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Donna asks…

For a tattoo, can anyone send me links to pictures for symbols of the following concepts?

I’m designing my next tattoo and I need to find different symbols for trust, communication between lovers, integrity, perseverance, inner-strength, and happiness.
I’m looking for preferably universal symbols that many would recognize but am not limited to them. Please post a link to each symbol as well as telling me their origin, if you know it.

LoveKnots answers:

Check out the Celtic Claddagh. Stands for Loyalty, Friendship and Love. Or any sort of Celtic knot. Most of them have meaning behind them that are easy to recognize and find. I myself have a variation of the Claddagh tattoo’d in the center of my back.


Robert asks…

I am having a Pirate Party for my 30th I would love some suggestions?

I am on a budget but will be supplying alcohol & food so I am after ideas for alcoholic drinks, food/nibbles, decorations, games etc. It’s based inside (function room) but there is also an outdoor area (smokers).

LoveKnots answers:

I absolutely love Pirate parties!
Depending on how much time you have and how much effort you’re willing to go to (get friends to help if you can) you could create a pirate night everyone will remember.

I’d go quite rustic to look authentic, although you could add some Caribbean dishes if you wanted such as jerk pork, fried plantains or rice and peas etc.
Chicken drumsticks would be good, or maybe a whole roast chicken depending on how many people and what facilities are available at the function room?
I’d get some of the extra large round loaves and cut them into uneven chunks and leave a big dish of butter on the side.
Maybe have some cheeses or a meat platter.
Make a large bowl of chunky cut green salad (Rip the lettuce leaves rather than chopping them.
Obviously you’d need to have some sort of seafood dish, so get some prawns (maybe a couple of bags of frozen ones as they are cheaper), pile them up on a serving plate and make a home made dressing for them (or buy one depending on how much time you have) They will look nice if you sprinkle a little paprika on top of them.
Depending on how much it costs near you could maybe get a whole salmon and BBQ it. A really nice recipe is if you wrap it in foil with chopped red onion, basil leaves, balsamic vinegar and a really small drizzle of olive oil, then BBQ (or oven cook) it slowly.
Or you could make a sort of shrimp stew and leave it on a warming tray to keep warm.
Corn on the cobs cut into thirds and piled on a plate would go down well.
Buy a large pie of some kind (pork etc) and slice it up but leave it laid out as if it were whole (don’t lay the slices down)
I’d go for kettle chips rather than ordinary crisps as they look more home made

A rum punch is a must to get you into the pirate feel.
Get a bottle or two of dark rum (they aren’t too expensive if you buy a supermarket only brand which would be fine for a punch)
This site has quite a few

And this is supposedly a traditional one

Other than that I’d just get in some beers and wines. Not very authentic but you still need to keep people happy ;)

OK, this is the fun bit!
Either buy or make a really big Jolly Roger on a flag to pop on one of the walls.
If you have time, tie lots of string or black wool in rough knots to look like fisherman’s nets and randomly string these around the room.
If you can borrow some old barrels or treasure chest like furniture then that’s fantastic. Otherwise you could paint/draw on a cardboard box to make it look like a chest. (You could recruit your mates if you wanted to have a few scattered round)
Any richly coloured materials/ladies silk scarves (you’ll find loads of these at charity shops) can be thrown over the backs of chairs or draped over anything that looks too modern and you want to hide.
On the tables you might want to scatter chocolate coins, tarnished pennies (dimes?) and fake jewels/jewellery (again charity shops have some fab stuff)
By the punch I’d probably add a sign that says ‘Grog’ and if you can I’d hide the beer cans in another open cardboard box decorated to look like a crate.
Roughly tear the labels off the wine bottles or cover them with labels saying Grog too! (But make sure you know which ones are sweet and which are dry etc!)
One thing that we did which worked quite well was this: We printed out a large picture of a pirate type ship sailing on a sea with a red sunset and palm tree silhouettes (we did it on 4 bits of A4 paper and joined them together)
Then with some dark brown card we laid strips round the edge of the picture and down the middle so it looked like a window. When it was stuck on the wall it looked really good, like we were looking out onto the Caribbean!

Any sort of party games should be ok to change to a pirate theme. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey; pin the sails on the ship or the hat on the captain.
You need to have a best costume prize too (get people to put their votes into a bowl/chest etc).
You could always do some kind of treasure hunt. Get people into groups or choose say 4 people at random and give them a clue which will lead them to another clue which will in turn lead them to a treasure map. Put out a few treasures and different clues so people don’t just end up following each other around!

Oh, and make sure you wear some heavy black eyeliner, it’s very sexy on pirate women and a good finishing touch!

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