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Michael asks…

What are some good yaoi mangas with a cute kinda girly uke?

I like yaoi’s that have ukes like Ayase (Okane ga nai) Mira (Papa to kiss in the dark) Suichi (Gravitation) And generally a uke that’s just cute as could be! I also like an over protective/ possessive seme. It doesn’t have to be a well known manga. One shots and stuff like that are fantastic. But yeah a uke who’s innocent and such. Sorry kinda particular about what i like.
Any suggestions are welcome!

LoveKnots answers:

Heaven’s Love
Yume Musubi Koi Musubi
RustBlaster – more shounen-ai but still very good.
Cherry by Ichijou Lemon
Love Knot
Author’s Pet
Critical Lovers
Denkou Sekka Boys
Fudanshi Baby
Hana Shinobu no Koi
Hibi Koikoi
Honoo no Suna
I Can’t Even Breathe Without You

Thomas asks…

Question about Hana Yori Dango ?

In Hana Yori Dango, Japanese drama version, who does she end up with ?

LoveKnots answers:

Editing because Tsakusi is actually Tsukushi… I knew I shouldn’t post after midnight…

In the Manga: She refuses to marry Tsukasa but tells him to wait a few years. In the end tsukasa is traveling the world making Business deals while Tsakusi studies law. The epilogue is written by Rui’s point of view who has moved in Italy and ends with the phrase (along these lines) “I just want to make good wine and share it with the people I love” also it is revealed that he can’t get over Tsakusi but has accepted that T&T are meant for each other so he always helps them.

In the Anime: Although his mother tried to get him married the marriage was fake and the bride just arranged to bring Tsakusi to the port while she and Tsukasa were living for their honeymoon. Tsakusi at the last moment realizes that she has to tell him that she loves him no matter id he’s married or not and gets on the ship. At the end the “bride” fells on the water and cheers the shocked couple while Tsukasas mother let them be and asks to tell the captain to take good care of her son and his company

In the Drama: Well It had two season and a movie! In the end of the drama he bought her a dress for her graduation but while she was coming back to the city with her parents and brother they had car problems and started running to be in her graduation in time. She forgets the dress and she is covered with mud but on the way she meets Tsukasas mother who helps her to reach the stadium in which it seems that the graduation party is over.

A light is looming Tsukasa and tells her that she is late. He then tells her to take his hand and share her life with him.She takes it and the light turns on to the whole stadium which is filled with people and they are at the middle of the “arena” he says that although the graduation is over he asked them to wait. The rest of the F4 are there along with her friends(& her boss) and school mates
the music starts playing and she dances with everyone while dancers start to dance waltz.

In the Movie (HYD the final chapter aka the epilogue of the drama series): They are “rescued” from the island after a month or so and its revealed who was behind the stealing of the tiara. They are shocked but understand why it had to be done. They get to a car and when the car stops they are at the square where they had the first date (the one she was awfully late) and they have prepares their wedding. They dress them and suddenly Rui appears as the priest and tie the knot. Later we see what happens to every character and not Tsukasa and Tsakusi are a year later on the same dessert island writing “LOVE” on the sand. Tsakusi says I never told you what was my dream (she had asked him whats your dream and he had pointed at her and said it has already come true. My dream is you) she then yells please when you grow up don’t be like the almighty… But its okay if you have a curly curly pram. She is pointing her stomach and duh anyway he is ecstatic. The final scene is Rui lying on his bed wearing a white suit while hold up a photo. He gets up quite gracefully and says something I can’t remember while walking out of his bedroom and then the camera goes to the photo in which are the F4 with Tsakusi& Tsukasa on their wedding day and the photo turns to the anime characters while we hear Tsakusi say that this is not the end of our story but just the beginning.

I’m a huge fan and I think it shows :$

Mark asks…

Yaoi animes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Does any one know some good yaoi animes/mangas if so please give me the title it could be any anime/manga as long as it has yaoi!!!! Thanks

LoveKnots answers:

Junjou Romantica
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
Ai no Kusabi
Legend of the Blue Wolves

Heaven’s Love
Gokujou no Koibito
Rust Blaster – Though its a shounen-ai, its still really good
Touch Blue
Boy’s Love
Zion no Koeda
Wild Rock
Welcome to Relish
Cherry by Ichijou Lemon
Love Knot
Sumanai Masumi-kun
Dear My Mister
24 Jikan Eigyouchuu
Brother X Brother
Crimson Spell
Doushitemo Furetakunai
Elektel Delusion
Name of Love
Otona Keikenchi
Michiru Heya
Ousama Game
Ai no Kotoba wo Uragaeshi
Usotsuki na Kimi no Toriko
Bitter Sweet Cafe
Kaizoku Game
Kenban no Ueno Caress

Mandy asks…

What yaoi manga should I read?

