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Love Knots for everyone…

Love Knot

Mark asks…

How do you make this knot or what is it called?

I know its on a headband but i want to make one for my friend because she loves it and im not familiar with the knot.

LoveKnots answers:

I dont know how to make it. Google “How to make a sailors knot”

Nancy asks…

interesting and fun knots to do?

For english, we have to do a demonstration speech. I love to camp and fish and so I decided to do tying different knots. I am going to demonstrate 2 different knots. I use the square knot a lot and so am going to do that one. But, I don’t know what other knot I should do. Any body know any good knots I could use to demonstrate for the class.

Keep in mind they will be following along with the steps.

LoveKnots answers:

Demo the Bowline. It is a very useful knot that makes a loop that won’t slip the end of a line.

George asks…

what does the symbol “O” in the show Big Love represent?

LoveKnots answers:

Looking at the logo, it seems to represent a love knot or rings of marriage. At least, that’s how I interpret it.

Sandra asks…

Could this be love sickness or depression?

I’m 25, never been on a date, never had my first kiss and still a virgin. Here lately i’ve been wanting to date so bad, but not got the gall to start talking to women outta the blue. I’ve been so lonely, and wanting to love, that all i do is sleep. I slept 14 hours last night. Sometimes it’ll feel like my stomach and heart is tied in a knot, and my whole arm will start to shake, so bad yesterday, that i had to use my other hand to eat with because i couldn’t hold a spoon without shaking. I’ve been having dark thoughts, and just not caring about anything anymore, like if i live or not (i’m not suicidal, i just don’t care if i live or die). today, i wasn’t able to get outta bed from being so weak. when i woke up, i was curled up in a ball like position. I’ve been having involuntary eye and lip spasms. They will just quiver without me doing it. I sometimes get so angry, i feel like punching a whole in my door because i’m so lonely. and sometimes my heart will beat like i’ve been running a mile, but i’ll be sitting in a chair. Is this depression or love sickness, or both?
I guess it’s the holidays, i just want to love someone so bad, someone to give my heart to….

Like right now, i feel like a volcano, waiting to explode, but trapped in a bottle with the lid on it, and no way to get out.

LoveKnots answers:

I think that u have depression that your not loved by anyone besides your family.I am not a expert st this but i know depression,i had it for two weeks because of my really loved,first cat died by a car hitting him.I had a heavy heart and chest and i did think about cutting or killing myself… I didn’t cause i know that this is minor,not like other, more serious cases of depression.You might have some weird dark depression that you might have felt like that before,when you were younger but couldn’t remember about it now.tell me if you did have any family member or pet that you dearly loved….. If you want to tell me, ya don’t have to but if you do i could see more specific depression or love sickness.

Bye :3

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