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Lizzie asks…

Describe your dream wedding?

Obviously the most important thing is the person you are marrying but aside from that what would you love? I would love an outdoor backyard wedding with a ceremony centered on compassion, probs write some of our own vows. We would recess to the song “Hawaiian Wedding Song” by Elvis Presley. I’d wear an off the shoulder gown, he’d wear a bow tie. It would be at night, I would have a yellow cake. There would be christmas lights, i guess is what you would call them, everywhere and lanterns. Everyone would write us a little note. We’d have a nice slow dance for our first song to a really cool simple love song. Everyone we loved would be there and we would have fun and dance all night. And then we’d go on our honey moon to Africa!

Maybe white and red heart theme maybe yellow, maybe purple flowers maybe white flowers, probably hair half up half down, lots of DIY and just some fun, a little romance and lots of love :)

Now tell me about yourssss

LoveKnots answers:

My dream wedding would be a traditonal church ceremony first ( Im Catholic and Irish ). I would choose a beautiful church and decorate it with my theme colours white and pink, white and pink voile sash’s on the rows of seats, lillies, pink roses and pink lillies at the alter and along the window sills. I would have a choir to sing the hymns and a quartet and piano player to do the music. After the Ceremony we would both release doves. It would be at around 1 pm.
I would have four bridesmaids wearing pink and white bridesmaids dresses like these :,r:1,s:25&biw=1280&bih=592

My dress would be a white and pink as well with some beads and embellishments and off the shoulder or strapless boned bodice. Like these :

Pink Wedding Dress 5

My husband would wear black with a pink Lilly in the breast pocket.
After the Ceremony we would have our reception in a Marquee beside the beach. It would be decorated with flowers, hanging flower arrangements and lots of fairy lights for the evening. We would have our first dance to No Air ( me and my fiancĂ©’s song) and afterwards me and my bridesmaids would do a fun routine and then everyone would dance and have fun for the rest of the night. My cake would be a cupcake tier with butterflies and white and pink also. Id have a magician for the kids as well. We would go to Thailand for our honeymoon :)

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