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Thomas asks…

Accent Walls for Cabin with Knotted Pine?

Hello, I live in a log cabin in the Pacific Northwest. The windows, base boards, and along with ceiling (vaulted in the living room) are all lined in knotted pine. The people that lived here before me painted the main room a dark sage green. It’s a little to dark, especially since it rains 8-9months out of the year. I am really looking to lighten up the room. What colors would go well with a long room and will brighten and happy-up the feeling? Links to ideas or just your thoughts on which walls to paint or painting the whole room. 10pts for sure best answer. thx so much!

LoveKnots answers:

I love knotty pine.
Your will have to use a ‘prime’ or base coat to cover up all those dark walls.
white, ivory, off white
pink, rose
peach, coral
butter, light lemon, or pale gold
celery, light lime
sky, smoke blues

Lisa asks…

Who loves balloons?

Who also has ever saved balloons from being popped?

What is you favorite color?

Have you ever untied a balloon knot instead of popping?

Are you a smoker or a nonsmoker?

LoveKnots answers:

Who loves balloons?
–I love balloons!

Who also has ever saved balloons from being popped?

What is you favorite color?
–mainly the blue ones

Have you ever untied a balloon knot instead of popping?

Are you a smoker or a nonsmoker?
–Never smoke never will =]

Laura asks…

Am i in love?

Every time i see him i can’t help but smile and whenever i’m around him my stomach ties in knots and my throat seems to close up so i can’t speak. I find myself thinking about him all the time and thinking about the next time i will see him.
i have know him for about 4 months and i went out with him for about one month. He broke up with me and i just about died(not literally) i cried for hours. Then he wanted me back and i sorta came back. He told me he loves me and i want to know if i love him back.

LoveKnots answers:

Looks can trick anyone into thinking there in love but maybe get to know him Little more and truly find out if it is love for the both of you!

Mark asks…

Meaning of Henry Constable’s “Wonder it is and pittie”?

Wonder it is, and pittie is’t that shee
In whom all beauty’s treasure we may finde
That may enritch the body and the mind,
Towards the poore should use no charitie.

My love is gone a begging unto thee ;
And if that Beauty had not beene more kind
Then pittie, long ere this he had beene pinde;
But Beautie is content his foode to bee.

Oh, pittie have, when such poore Orphans beg:
Love (naked boy) hath nothing on his backe,
And though he wanteth neither arme or leg,
Yet maim’d he is, sith he his sight doth lacke;

And yet (though blinde) he beautie can behold;
And yet (though nak’d) he feeles more heate than cold

Anyone can tell me the meaning of the seconf quatrain? Thanks!

LoveKnots answers:

My love is gone a begging unto thee ;
And if that Beauty had not beene more kind
Then pittie, long ere this he had beene pinde;
But Beautie is content his foode to bee.

First of all, let’s put this into something like modern spelling:

My love is gone a-begging unto thee ;
And if that Beauty had not beene more kind
Than Pity – long ere this he had beene pined;
But Beautie is content his foode to bee.

The idea here is that Constable’s love is a beggar (the image carries on in the next verse), and is pleading with the girl to be requited. [pined] here means ‘pined away / starved to death’.

“My love has begged you to love me back. But you have no Pity, and won’t do this. I might have lost interest by now (my love might have pined to death, for want of nourishment); but your Beauty gives my love more food, and this keeps my love alive.”

It is a pretty obscure and far-fet line of argument, and Constable hasn’t expressed himself too clearly. Modern readers also have an extra helping of problem – because we aren’t used to love poems which find unbelievably complicated ways of saying quite simple things (Constable’s readers would have been used to this sort of nonsense – all the bad poets did it).

Poets of the generation immediately after Constable would turn this sort of beating around the bush into Metaphysical poetry. Coleridge said that a metaphysical poet was able to:

Wreathe iron pokers into true-love knots

this is truer – and more insightful – than Coleridge probably intended it to be.

Nancy asks…

love & life?

Well I’ll start out by saying I’m a 22 years old and work with my ex of 2 years that I absolutley LOVE. I work for him and am stuck in a job working with him 24/7 until May or June. We fought alot in our relationship, not physically but just alot of arguing. I love him, I was an escort and was very bad on drugs when I meet him and he helped me get out of all of that and has gave me a reason to live. i know what I want to do with my life now… I just don’t think I want to live, if I can’t be with him. Like with him! I’m not suicidal or anything. Even when I change jobs in May, we will be rooming together and it is so hard to forget him, in fact i can’t. I love him. I had never been in love before until i meet him. He has absolutley does not want to be with me, he only wants to be friends, best friends at that. I’m not ready to be best friends, I want him as my lover. Should I move on with my life and hope he wants me one day? Or Move on w/ my life completely? Or try what? Or ?????
do i need a physciatrist? or what? I’m in deep pain and he acts as if nothing ever happened nearly. I have cried and cried and i have saw him cry once in 2 years. He says that his emotions are effected more than mine, thats why he can let go, but when we argued I tried to move on after talking about it and he let everything build up after saying that evrything is all good. I’m just confused, frustrated and want him, any med’s that might could help? Gaaa… just don’t know what to do… Please do not send me a answer that says: “I can’t answer this, only you and him can” – I know that but would really appreciate the advise. Thank you everyone for answering this prior to answering. ~Tyler

LoveKnots answers:

Have a talk with him. One of you or both of you in NOT telling the whole story.