I’m trying to get more into mangas, and I read all the yaoi I can find, but I’d like one to look for. I DON’T mind sex at all… X3
But I do love romance and fluff…as cute as possible. I really don’t care what’s in it, be it Shounen-Ai, incest, whatev.
Some of my favs are Lovers Doll, Love Stage, Papa I love you, Papa to kiss in the dark, Junjou Romantica, and Tyrant Falls In Love. Maybe similar ones?

LoveKnots answers:

Heaven’s Love – One of my favorites
24 Jikan Eigyouchuu
Cherry by Ichijou Lemon
Love Knot
Gokujou no Koibito
Not Love
Touch Blue – Great Great manga
Wild rock
Welcome to Relish
zion no koeda
Brother X Brother
Crimson Spell
Name of Love

John asks…

I need very good/AWESOME manga?

I have tons I read, but I get bored waiting for them to be released. So I want a new one. Don’t be intimidated by the list, if you know a good one just post it even if I have it
So far I’ve read:

One Piece
Nora:The Last Chronicle of Devildom
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Soul Eater
D.Gray Man
Psyren-it’s ending :(
Death Note
Fairy Tail
The World God Only Knows
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Liar Game
Defense Devil
Eden no Ori
something something Negima!(mahou sensei negima, i think)
Maison Ikkoku
Urusei Yatsura
Black Cat
To Love-ru
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Dragon Ball

There’s probably a few more, but thats enough. Thx

LoveKnots answers:

Since you put up your list I’ll show you the one’s I’m reading excluding what you put up.

All Rounder Meguru
Alive the Final Evolution
Arakawa Under the Bridge
City Hunter
Darker than Black Shikkoku no Hana
Darren Shan
Golden Boy
GTO Shonan 14 Days
Hayate the Combat Butler
Princess Resurrection
Shonan Junai Gumi
The Breaker New Waves
Tower of God
Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest
7 Seeds
Air Gear
Code Breaker
Hajime no Ippo
Karate shoukoushi kohinata minoru
Franken Fran
Luck Stealer
Kyou Kora ore Wa
Mouryou no Yurikage
Kamen Teacher
Nurarihyon no Mago
Sun Ken Rock
Until Death do us Part
Vampire Bund
Detective Conan
Pandora Hearts
Gordion Knot
Be Heun
Ubel Blatt
Vinland Saga

I generally dislike it when people give a list, but no one usually mentions Liar Game or Eden no Ori as manga they read so I felt compelled to give my list too. Lol. I’m absolutely positive you’ll find something you like.

Linda asks…

Anime/Manga wedding vows?

Two of my friends are looking to tie the knot soon. I, since I am ordained, was asked to officiate their wedding. Being the awesome and unique couple they are, they want to have an anime themed wedding. I was tasked with helping them find some anime or manga based vows. I’ve looked all over and can find lots of anime/manga that has weddings…but none that mention the vows the characters take.

Does anyone know of any series that mention the vows the characters take? And if you could point me in the direction of a video clip of manga page of it, I would be VERY thankful!

LoveKnots answers:

I have you when i’m in trouble.
You and I are the perfect couple.
To protect each other from devastation
To unite our hearts before this nation.
To treat you with truth & love.
To stay together until the heavens above.
My heart beats for you at the speed of light.
Surrender your love for me on this night.
Meowth that’s right.

Susan asks…

What is a good yaoi manga?

I’m a total fangirl for yaoi. Especially Haruka Minami. Ive read all of her yaoi mangas.(SO HOT) Ive read many other mangas from a different mangaka but mostly from Haruka Minami.Im having trouble now finding yaoi manga i like. So have any suggestions? Oh and by the way i like the cute girly looking type of uke and know the seme is dominant and looks hot.
Yaoi mangas i have read already:
Bathroom Grooming
Bitter – Kare no Hisoyaka na Seppun
Child Epicurean
Cosplay Cafe
Egotist na Seishokusha
Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata
Haitoku no Love Sick
Hanairo Virgin Soil
Honey Boys Spiral
Hyper Eroticism Fan book
I Will Take Care of Your Bud
I’ll tie you up, kiss you, and fuck you
J-BOY by Biblos
Kiken na Hokeni Counselor
Kimi de Oboreta Ato wa
Kindan no Amai Kajitsu
Kiri no Gakuen Series
Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku!
Koibito Shigan
Liking You
Love Cure
Love Healing
Love Kitchen
Love Material
Love Pet
Love Rental
Love Sweat
Making Love Like Newlyweds
Milk Taste Honey
Nijou na Koi no Kakehiki
No Toy Yaoi
Renai a la Carte!
Sadist Warning
Saihate no Kimi e
Senzoku de Aishite
Skin Cream de Nurashite
Strawberry Children
Sweet – Ano Amai Amai Aji
Sweet Meats
Tonari no Heya no Paranoia
Welcome to the University of Love
Only a Ring Finger Knows
I Want To Be Naughty
Kirai ja Naikedo
Bukiyou Na Silent
Little Butterfly
Papa tp kiss in the dark
Okane Ga Nai
Junjou Romantica
Sensitive Pornograph
Saa Koi no Ochitamae

