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Linda asks…

Is the human knot activity appropriate for 3rd – 6th graders?

I am an elementary p.e. teacher and I want to work on team building. Is the ‘human knot‘ appropriate for 3rd – 6th graders? what are some other elementary team building activities that don’t use a lot of equipment?

LoveKnots answers:

I love doing that. I think it is a good idea. It teaches children to work together to get out of problems and its fun! Haha.

Susan asks…

How does imagery in this phrase help us to understand that love is the theme?Please help?

“Plaiting a dark red love-knot into her long black hair”
Detailed answers
This phrase is from The Highwayman

LoveKnots answers:

Well, plaiting means braiding. . . So this woman is braiding a red (the color of love) ribbon into her hair in order to. . . Look pretty for her lover? And a knot symbolizes a union, as in “tying the knot” meaning marriage.

That her hair is long is a sort of symbol of luxury, of boundlessness. . . Like the love one feels for their one and only.

I mean. . . This phrase only? Not a lot to work with, really. Good luck.

Edit – Thought of something else (small). By braiding, she is sort of intertwining two separate strands – like the intertwining of two different lives that occurs when love is shared. Just one more tidbit for your homework.

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