it will make you feel better about yourself, look at yourself in the mirror a little more, but don’t become an arrogant fukk. Also pick up some mens magazines, look at how they are dressed. Again, don’t go all out, but this will help to freshen out your style, I dunno what you look like now but if your not then try to go for a cleaner sharper look. The sports part I wouldn’t worry too much about but I knot a lot of women who are attracted to a smart guy that can hold his stance in politics and other intellectual conversations such as philosophy or anthropology. Perhaps keep the manga part on the DL unless you plan on moving to Japan but if it comes up, be confident that your into it don’t shy away.

Anyways hope that helped just remember not to wander too far from yourself…

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