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Thomas asks…

What tattoo symbolizes never ending love for your child?

Thinking of getting a tattoo of my sons name but I want to add something on the side to symbolize never ending love or always being therefor him what symbolizes this?

LoveKnots answers:

I think Celtic knots are cool…they represent ‘neverending’

Sharon asks…

Where can I go online to buy a replica of algerian love knot necklace?

I looked on somewebsite that had a replica but, it didn’t look anything like the one Eva Green wore in Casino Royale. I’m on a buget. Thanks !
The one Eva Green wore in 007 Casino Royale
I need it to be less than 100 dollars Thanks

LoveKnots answers:


Daniel asks…

How to easily detangle my crazy knotted curly hair?

I have very thick naturally curly hair and it is ALWAYS knotted and tangled. It takes at least 10 minutes to brush out my hair while it is soaking wet and covered in conditioner while in the shower. I only brush or comb my hair when it’s wet, since curly hair shouldn’t be brushed dry. My hairbrush (and shower drain) are always full of hair when I’m done. Does anyone have any suggestions for an easier way to de-tangle hair? I have tried many detangling sprays but none seem to really help!
I am looking for a specific product that you would recommend. I have tried almost every detangler from the drug store and am looking for maybe something a little more high-end since nothing seems to make it any easier.

Also, my hair is quite long. I have had this problem my whole life, but this is the first time since I was a young girl that I have kept my hair longer than shoulder length so it’s especially annoying lately.

LoveKnots answers:

I haven’t seen your hair but I have curly hair myself so I will tell you what I do and it always results really well! :)

To start off, curly hair should NEVER be brushed… It should not be brushed when it’s dry because of the crazy frizzy poofiness which results and it should not be brushed when it’s wet due to large amount of hair which easily comes out….

Second of all, I only shampoo once a week. The reason for this is that curly hair is naturally dry and shampoo strips hair of oils and those oils contains nutrients and such that people with hair like us actually need

Third of all, when I apply conditioner, I apply it thoroughly to my scalp. And then, using my fingers, and my fingers only, I comb the conditioner all the way to the ends of my locks, making sure that then ends of my hair get ample amounts of conditioner.

Finally, once I am out of the shower, and my hair is still wet, I grab my WIDE-TOOTHED COMB and comb my hair, making sure to get rid of whatever knots I might have and that pretty much sums up my routine.

However, if I am having a really, really bad hair day, I will also apply some leave-in conditioner to relax my hair and make it easier to take out knots.

Curly hair, let’s be honest here, can be quite a b*****. ^.^ And you seem to not have your hair tamed yet, which is the hardest part, but once you have it tamed, after keeping up with a routine that works for you, like this worked for me, you will grow to love it.

Good luck!!

Oh and just in case, I’m not sure what kind of comb you have, but I really must emphasize the importance of a wide-toothed comb. Here’s the comb that I use:

The one I recommended earlier is currently out of stock. This one works too, though! It’s practically the same thing! Http://

Lisa asks…

What do weird negative knots in your stomach towards someone mean?

Kind of like your body reacting negatively towards someone you used to really love.

LoveKnots answers:

That person caused some drama in your life that you’re not over OR you still love them. I get a heavy feeling in the center of my chest when something is bothering me. Feelings are a very good signal to us. It’s good you pay attention to them.

Richard asks…

My hair tangles every day and sticks together becoming knotted – how to make manageable?

My hair is always knotted even if I have just brushed it. How can I detangle my hair easily, and simply without needing to tear out all my hair? Thanks!

LoveKnots answers:

Dryness among other things cause tangles. So keep your hair moisturized with a good shampoo/conditioner. Also split ends are very very bad for unmanageable hair. Snip them out if you see them and get frequent hair cuts. Also if they keep getting tangled at night, try braiding your hair (unless it is wet because it gets wavy, unless you like wavy) because it keeps it in a controlled position. Http:// —This is a really good detangler that my sister uses and she loves it.

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