Ok right now this is all i can think about. Ive read like 5 times as big as this list of yaoi manga.
Yaoi manga (and anime) i dont like:
FAKE( not hot characters to me and the other manga/anime i list)
Level C
Ikoku Irokoi Romantan
Haru wo daite ita
Winter Cicada
Mirage of the Blaze
Yami no Matsuei

There is more i dont like but i dont remember them either. Well please make suggestions.

cute uke x hot seme= awesome yaoi couple + happy me
anyone think im a freak for yaoi? I dont really mind though lol. Its not like i spend all my time with yaoi.
ok i over exaggerated by it being 5 times bigger. But i have read many many more just cant remember the names.
Oh yeah and please suggest manga i can read that i dont have to download.

LoveKnots answers:

Wow, the list is impressive. My hat to you
well, I’ll give it a shot

fallen moon
gakuen heaven
black knight
kire papa
Rakuen no Pet
my paranoid next door neighbor
Il gatto sul g
after morning love
author’s pet
bare foot waltz
hot limit
hybrid child
love recipe
lovers pledge
melted love
love knot
sweet revolution
the art of loving
tricky prince
Oshioki Gakuen
Nemureru Kimi no Barairo no Kuchibiru
Shinobu Kokoro
Tsuki ni Ookami
trouble love candy
Shiawase Cook
Shitsuren Mania
Shitsuji Kyoushi no Ren’ai Jugyou
tie me up with your love
the end of youth

try those out

hopefully you’ll like and havent read all of them, since you said the list was bigger

hope i helped

no i dont think your a freak.
I love yaoi

Jenny asks…

could you recommend any good books?

i love to read but lately i haven’t found any good books
i am 14 and could read higher level books
these are some of my favorite books :
harry potter series
the inheritance cycle
twilight saga
romeo and juliet
the fifth daughter
p.s i love to read manga so if you know any good mangas i would like to know :]

LoveKnots answers:

Does my head look big in this? – Randa Abdel-Fattah
Too Good To Be True – Sheila O’Flanagan
Black Rabbit Summer – Kevin Brooks
Talking To Strangers – Anne Cassidy
Finding Cassie crazy – Jaclyn Moriarty
When You Are Engulfed in Flames – David Sedaris
Something To Blog About – Shana Norris
Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married – Marian Keyes
Shopaholic Ties The Knot – Sophie Kinsella
My Perfect Life – Dyan Sheldon
You Suck – Christopher Moore
The Killer’s Cousin – Nancy Werlin
Prep – Curtis Sittenfeld
My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao – Junot Díaz
Friday Nights – Joanna Trollope
A Confederacy of Dunces – John Kennedy Toole
Evil Genius – Catherine Jinks
Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen
Blink – Malcolm Gladwell
Life On The Refrigerator – Alice Kuipers
Can You Keep a Secret? – Sophie Kinsella
Rant – Chuck Palahniuk
I Have A Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes – Jaclyn Moriarty


Kitchen Princess by Natsumi Ando and Miyuki Kobayashi (my favorite manga; they also put the recipes that the heroine in the story makes so the readers could try it out, too.)
MeruPuri: Märchen Prince by Matsuri Hino (prince from a magical kingdom meets normal girl on Earth; no typical Prince Charming fluff)
Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino (vampires in anime style? ‘Nuff said)

David asks…

a HOT yaoi manga with HOT guys ?????? i need quite a few please?

not :
pet on duty
virgin brake

LoveKnots answers:

The Tyrant falls in love
Crimson Spell
Heaven’s Love
Brother X Brother
24 Jikan Eigyouchuu
Dear My Mister
Gokujou no Koibito
Cherry by Ichijou Lemon
Love Knot
Wild Rock
Welcome to Relish
Zion no Koeda
Sumanai Masumi-kun
Name of Love
Cute Beast

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