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Love Knots for everyone…

Celtic Love Knots Tattoos

Betty asks…

Im thinking about getting a tattoo somewhere in the future.. what should i get?

i want it to be meaningful. Sofar im leaning towards my family as a symbol and i would really love to represent my dad in it too. Im just wondering what are good symbols i could maby do. Im not very interested in animals or mythical creatures… well maby mythical icons but… you get point. I was also thinking that this tattoo is oging to be covering maby half of my body. ideas please!

LoveKnots answers:

I did that with my ankle band. I have two purple roses representing myself (Gemini), two purple rosebuds representing my grandparents who raised me, and five blue hearts representing the five best friends I have ever had, all set in a band of green Celtic knot-work representing my Irish and Scot heritage.

I thought of things that I really like, for instance my favorite flower is the Blue Moon rose, which is actually purple in color. My favorite colors are purple, blue, and green.

Make up a list of favorite colors and things along with a list of the people you want to represent. You can also use something that was unique to them to represent them. For example, if your mother loves red roses you could use a single red rose to represent her.

Mandy asks…

Which tattoo do you think sounds better?

Ok i’m getting a tattoo my right bicep and am in between two designs. The first one is a shamrock with knotwork in it and a tribal design behind it. The second is a Celtic Knot Shield. I like both designs a lot. Opinions will be greatly appreciated.

PS both would be green and black
check my last name if your unsure whether i’m Irish

LoveKnots answers:

As a person who has both a shamrock tattoo and a tribal tattoo, I think the Shamrock would be awesome but I wouldn’t combine the shamrock with celtic knots in it with a tribal design. The Shamrock will be busy enough and I think a tribal background would just detract from the uniqueness of the Shamrock’s design. I also think that the location you want to put it is just fine, I have a Native American medicine shield on my left bicep, I’m damn proud of it and I love the fact that it shows most of the time.

Steven asks…

Celtic knots tattoos?

I thinking about getting a celtic knots tattoo with flower in the desigh but haven’t been able to find a picture of one, to help with my ideas. Anyone know Where I can find out. It doen’t have to be limilted to tattoo a picture of one would be great also. Thanks.

LoveKnots answers:

I love celtic knot tattoos!! I have one on my ankle. Here is a site that I like to look at, and my tat design is here too, I have the Celtic Tree of Life.

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