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Lizzie asks…

Nice love story title?

Theme: Love Triangle

LoveKnots answers:

Possible Titles:

1. When Love Knots

2. Twists Of Love

3. Triangle Love

4. Love-N-Love

5. As Love Turns

Thomas asks…

What would you use tie love knots?

LoveKnots answers:


Mark asks…

define love?

what does love mean to you because to everyone love doesn’t mean the same thing

LoveKnots answers:

Love is…
When you are willing to do anything for that person…
Love is…
When there is nothing in the world that will get in the way of you and that person.
Love is…
When all you can do is think of that person.
Love is…
When you see that person your heart starts to skip a beat and your fingers and hands get all sweaty and your stomach starts to tie itself in knots..
Love is..
Love is….
Very emotional… You love that person so much that your emotions get all crazy!
Love is..

Robert asks…

What’s a beggars knot?

LoveKnots answers:

The Knot that sacred Love hath ty’d

Laura asks…

love tattoo idea. need creative ideas

i want a tattoo that symbolizes that love is the most important thing to me in life. i don’t know where to start but i want something that is really creative. any suggestions

LoveKnots answers:

Knots are supposed to be a symbol of love. Maybe you could come up with a design involving knotting.

Donna asks…

How to find out if the guy really love you?

How can i know if my boyfriend really loves me???
He gets jealous as well when i talk or go near other guys..
PLease give me more advices

LoveKnots answers:

Well, if you have sex with him before tying the knot, that will ruin a relationship. So, that will be proof that he doesn’t love you. You will know that your man really loves you, when you look back after twenty or so years and realize that that man has been perfect for you for twenty or so years. Love is proven by actions. Saying “I love you” means about as much as “hello” in this day and age.

Jealousy is not always a bad thing. Love can be found in jealousy. If you cannot have a social life, you may have to break up. Or, it would be good to invite him where you go. If you really care about each other, you shouldn’t give each other excuses to be jealous. If he caught you kissing another guy, his jealousy would be justified, though. And, in that case, it would be right for him to break up with you. I’m not saying you are doing that. It’s just food for thought.

Faith. It’s more than just a religious term. You have to have faith that he loves you. It is hard to know what is going on in someone else’s mind. All that you really have before you is the things you see, hear and experience. No matter how hard you try to change that, it’s just the way things you are. That’s what makes love work. You have to live up to his expectations of you. He has to live up to your expectations of him. Otherwise, it will be a meaningless, loveless relationship.

Ruth asks…

can anybody give me a true love spell?

I know the law of threefold. i do want to put any spell on nobody but i would like to get a spell that really works so i can bring love to my life. I hope it’s easy to do. thanks

LoveKnots answers:

To Attract a New Love Spell

Tools and ingredients

Alter or Sacred Space
5-6 inch circle of red fabric
Blue ribbon
Red candle
Dried lavender
Small piece of rose quartz
Small piece of copper (a coin, ring or piece of wire is acceptable)
Ylang Ylang oil
Orange oil
A plate

Step 1. After collecting the tools and ingredients, prepare your space according to your own ritual, or by lightly sprinkling salt in a circle around yourself while speaking the following words: I consecrate this place/ for the Goddess within and without/ only love and good can remain/ hate and evil are cast out.

Step 2. Light the red candle and think for a moment about the type of person you want to attract into your life. Select three qualities that you want them to have, for example honesty, strength and sensuality. If you already know who you are trying to attract, think of their name and visualize them. Then consider the best aspects of yourself and try to think of the three things you most want others to see in you, for example, intelligence, enthusiasm and grace.

Step 3. Place the plate on the alter and set the red fabric circle on it. Take a pinch of the dried lavender and hold it in your clasped hands. Inhale the aroma of the lavender while speaking these words: My heart is open and ready for love/ may the Goddess bless my new journey.

Step 4. Rubbing your hands together, allow the lavender to sprinkle onto the red fabric circle.

Step 5. Place a few drops of the Ylang Ylang oil onto your hands and then begin to rub the oil into the piece of rose quartz while speaking the following words at least three times (insert the qualities of type of person you wish to have in your life): Bright One inside and around me/ let one with ______, ______, and ______ come into my life!

Alternative. If you already know the person whose love you are trying to attract, use this incantation instead: Bright One inside and around me/ if it will be for the good of all/ Let ______ and I see each other with open hearts and open minds/ that love may begin anew.

Step 6. Place the piece of rose quartz onto the red fabric.

Step 7. Place a few drops of the orange oil onto your hands and rub the oil into the piece of copper while speaking the following words at least three times (insert the three things you most want others to see in you): You, who are all things beautiful and true/ let me feel you inside of me/ always remembering the _______, _______, and _______ that exist in me.

Step 8. Place the piece of copper onto the red fabric.

Step 9. Take the red candle and hold it above the fabric, allow one drop of wax to fall on the items gathered below for each of the following sentences: In your name, Goddess, I am ready for love/ Let those with _______,________, and _______ come into my life/ Let all see the ______, _______, and _______ inside of me/ By my will, so mote it be!

Step 10. Gather up the circle to form a pouch. Use the blue ribbon to close it tightly with seven knots. Keep the pouch with you, tied around your neck or waist, until your spell has accomplished its goal.

“Easy” is a subjective word. The key to any spell’s success is always the spell caster.

As magick and witchcraft is based on energy – energy transmission and then we attract back a reflection of what we are transmitting out.

So if we say “I want love in my life” and our focus is on feeling empty, that we don’t have love right now, when will it happen, hoping it will happen etc – that is all about not having.

And we will attract that back – no matter how many spells we cast.

What makes a witch powerful is his/her ability to feel into what they want as if they have it already – as if it IS their reality – and so it becomes.

Always remember – the energy of our feelings supercedes the words we speak or actions we take.

It is about getting your feelings in alignment with what you want – and then – it can happen very quickly and easily.

Unfortunately the biggest obstacle to attracting what we want in life…is ourselves…and knowing that can be a wonderful gift – as if you don’t have something you want – well you know what needs to be done – move into the feeling state of knowing, believing and feeling as if it is your certainty – and so it becomes!

John asks…

What do you love about France?

LoveKnots answers:

What I love about France is that I could not live anywhere else too long –

I feel myself in harmony with my country – I love to talk with anybody anywhere – because we speak the same language and can understand what is un-understandable for strangers -
our inner-passport is smile, politeness and compassion in the worst moments –

I love bitter chocolate, half-darkness, enigmas, silence, smile – I love secret dinners in out-of-reach locations -

I love seagulls when their cry break the silence of the ocean at twilight in Bretagne

I love the history of my country – so many people spit on it – hate our education – it’s great – they are concerning us just like flies knocking window-glasses without a stop – not understanding what our glass is made of .

I love our despise of vulgar, excessive, clownesque, pathetic -
I share our ignorance of money as a goal – I love the way our women have the class, know the chic, and change all of their look with a nothing 50cts handkerchief, with the right knot, at the right place.

I love that wine is something to be slowly sipped, and I love that nobody here considers it as something to transform
ladies in drunken-meat –

Now I am very much afraid of reading other replies ……

When somebody unknown, probably linked with uncertain northafrican origins, starts with “tu” there’s no doubt about his
adrenallinic flush – So please underneath neighbour let’s stay on “vous” – this is something untranslatable in the language you pretend were yours -

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