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Mary asks…

Evil eye bracelet question:?

For all of you superstitious folks out there: my friend has a bracelet of the evil eye, and no matter what she does, it won’t stay fastened. What is your interpretation of this? She wishes good luck for her love life and bought the red bracelet, and it will still become unfastened, even if she triple-knots it.
BTW…I’ve seen her knotting, and it’s EXTREMELY tight. We’re just looking for explanations beyond the rational..we can do rational.

LoveKnots answers:

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Sandy asks…

Question about Kabbalah Bracelet?

What are the requirements? does it have to be braided? does it have to be blessed, and if so, what is the prayer?
all i know is that it has to be red. Im studying Kabbalah right now and i cant find much on the bracelet, only stuff about the evil eye, which the bracelet protects against. okay thanks!
Ive seen a few with Hamsa’s on them and stars of david. i like the hamsa’s.
and wow thanks for the stupid answer.
Thank you bloody marry! i dont let their comments affect me. <333
thanks allon… im not even sure if i want to be kabbalaist or anything, im not jewish im catholic, but the laws of kabbalah seem to apply to my religion as well. im not a strict catholic at all (im like, agnostic, catholic, etc), but i like what kabbalah teaches, and its teaching of god the creator is compatible with my beliefs on jesus and what not. anyway, thanks for the 2 answers, i haven't tied the string but i have purchased a hamsa necklace to help protect against the evil eye. much love

LoveKnots answers:

Don’t listen to the rude answers. People always leave negative comments just to start fights. Here is what I know about the Kabbalah Bracelet. The Kabbalah Bracelet is to protect you from the evil eye. You take a piece of red string. Wrapped around your wrist tye it and knot the tail seven times. You have to have a loved one to do the tying of the bracelet for you though it’s considered bad luck to do it yourself. The Torah, Halachah or Kabbalah doesn’t mention the red string. The kabbalah bracelet is more of a Yiddish superstition to protect children against the evil eye. It is called a roite bindele. I hope this helps.

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