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Betty asks…

Looking for any FREE pattern to crochet that using the Lover’s knot stitch??

I’m looking for a free pretty online pattern that uses the lover’s knot stitch(also called solomon’s knot). I love this stitch and find it very pretty and quick to do.
Please help

LoveKnots answers:

Here are a few:

This pattern is free for today (7/10/08) only. I think it’s pretty, but it says it’s for the advanced crocheter:

If you know how to do it well, you can also make scarves, belts, or almost anything else with it.

Michael asks…

Can I knit a pouch for my hamsters?

It’s getting cold over here and I was thinking of knitting my hamsters a pouch out of yarn. Is this dangerous? Should I do it?

LoveKnots answers:

Try to knit at a very tight tension and be careful about what yarn to use. Cotton or something similar is probably best. I used to crochet hammocks for my mice and they loved them but I always used a small hook for the yarn so there wouldn’t be any holes for them to get their feet stuck in. Although it’s probably a bit safer to use fleece. I got a thick dog blanket in the pound shop, cut six big squares from it, cut the edges into strips so I can knot them together and then you cut a little opening into one side.

Helen asks…

Anyone have a pattern on how to crochet a fishnet style poncho/shawl?

I’ve been looking all over the internet. Hard to sift through the many patterns. And when I do find one, it’s child size. lol

LoveKnots answers:


Jenny asks…

Would I look good with Dreadlocks?

Okay , So I recently got into the new heavy metal look, and I’ve been thinking alot about getting dreadlocks. I’ve already read everything I need to know about them, but the real main question is…

Would I look good?

Im tan, with medium brown hair, and its very thick.

But, My only problem, I dont want thick dreads, I still want to look sexy, how would I make skinny dreads, without them always falling out in the process?

LoveKnots answers:

You would look nice with dreads, ANY kind of clean dreadlock style takes an average person and makes them look awesome and most importantly unique because everyone’s hair dreads differently no matter how you do it.

Everyone has their own favorite type of dreadlcok process, but you have to weigh the pros and cons of various methods to find what is right for you… Some love the gnarly “110% organic” look, others like mega cultivated professional look, but most people are somewhere in between but no one is better or worse than another.

If you want slender alluring dreads i recommend using one of these methods;

backcomb + crochet needle (easy to mis/over use but when done right can cultivate/encourage nice locks like these, just section hair in the size you want, they can also be washed as much as you want just let them dry properly to prevent mold/mildew growth)

Crochet hooks/needles are made specifically to incorporate fibers into a mass and/or pattern to create tinsel strength so used correctly it will not damage hair if it did it would not be used in fiber arts. The same method applies here with dreadlocks in my experience.

Interlocking/nappy locks tool ( neat, clean/easy to wash, slender and look like loose hair from further away, works with any hair texture and they do not come undone easy, but do not make them thinner than a straw or they may not support their own weight, specific criss corss north/south/east/west pattern must be mastered to avoid gaps or damage. Look up pics of Dr. Joanne Cornwell to see)

OR braidlocks (just braid hair and leave them alone, they will dread eventually apply aloe to keep down frizz and encourage locking, new growth is free formed, twisted, or interlocked, but the braid pattern remains even after locking)

Please just avoid hydrophobic wax, if you need frizz control just use aloe gel or a non greasy leave in conditioner spray.

Everyone has their own ligitimate and respectable individual opinion that is nither fact nor fiction.
No matter what method you choose there is really no quick fix. Hair generally takes a long time to lock/knot, no matter which method is chosen to pre-tangle. ALL forms of matinence contain some level of manipulation and what is “fake”, “real”, “beautiful”, or “ugly” is nothing more than a subjective value judgement to be taken with a grain of salt.

The method that a person chooses to use is something that is part of the individuals unique dreadlocking journey.

George asks…

Are there any good sites to learn to crochet?

LoveKnots answers:, but those sites show u one deminsion. You Tube shows it in real time and a video.
I would go for You tube, personally.
I mean,Sandi Marshall is a great teacher, but on You Tube ( my home on the net) has several vids that actually show you how it is done and how to make the main stitches> slip knot,single crochet,half- double crochet,double crochet,and triple crochet as well as the chain stitch.
I love You Tube!!!!!!

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