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Mandy asks…

If you loved someone can you ever love them again?

Well this is mainly because of this girl I almost tied the knot with. Now that we are broken up she wrote a letter on today since it was a special occasion for the both of us, keep in mind that this girl has cut off all communication with me so it was a real big shock to me when she wrote this letter. She said that she couldn’t say that she never loved because she would be lying. So she did love me in the past, and I’m a 100% sure she likes me now (due to inside resources), but the fact that she doesn’t want to talk to me stops her from getting with me, and also her evil best friend (who has no good relationship history at all and is considered to be very friendly with men) influences her to not talk to me. I kind of believe that the reason her best friend doesn’t want me talking to her is because she knows I can get back with her and may be a little jealous since she has never had anyone fall for her like this.(the best friend) I have never stopped thinking about this woman, there are many woman out there but none that I want. All I want is to be this woman, because she has made me feel like I need no other woman, just her. She is my one and I know I’m hers. But anyways my question is, “if you loved someone in the past, can you love them again”, and if so how?

LoveKnots answers:

You definitely can love them again….and it sounds like you and this girl are made for each other so don’t let it pass by…don’t pay attention to the best friend…
I had a great guy who was in love with me but I wasn’t really into him at first…later I realized my mistake and i really fell for him….but his mom is a little on the crazy side and she completely ruined things for us… And I still think about him even though it’s been a long time and i moved on….I just know that it was something special and because of his mom it didn’t work out….
But honestly if this guy came back right now and wanted to get back together I’m afraid that I might jump at the chance even though I’m in a relationship….
So if you loved someone in the past it is very easy to fall for them….just make sure you learn from the mistakes you two made in the past….

Sandra asks…

proving his love and sincerity…?

i have this suitor who proposed to me…i think 98%,i’m in love with..but, how can i prove that he’s really true to me?

LoveKnots answers:

If he hasn’t proven to you that he loves you already, then I would be a little cautions about tying the knot. Don’t express love as a percentage…it’s not a proportion, its a feeling. You’re even in love with him or not. Same goes with him.
Best wishes.

Daniel asks…

Whats the solution both should be satisfied……. Love and Relation?

a boy loving a girl from at the age of 12 yrs and now he is 24, and he is still loving her but she was married…… though she was married, her marriage life was not good…… I mean they both r not staying together and she doesnt like him. so the man who is loving her so much went to her and explained about his love and how much he loved……. then she said that she was loving him but her decision is not in her hands….. What to do now? He is ready to do anything for her……….. but she was not willing to take any decision because of only one reason that she was married………. so Whts the solution…………now………… but her parents are not willing to go for another marriage……

LoveKnots answers:

I commiserate with her pathetic condition that a man who loved her could not tie wedlock knot with her and still loves her even after she is married off to another man. But I wonder if he truly loved her so much then why did not he make any overture for marriage. Now in the hindsight he is regretting over the missed opportunity and now wants to marry her when the hell freezes over. You have met the similar fate as like Devdas did. Anyway I can not straightway blame him alone because if she had liked him or had ever sensed his love, she should have equally proposed without feeling any inhibition. I can’t think she could be ignorant about his simmering love because it could have been palpable in his behaviour and attitude towards her. Now only avenue left to get her back is getting divorce from her husband. She has to file petition for divorce if she really loves you and willing to marry you. Her parents should be convinced into agreeing to seemingly unpleasant act but it will be only for her good because if she is not happy with her husband then there is no point in wasting her life with him. After all she also has right to discreetly choose the good over the bad as far as her own life is concerned.

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