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Steven asks…

why do classical music give me the feeling that pop music cannot?

classical music give me very special feeling. It seems like something inside my heart is expressed in classical music. Especially, Beethoven’s no. 5 Symphony can almost make me cry because it touches me so deeply; and I have listened to it for thousand times I still love it and never get bored. However, it seems to me that pop music are too slow and shallow that cannot give me enough room for imagination. Anyway, it is hard to express fully and exactly how I feel about classical music, but after falling in love with classic music I know that I cannot go back to pop music.

LoveKnots answers:

Well classical is pure expression without all the cookie cutter style stuff you get everywhere else.

It uses a greater range of notes and it’s filled in properly with a whole orchestra. There are a lot of people working together to perform the music of geniuses.

I play the bagpipes, and there is a classical form of pipe music called Piobaireachd. I don’t even know how to phonetically spell it out, but anyway it’s considered to be the finest and purest musical expression there is for the pipes. It has no rhythm most of the time, and it increases in complexity from the beginning to the end, and then repeats the simpler theme from the beginning to symbolize that it never ends, like a Celtic knot that has no beginning or end.

People just flat out put more thought in to classical music. It’s awesome.

Sandy asks…

My boy and I are having trouble coming up with tattoo ideas. We could use some help.?

I am visiting my best friend. We have been best friends for 19 years. He is my brother, and we want to get a tattoo that says just that. Brotherhood. The only problem is that we are having trouble really coming up with an idea as to what could really symbolize the brotherly love.

One of our biggest pastimes has always been video games, and even though we both keep going back to great ideas about our fav. games, we just can’t bring ourselves to us that as our brotherly symbol. Any ideas as to how we can ideas? I have tried googling different tattoos and brotherhood, but nothing really seems to fit. Whatever it is, it has to bada55.

LoveKnots answers:

Ok i’m really drawing a blank which is so not like me

but i am thinking of a take on the whole bar code tattoo

maybe a bar code from your all time fave game with the #s being the year you became friends and your b-days for the rest of the #s

or a price tag from your fave video games- the price can be the year you became friends

name of name- tom and marks great adventure or something like that maybe

other than that i’m thinking maybe a celtic knot- you can have your fave color and he his. Brotherhood being everlasting and unending…

Ken asks…

Who has body art inspired by favorite bands/albums/songs?

I have several favorite bands…Beatles, John Lennon solo stuff, Eric Clapton, Led Zep, breaking Benjamin, Weezer, Sublime…lots and lots…
Pink Floyd has always been right up there…I can;t pick a number one (its like asking to pick a favorite of your own children, almost :P ) But being that I have always loved Pink Floyd, and for some reason, I have always had this weird obsession of the album art for The Division Bell. So I had it tattooed on my back like 10 years ago. I still love the tat.
Who else has anything like this? Inspired by a well-liked rock band/song/artist/album??? I’d love to see pics too!

LoveKnots answers:

Wow,just today,i got a brand of breaking benjamins celtic knot logo,and metallicas logo both on my stomach

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