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Jenny asks…

How do you tie a firemans knot in an extension cord?

Theres a certain knot…I think its called a Fireman’s knot…that you use to wind up your extension cords. It looks similar to figure eights. I would love to learn how to do this. Can someone please explain how this is done? Thanks!

LoveKnots answers:

It is not a boy scout knot. As a matter of fact, it is not a knot at all, it is just a method of securing a line (or cord) so that when you need it, all it takes is a jerk and it is all there for you.

You make a small loop in your cord, go under it and put the cord (not the end, but the part right next to the loop) through the loop and keep doing this. Depending upon the size of your loops, you can cut the length down quite a bit. Don’t push the end through when you get to it, if you do that, you will have a knot of a life time to deal with if you don’t know how to undo the thing.

Sharon asks…

This girl loves me, I don’t. What should I do guys?

The story– This girl is my first love, and I was crazy about her since class 5. Since then we were good friends, but she got a boyfriend in class 9, and after passing 10th exams, the boy left her. She was devastated but managed somehow. All this while, she was ignoring me completely. But now, we both have passed our Higher Secondary classes, and have given our entrances.I have got qualified for a good engineering institute, and she is unsure whether she will get to study in good institute. Since a few days, we started messaging each other, and on the day the engineering results were out, she proposed to me. Now, she keeps messaging me, telling me that she loves me very much and all. ( Now, she has grown fat, and so boys don’t fall for her anymore.) Thus, she is no longer attractive, and does not have a secure future. And I partly believe she wants someone in her life to make her feel good, or speak to someone maybe. Last Sunday, she asked me if she should take up studies in Delhi for course, and I told her to atleast take the admission there so as not to lose the opportunity totally, but she did not take. ( It could be because of her parents too though ). Later, when I brought up the topic, she told me sorry.
The real catch is I am no longer in love with her. But part of me tells me she is really in love with me. (like 50% sure). I don’t want to continue this relationship. But if she is really in love with me, should I give it a try? But later-on, I don’t want to go away and break her heart also.
I am completely dumb in this matter, please help.
So as per your suggestions, I asked her why she loves me. She told me that it happened somehow, she didn’t know how. And that now, she feels angry when I don’t message her. What does this suggest?
Also, how should I tactfully get away from her without hurting her or keeping any “revenge” on her mind?

LoveKnots answers:

From what you say, she dumped you for another guy. This is going to hurt you always even if you continue the relation afresh now. What I mean to say is there is knot in the string that holds the beads of love (which I call a knot of mistrust). So it would be better to forget her and move on with your career making endeavors.

Mandy asks…

Name for a wedding planning business?

I just need a little help with naming a wedding planning business. We don’t know what to call it, but so far we have Chéri and Je T’aime…we need a little inspiration, so leave your suggestions below :)

Thanks a bunch

LoveKnots answers:

The Love Knot Inc.
The Vows Maker
Everlasting Love Connection

James asks…

quotes about a boyfriend or love please?

i need some quotes about love,a boyfriend, im open to anything! just make sure they are CUTEE!(;

LoveKnots answers:

Baby I love you I never want to let you go the more I think about the more I want to let you know that everything you do is super duper cute andbi can’t stand it

I’m in trouble I’m an addict I’m addicted to this girls she’s got my heart tied in a knot and my stomach in a whirl and even worse I can’t stop calling her she’s all I need and more I mean damn what’s not to adore

Don’t need these other pretty faces like I need you and with you mine in this world there’s gonna be one less lonely girl

You can count on me like 123 and I’ll be there and I know when I need it I can count on you like 432 and you’ll be there

You’re the apple to my pie you’re the straw to my my berry the smoke to my high the one I wanna marry cause you’re the one for me and I’m the one for you take the both of us and were the perfect two

Sorry they’re long but I hope you like them!

Mark asks…

A girl guide knot in a ponytail from the beauty department ?

How do you go from steps 2 to 3 and 3 to 4?? I can’t figure it out!

LoveKnots answers:

Ooh I love the Beauty Department with LC :D

I think it looks more than it is – it’s just a simple normal knot!

How would you just tie a simple knot? :)

Hope that helped x

Ken asks…

When people fall in “love” premaritally, is it from Shaitaan?

When two unmarried people fall in “Love“, and continue to do haraam (even if it is just talkin/ flirtin etc), is this whole situation a doing of Shaitaan? Can any good ever come out of it?

Sometimes when a girl meets a guy who is amazing to her, she believes it is “love” and it is from Allah (the guy is “godsent”), is it true? Would Allah swt let such a thing happen when he clearly stated it is haraam? Can haraam relationships lead to good marriages?
Even if zina was never involved?
PS: Non-Muslims, Islam-haters and atheists please keep your bullshit opinions to yourself, they are not welcomed on this page. I know I know that you have freedom of speech and all that jazz but why post your amazing insights on a page where it will only be reported?

LoveKnots answers:

Haram situations when turned halal can lead to good marriages. If the guy truly loves the girl, he will immediately tie the knot. If he cares at all about Islam (the most important thing a girl should look for), he would tie the knot.

The Qur’an doesn’t just state “don’t do zina.” It states “don’t go *near* it.” Allah, who created us, tries to tell us something, and we shut our ears thinking that we know better. When we fall to our knees and people leave us, there is only Allah left, who never leaves.

Donald asks…

Is this love poem any good?


My very soul longs to tell you
The truth my lips may never speak
Though you don’t know, I needed rescue
From the derision of my own critique

You saved me from my mad endeavor
To become a man that I disdain
For that I will be yours forever
A truth these words can not contain

Every past day my love grows deeper
Every late night the same old thought
I pray you think me not a jester
When I hope someday we tie the knot

I will never leave you need not fear
Though my manner stoic my words, sincere

LoveKnots answers:

Hi. This is good and very heartfelt. I love the simplicity of your words choices between the stanzas and I think the topic is great. Your poetic persona is different, the voice of your poem makes me feel warm inside wonderful feeling. Keep writing and sharing.

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