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Love Knots for everyone…

Love Knot

Mary asks…

Are you in love?

Are you in love???

How did it happen??

How long ago???

AND most importantly, how do you know you’re in love?

LoveKnots answers:

I KNOW i am…. Im really sure. :)
we were just talking and stuff…. ?
3 weeks ago….
My heart skips a beat when i see his emails in my inbox, my stomach ties itself in knots when i see his name on the caller I.D. And my heart stops when i hear his voice. Every song reminds me of him, and he is always in my thoughts…. I cannot go five seconds without thinking about him, and i will not stop wishing he was at my side. Every poem, every song, every chord, every bridge, i dedicate to him. I see a kiss and i hope i will kiss his lips…. I hear his voice, and i see fireworks…. I think of him and my body goes hot. I see him and i cannot help but stare…. I cannot look away…. His voice is calm and soothing and makes me feel like im on cloud nine. I want to run my fingers through his brunette tresses and tease his scalp with my caress… I want to lay beside him, and just be with him. I wish i could feel his arms around my waist as he wraps me in a hug. I want to feel the searing heat of my skin as he touches me. I want to cuddle with him by a fireplace in the snow of the winter.. I want to kiss him in the rain. I want to dance with him in the middle of the street… I want to laugh, live and love with him…

Donna asks…

i love two sisters and they love me and like too tie the knot?

they from france and they love me but we can,t in the usa,, but i love them what do i do

LoveKnots answers:

You love them huh? So are you inlove with anyone also???If you are someone is going to feel 3′s a crowed,boy are you in a pickle.

James asks…

how do u no when your in love ?

i think i might be in love
thanks for the help im pretty shere im in love thanks guys

LoveKnots answers:

When your heart aches and your stomach is tied in knots when you’re not together, you know you’re in love.

Maria asks…

Need a catchy title…about love/marriage/wedding… any ideas?

My friend and I are making a home made book for a friend who is getting married.
The book is going to be filled with quotes and advice about marriage – some funny stuff and some serious stuff, but all in all a light hearted fun gift.
We just can’t seem to come up with a catchy – good title…. any ideas?

LoveKnots answers:

Securing Your Knot After You’ve Roped Your Man (or Tying Your Knot)

A Girlfriend’s Guide for Love and Marriage

How to Be Married for Dumbies (or Marriage 101 for Dumbies)

The People Love to Give Others Advice Book

Haha, okay, not sure my witty brain is turned on yet today

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