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Mark asks…

what does love feel like? both sex’s opinion please :) ?

how do you know you’re in love?
girl’s and guy’s opinions!

LoveKnots answers:

I don’t think it’s age related, I’m 25yrs old now and I have been in love only once, it was when I was about 13yrs old. It’s like a crush, you think the person is beautiful and you want to see them, you think about them a lot. But it’s stronger, overwhelming and it’s selfless. I kept thinking how much I loved her, how I would do ANYTHING for her if it would make her happy or be for her safety and well being, I’d often think about how I’d sacrifice my life if I had to in order to save her.
When I thought about her my stomach would get into a huge knot, I’d often smile when I imagined seeing her. I never imagined having sex with her, I just wanted to kiss her so softly and hold her to show her I loved her.
I was to shy to ever tell her how I felt and after a few years I grew out of love but I can still remember those feeling I had for her.

William asks…

why do we get knots in our back?

I get a lot of knots in between my shoulder blades and in my neck, what causes this? How do i prevent it?

LoveKnots answers:

The muscles in the back are very very strong, so much so, that if you get really stressed out and don’t get to vent it, they can actually pull your vertabre out of alignment. The ‘knots’ you are talking about are areas that are not releasing, either due to holding a poor posture for lengthy periods, or due to being in an awkward psition for a while, it could be bad shoes, really, many things cause you to get muscle stress like this. The rundown is, tho-if a muscle stays contracted for too long, no matter what the reason, it ‘locks’ sort of, in that contracted position. The fix? HOT soak in a tub. Massage-somebody has got to love you enough to massage your back. Try to relax for a certain amount everyday-make that part of your day-un negotiable. Fifteen minutes for you, and it it, relax. Sit down, defocus on your day and it’s travails. Listen to your favorite music or some other thing that you know will trigger relaxation for YOU. If you need help, frink some chamomile tea, or take some valerian root capsules, these are natural stress reducers available at most grocery stores or wherever vitamins are sold in your area. Good luck, and get some rest!

Michael asks…

What does love feel like?

i have been crushing on this guy since 2nd grade and now he asked me out. i was shaking when he did and my heart was racing! i had a feeling in my stomach like a knot and a naseau. is that what love feels like?

LoveKnots answers:

Those are butterflies.

Love feels like you cant breathe without having that person next to you, and you also still excited to be with that person even if you seen em the day before. And Also if you can be yourself without him thinking your weird

John asks…

Am I ….. Am I in love?

Ok. This is a subject I get iffy about. Its still about the dude from my other post.
His name is … Julian. The thought of his name makes my heart skip a beat. His face makes me blush and his voice just… makes my stomach knot. Every time I think of him I smile and my heart race. I always thought i’d fall for the dream guy. You know, perfect everything with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. But.. the normal brown hair brown eyes just looks so perfect one him. When he stands by me I hold my breath because for some reason I can’t breath. It’s like my throat is clogged or something. And sometimes I start to shake. Maybe even stutter. I wake up smiling because the first thing that runs through my head is his name. The last thing I picture is his face. I don’t lust him either… Like the one thing that would make me happiest is just for him to hold me. I just don’t know. I think I am but what good will that do? I don’t know much about love. But if someone could help me.. That would be great. Because I think i’ll die of a heart attack next time I see him… or even think of him.. *deep breath* I keep having to do that to calm my heart down..
Alright. I need to clear something up. I’ve known him for 4 years. I’ve liked him for 4 years. I’ve hung out with him, I went camping with him, i’ve went to his birthday parties mainly because i’m his sister’s best friend. So it’s not like I saw him one day in school. We’re pretty close.

LoveKnots answers:

Every person has their own idea of what love is. No one persons idea of what love is is wrong. When you fall in love with someone, you will know it. On your own terms. If, to you, it’s love… Then it is!! No matter what anyone else says!! Granted… If you just met the guy and you are feeling butterflies and whatnot then that could be just infatuation. BuT…. If you stay with the guy, and those feelings stay… Make of it what you will. Do not let anyone tell you whether or not you are in love. You *will* know it when it happens.

Lizzie asks…

Which is more sweet LOVE or ARRANGED MARRIAGE, ( only matured ppl n married answer)?

well friends I have a serious problem that I am not able to convince my girl whom I love Too much she tells I don’t want to spoil my life taking her own decisions, ok people I would like to put a question before you, I am a very clean guy who do not drink womanize or flirt with girls though have many fans n earn assume Rs 10000/- per month n love my girl by all means irrespective of even caste.
2> assume her parents also get a similar guy who has all the same
qualities n earns the same figures of salary,

whom do you think a girl can live more happily?
whom do you think will love share in everything, be understanding.
whom do you think will not rule on her n be friendly.
whom do you think will be more conservative.
whom do you think will be more attached to the family of the girl too the lover who loves her by all means or the guy whom she knows through her parents.
what is more important true understanding lover or the assets that we bring with us.
How many arranged marriages lead successful life?
How many love marriages fail when all these factors ok.
who man married girls whose marriage was never a love are happy?
what is more important in marriage parents or understanding with true Love?
How parents play the important role when there is no understandings between couples??
Can parents mend family if no understandings n affection?
Can parents reunite a broken home ?

I need a very good answers from good family members, experienced ppl on answers.
I am also south Indian n she is also south Indian.
Can a girl run a family with Rs 10000/- +
Why do girls run away when they come to know about my high profile background???

LoveKnots answers:

My experience says marriage stands on lots of bondings. If all the qualities you have mentioned are present then marriage will be successful; be it loved or arranged.
Before marriage gals think for economical security first. I think very few persons sacrifice their love for the sake of their parents or parents ill health. Parents become a source of excuse here.

You have lots of confusion abt parents role, so answering that first.
Parents want to see their child happy in his or her married life. So they choose some one of their same rank of social position. Here any kind of emotion or sentiment of groom or bride is not countable. Using their experience they try to tie a knot which will remain unturn for years after years.
But once the marriage is happened their role also complete. None of the parents will be able to reunite or manage to stop a divorce case.

Now coming to other questions.

A girl can live happily with the person she loves, before marriage or after marriage.
She will love to share in everything, who understands her feeling or having same mental equilibrium.
Who will not rule on her n be friendly, this cant be said, because some peoples always mantain a bossy image and likes to take upper hand. And Possesive people become more bossy which create more problem. Ruling his girl is found to be a common nature.

A person coming from conservative background will be more conservative. Peoples from small town with big prospective also found to be conservative.
Who will be more attached to the family of the girl too the lover who loves her by all means or the guy whom she knows through her parents. Answer is very critical. Actually it totally depends on the guy she marries.

In India two persons can run their livelyhood with 10K per month.

Dont Nagg to a girl who refuse to marry you showing lots of excuse.

All the Best.

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