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Love Knot Bracelet

Thomas asks…

Crafts (Bracelets)?

Hello Everybody

Okay so i love to make braclets out of Gimp and String but i only know how to make the stair case one which is when you make the four with the sting and pull it around then up then eventually it becomes a winding staircase!! But the only problem is i am getting very sick of making the one kind only i need more EASY ideas to make some more fun braclets. Please i need them easy!! Thankz for the help

LoveKnots answers:

I’m not completely sure that I understand the way you make bracelets now, but here’s something similar:
1. Get four pieces of string of different colors (maybe blue, purple, red, and yellow) and tie a knot in the end. Attach this to something stable.
2. Take the first string (maybe it’s the blue one) and tie it like a 4 around the second string (purple) twice.
3. Then tie the first string (blue) around the third string (red) twice.
4. Then tie the first string (blue) around the fourth string (yellow) twice.
5. Now your first string is over at the other side and becomes the last string.
6. Repeat with the second string (purple), tying it twice to the red, yellow, and blue strings.
7. Continue repeating, tying one string to each of the others going across. This will create a striped bracelet.

You may want to check your public library for a book about making friendship bracelets because it would give you a lot more ideas.

Edit: I just found a few web sites that show how to make a few basic bracelets. See the links below.

James asks…

What shoes/jacket/Accessories will go with this dress?

LoveKnots answers:

What a cute dress. I love it!!. I’d wear it with a red or dark coral crop cardi in the color of the darkest red flowers and also a skinny belt in that same color. Then I’d wear black ankle booties or black peep toe wedge shoes with a bow or knot detail on the toes.

If you want a more casual look, you could wear a white denim crop jacket with white sandals and a red bangle bracelet. Either look would be fabulous!! : }

Donna asks…

What material do you think these are?

I love making friendship bracelets of all different patterns, and I noticed this girl’s bracelets seem to be made out of a lot thicker of a thread material than mine. I use regular embroidery floss and it works well, but I really want to try making some bracelets that look more like the ones in the pics provided. Anyone know what material these may be made out of?? Thanks! :)

LoveKnots answers:

I don’t think they really look any thicker than embroidery thread – she might just knot a little differently than you. A looser knot is going to look larger than a tight one. But, if you’re looking for something different to make your bracelets out of, I would suggest pearl cotton (sometimes called perle cotton.) It can be found in the same section as embroidery floss in most craft stores. There aren’t as many colors available in this as regular embroidery floss, but you should have enough to choose from to have good variety. There are two common sizes – size 5 and size 3. The size 5 will be very similar to the floss except that you cannot divide it into multiple strands. The size 3 will be thicker, more like a thin yarn. If you’re looking for a thicker thread than embroidery floss, it’s the size 3 I would suggest. (Just FYI based on my two local craft stores: Michael’s carries only size 5 pearl cotton, while ACMoore carries both 3 & 5, but most of the workers don’t seem to notice the difference, so you often find them mixed together on the hooks.)

Ken asks…

Speech help…10 pounts for best answe?

I gotta do a informative speech n decided to do it on how to make bracelets but have nooo idea how to start it…any ideas?

LoveKnots answers:

Friendship Bracelets Speech.

Have you ever heard of friendship bracelets? I love them! They are colorful, look cool, and are really simple to make. Now, you may be asking yourself, “what are friendship bracelets?”. Friendship bracelets are just a fancy way of tying knots with string….

Hope that helps!

George asks…

Would this outfit be cute?

For the first day of school ( Im gonna be a sophomore):

This mint green, chiffon button down sleeveless blouse from love culture ( its a little long so I was planning to tie a knot in the front)

white hollister shorts

this braided leather belt from AE

these cute turquoise hollister flip flops with flowers on them

a white cami underneath since the shirt is see through

this gold spike bracelet from forever21

LoveKnots answers:

OMG yes!! That would be sooo cute! You should def wear that!

Chris asks…

Which shirt goes best with this outfit? EASY! :) ?

Hey! So im a teen girl, and i need help with this outfit for my brothers robotics competition (dont ask lol). I’m going to wear brown leather boots, black (kinda tight) jeggings, and not sure what top. Here are the options-

1. Blue and white stripped sweater. Not to bulky though.
2. White loose shirt with a small grey picture on the front.
3. White blouse type of shirt with lace on the shoulders and nice buttons and a pocket.
4. Light but bright blue loose shirt, and on the shoulders is a soft mainly blue floral design. Silky fabric.

Thanks!! Any accessories that would go well? (Also i have blonde hair and blue eyes.)

LoveKnots answers:

I would either go with 1 or 3. The sweater seems like it would be cozy and it sounds like a cute outfit. You could put your hair up in a bun and wear cute bracelets that match the color of your zippers on your boots (silver zipper=silver Bracelets). And I say number 3 too maybe because I have brown boots and black tight pants and I usually wear this white blouse with it and it has buttons and a knot in the bottom front and it's so cute but I usually have like a tanish kind of cardigan with it. So I guess I would go with the 1 the sweater….sorry this was so long I love clothes!

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