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Mandy asks…

hip to believe the bigbang story? smart? logical? what else is there?

Fellow atheists tell me your thoughts, why are we here… How are we here? personaly im not to impressed with the big bang theory as a creation theory, which i know it doesnt even have to be a theory of creation but come push or shove in a big debate with theists i will fall back on it as a last recorse… again what else is there :(
Dont get me wrong i dont care if it happened or not its just not a plausible creation story… nothing is plausible in that department… See that coment “time dident exist befor the big bang” … May as well be invoking god did it.

LoveKnots answers:

You have implied that you are an atheist saying “Fellow atheists” and concerned not with it happening but it’s ” just not a plausible” and that “nothing is plausible in that department”.

I will give you logic & all the plausibility to choke a horse but you must follow the math of it, can you do that ???

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I gave up childish ways.” – 1 Cor 15: 11

I love that verse; it’s why you been have so much problems with The Big Bang, because children are trying to explain it to you.

Nothing is certainly not merely a philosophical concept:

More over Nothing is implied by The Limit right from The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle itself:

?p ?x ? ? /2 —–> (?p = ?, ?x = 0)

?E ?t ? ? /2 —–> (?E = ?, ?t = 0)

For every normal situation (?x ? 0 ) there is always a ubiquitous Quantum Field but from the quantum limit above The Quantum Theory obvious does not prevent us from starting from Absolutely Nothing. And after all any divergence geometrically is always divergable from Nothing anyway.

You should at once recognize our familiar indeterminate form (?)(0) found in integration of the picket fence under the curve going to an infinite sum of line areas. Of course we should adjust for volume instead of length. But their implications are clear: as the uncertainty of volume and time goes to zero, the uncertainty of momentum and energy go to infinity but in the product exists a hidden limit among the debris of indeterminate forms as the equations blows-up; this is Quantum Genesis.

Nothing is not the same as Space:

S = {(x, y, z) | r² = x² + y² + z² }

Ø = { }

S ? Ø

This leads to a space I call The Spherical Knot Manifold:

(x, y, z) = ?(?, ?, ?, t)(?, ?, ?) = (?(?, ?, ?, t)?, ?(?, ?, ?, t)?, ?(?, ?, ?, t)?)

where ?(?, ?, ?, t) = ? V dt

? Is a temporally derived unknown function which converts time-units into space-units, found by integrating the velocity v with respect to the differential of time dt; this idea is standard in Newtonian Mechanics ” x = ? V dt”. ? Essentially functions like a spatial radius in a universe which has only a radius of time; ? Is also a function of time allowing it to change with time as well as along any spatial angle ?, ?, and ?.

(?, ?, ?) is a generic point of Spherical Coordinates more or less and (x, y, z) is the more familiar generic point of Cartesian Coordinates.

This leads to the conclusion that Nothing is The Complete Destructive Interference of everything (including Space & Time) with itself !!! (The directionality vectors for space & time cancel not to The Null Vector because there is no Ground Space to find a point value to take any more so by default they simply collapse to NOTHING.)

Space & Time begins with a value of :

x =

y =

z =

t =


With the first tic of time (since it still exists albeit in a canceled out state) all the vectors for the directivity of space & time break out of cancellation of NOTHING and pop you get The Bang of The Big Bang !!!

Time cannot have an infinite past because time would never be able to tic down to the present time from an infinite past. The finite rate of time itself prevents a transition across an infinite time interval. But here Space & Time has painted themselves into a corner and has been knotted out of existence by interference with itself.

This would mean that any straight line in a Spherical Knot Manifold would be a circle if you were to show a direction (by an arrow) within a circle you would notice that the same direction was going the opposite way on the opposite side of the circle. If that circle were to shrink to a point then the same directional arrows would point in opposite directions. Time would be directed outward from the center so at the center the direction of time would oppose itself also. These arrows are vectors and you can see that at the center they all go in opposite directions. This state sets up a Ground Space Violation that results in a collapse to NOTHING. With the first tic in time everything setting up The Ground Space Violation breaks apart turning NOTHING into SPACE & TIME. With all that hyper time-based curvature of space you would have a lot of tension that would act like a spring. When space had gotten to just the right tension matter would vortex into existence. Are you starting to get the picture here ?

Nothing is Mutually Exclusive with Anything.

This is not merely my opinion, it is a mathematical fact, believe it or not !!!

? Pair of Axioms:

Ø ? A = Ø ; Ø = { }

Ø U A = A ; A ? Ø

? Mathematical Proof from the Axioms:

Ø ? { ” Universe ” } = Ø

Ø U { ” Universe ” } = { ” Universe ” }

Nothing is Unique and it Excludes Everything from a Nothing beginning.

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