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Robert asks…

Does anyone know other HEMP techniques? I got the basics down, I would like to know more.?

Please send any detailed websites, tips and hints you may have, anything at all that you think would help out. I really love making hemp jewelry, but I’m tired of the same basic looking necklaces. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!! =]

LoveKnots answers:

See if you like any of the designs from these sites.


Happy knotting!

Maria asks…

Can someone help me with my fashion?

Ok, I dress comfortably, what are some super cool fashion tips that are *modest? Thanks for ur help, also, please make them cheap too! But it doesn’t have to be, also no punk or emo /gothic clothes either.

LoveKnots answers:

Hey! I totally get your point! I like to dress comfortably and modest, but I love fashion! Get some skinny, straight leg, flare, or wide leg dark wash jeans. You can get good but cheap jeans at Old Navy. If you want nicer jeans, try Seven jeans or Miss Sixty jeans. These can get pricey, but you can get them on Ebay for as low as $30! For tops, I would go with Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Wet Seal, ect. Again some of these places can get expensive, so you can go on for insanely low prices for some of these brands! For comfort and style in shoes, try getting some UGGS and Sperry’s. These shoes are kind of expensive, but well worth it! (plus you can get UGGS for $60 on, where they are normally $100-$200!) Another important thing is accessories! They have some really pretty jewelry at American Eagle, or you can splurge on some nice jewels. In the winter, acceserize with knit hats and knotted scarves. You can really find cute scarves at Claire’s for a good price. Finnaly, you need a cute purse or tote. Designer is best, such as Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton Dooney & Bourke, ect. But if you cannot afford one please don’t get a fake! You can get cute totes at Hollister and Aeropostale! One more important detail, make sure you wear it right! Get stuff that fits! Do not wear something too baggy or too tight. You will look better if something fits! Hope this helps!

Helen asks…

HELP! I need craft ideas that have something to do with SUNFLOWERS. Please read?

I need to make something for my grandma for mother’s day tomorrow. I know she loves sunflowers. Her kitchen and dinning room are sunflower themed, so I need ideas for a sunflower decoration maybe. She doesn’t use candles (my grandpa is worried she going to start the house on fire) and she doesn’t wear jewelry. Please, if you have any ideas.

LoveKnots answers:

Find a nicely shaped jar or bottle. Wash and dry thoroughly. Tear brown grocery bag or lunch sacks into small,ragged pieces anywhere from 1″ to 2″ around and using a product like Beacon’s Liquid Laminate (available at craft stores) apply all the pieces to the bottle, overlapping a bit as you go to create texture. The Liquid Laminate dries almost instantly and creates a satin finish seal. Once dry, you can rub a small amount of brown acrylic paint over the entire vase to antique it and make it look like leather. Give another thin coat of the liquid and let dry. Tie some raffia or twine around the neck of the vase, leaving some long tails and then glue a silk sunflower over the knot. An added surprise would be to fill the vase with brown-eyed susans ( look like small sunflowers but small enough for a vase) If you can find some large hole wooden beads, string some onto the ends of the raffia tails and hold in place with a loose knot….small details like that make the gift more professional looking.

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