If we ask a wrong question, we will get a wrong answer. You have to find the real cause. Imagine a rope with few knots in it. This knots represents your problem. You are untying one by one. But one knot will untie all other knots. Look and search for this know.

James asks…

Difference between saying that you “love” instead of “like”?

Let’s assume that your close friend liked you for a long time now and you knew it, but you weren’t really interested and you continued to be very good friends. Would it make any difference to you if that close friend of yours told you that he/she actually LOVES you instead of just “liking” you?

LoveKnots answers:

Ah, the old ‘like’ versus ‘love’ pickle –
You know, like and love are two totally different emotions that people get mixed up all the time. For instance, you can be in love with someone who you don’t really like that much, and that’s a real bummer.
But you can also like someone a lot who you don’t really love very much. And there, I think, lies your problem.
But let me ease your mind. Consider this –
If you love someone who you don’t really like very much, then you’re in that Joan Jett space, where you hate yourself for loving someone. (maybe think Offspring’s ‘Self Esteem’ if Joan is too old school for you) You need a strong personality, and a very understanding lover to stay happy in a relationship where you don’t really like the one you love.
But, if you find that you like the person you’re in love with a lot more than you love them, then you keep yourself from getting emotionally tied up in knots, as you’re more likely to think rationally with your head rather than emotionally with your heart whenever those darn conflicts inevitably arise.
So now, is your close friend confessing to a love that you feel you can’t match? Well, I wouldn’t worry in the slightest if I were you, for you’re on the winning side of that relationship, should it ever go any farther. And even if it stays put, you’re still the winner.
Personally, I would glom right onto that. They’d have to be real good in bed, though, of course.
Oh, you know…trainable.

Paul asks…

Is this love sickness?

There’s this guy, one of my best friends, that I have had strong feelings for since the beginning of the school year. Our relationship has been described that it’s like we’re dating, we just don’t have the title. For the past couple of weeks, especially when I’ve been in his presence, I feel like I have this knot in my stomach, I can barely eat, am so nervous/flustered, feel nauseous. Last night was Senior Prom. He was my “unofficial date.” When I was around him those symptoms would arise, and when I got away to go to the bathroom I felt alright. It came time for a slow dance, and I finally got the chance to dance with him. We were all close, it was sweet, all that I had imagined! And then within 20 seconds, I just couldn’t keep things in, and I had to run out, leaving him there, to go to the bathroom and get sick. I felt so terrible! Again when I was away from him, I was okay, but when I came back, that knot in my stomach also came back. He made sure I was okay and then 5 minutes later he left. That’s when I just started crying with my friends. I couldn’t handle it. I have never felt this way around a guy before, I have never even been on one date before! Is this what you could call love sickness? :(

LoveKnots answers:

Yes, it is. I’m sure it is. You love him so much you could get sick? Maybe it’s the stress of it being only one-sided that made you sick. I bet if you find out his feelings for you are mutual, the knots and stuff will go away:)

Charles asks…

A rope and 2 knots?

One day a young cowboy and cowgirl decided to get married. He was a man of the world. She was an innocent bride with no experience.

After the wedding they left for their honeymoon. While driving down
the road, the new bride sees two cows having sex. The new bride asks, “What are them cows up to honey?”

The husband, a bit flustered, answers, “Why can’t you see? Them cows, they’re roping!”

She replies, “Oh, I see!”

After a few more hours of driving they pass two horses having sex. Again the bride asks, “What are them horses doing honey?”

The husband answers again, “Them horses, they’re roping!”

She replies, “Oh, I see!”

Finally they arrive at their hotel. The couple washed up and started to get ready for bed. When they got in the bed, they start to explore each other’s bodies. Things are going along fine until the bride discovers her husband’s penis.

“Oh my!” she cries, “What is that?”

“Well, darlin’” he chuckles proudly, “That’s ma’rope!”

She slides her hands down further and gasps, “Oh my goodness! What are those?” she asks.

“Honey, those’re my knots!” he answers.

Finally the couple begins to make love. After several minutes the bride says, “Stop honey, wait a minute!”

Her husband, panting a little, asks, “What’s the matter honey, am I hurting you?”

“No,” the bride replies, “undo them damn knots, I need more rope!”

LoveKnots answers:

Hahhahahaha love this joke i wish i could give u a 100 stars 4 this joke LOL

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