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Love Knots for everyone…

Celtic Love Knot Necklace

Sandy asks…

What is a good gift for somone who likes celtic things?

My cousion, a girl, likes celtic things, the renaissance and things around that nature. I need some help finding her a christmas gift, anyone out there with similar interests have a suggestion? Thanks!

LoveKnots answers:

You could get her a necklace that has a celtic knot that symbolizes something important to her or for “love”. I do a lot of singing and I work out at our city’s Renaissance Festival and when my fiance had asked me out for our first date he had bought me a celtic knot necklace that signified “music”. I think it was thoughtful. Just search online either at eBay or search Google for anything or just browse for anything celtic. Best of luck!

Sharon asks…

do celtic knots pretain to specific families or have exact meanings?

if so what do they pretain to, and how do i find out which ones mean what? or are the honestly just completely random

LoveKnots answers:

Celtic knots have meanings. There are some that mean love, others friendship. I have a necklace with a trinity knot on it, which stands for friendship, loyalty and love.

Jenny asks…

Are you wearing anything around your neck?

a necklace maybe?

LoveKnots answers:

Yah *blush* its a celtic love knot necklace!!
Plus i gave my boyfriend the same one too!! *smiles*

{{hi!!!!!!! *hugs*}}

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know what this symbol means?

My mom got this necklace for me at Ellis Island. She said that this symbol is a Celtic symbol but what does it mean???

I really want to know the meaning most of all…I know that it’s a celtin knotwork….

LoveKnots answers:

I looked online for I do not know how long trying to figure this out for you. While looking at your necklace closer I realized that the necklace is not just a simple knot. It is actually 2 hearts woven together. Because of that, I believe it is not just a simple Celtic knot. I think it is a love knot. The Celtics have many of them. I tried looking for yours on Google but I couldn’t find any.

If I where you I would try a spiritual store. These stores normally carry Dragon statures, swords, fiery things, and necklaces. They might be able to help you out. Most of the time the owners have books upon books of this kind of stuff. So I would check it out. There is normally at least one in every city.

I hope you find what you are looking for, but I also hope I helped you out a little bit. Good luck.

Michael asks…

What does this Necklace mean?

that’s the link to photobucket.
My friend has had this necklace a while now and she got it at a closing shop with no reference what-so ever and there is no writing on it beside the Celtic knots. The gem is like a blood/dark ruby red. We would love if you could help us

P.S. we think it is like a warrior braid

that’s the link to photobucket.
My friend has had this necklace a while now and she got it at a closing shop with no reference what-so ever and there is no writing on it beside the Celtic knots. The gem is like a blood/dark ruby red. We would love if you could help us

P.S. we think it is like a warrior braid
P.P.S. you don’t need a photbucket just copy and paste it on your address thingy
P.P.S. you don’t need a photbucket just copy and paste it on your address thingy
The necklace it made of silver i believe so how can it be a fake we haven’t even found another one like it and we think it is cursed the first night my friend wore it she was attacked or almost attacked by an albino bat and we don’t have many bats around here….

LoveKnots answers:

It’s a cheap imitation, or just a manufactured item… Sorry to say, but its of no value.

William asks…

3 year anniversary gift ideas?

hey everyone! my boyfriend and i have been together for 2 years, and we will make 3 on dec 1, 2011. so the question i have is; what the heck do i get him? just to recap ( i love awesome gifts) of the things i have given him : 1st anniversary: 16″ inch digital photoframe, 2 macys izod wool sweaters, black nike shoxs, 2nd: sterling sliver with diamonds invicta watch , sterling silver cuff links with mini pics of us inside, also monogrammed, nike sneakers again, now i am a bit limited on money this time around lol, but still want an awesome idea. a little about him: hes older than me, loves watches, has tons of clothes and shoes already now!, and is pretty simple so u can imagine when i got these gifts how floored he was! the thing is i really am clueless now! he loves star trek so i figured maybe getting him the second season since i got the first one for xmas, but that was kinda like a ( ill get him a season each xmas thing!) but im really stumped… any ideas from guys and girls really appreciate it thanks!!!!!!

LoveKnots answers:

For my boyfriend and myself, on our first anniversary I got us Celtic love knot pendants.
I like them because we aren’t very into PDA in public, rarely even hold hands in public, but when we wear these, people still recognize us as a couple. =) and they are unisex, very cute.

Heres a pic of them:

Linda asks…

Do you have a problem with trinity knot tattoos?

I wanted to get a Celtic trinity knot tattoo on my arm. I got a necklace blessed of the design for my dad a while back and it means a lot to him, wears it every day, and I personally love the design… I’m a Christian as well and I know its meanings. I heard on a website of tattoos not to get that an Irish one was one of them. “It has zero originality and no one gives a fuck that you’re Irish.” Is it really that annoying to people?
Even if I spice it up a little in my own way, maybe a little extra fancy/complicated?

LoveKnots answers:

A trinity knot doesn’t entirely mean Irish. The number 3 has had a deep meaning for many thousands of years, through many different cultures and religions. Just because it is common in Irish folklore doesn’t mean you can’t get it.

If you love the design, then get it. Personally I think trinity symbols are beautiful and simple, and can have multiple meanings behind them.

Thomas asks…

My next tattoo what do you think?

So I have a lot of ideas so let me know which one you think I should get next, I already have the ruby slippers from the wizard of oz on my right foot. I know a lot of movie things but they all have some meaning to me, and thats what matters right?

- Cinderella’s glass slipper on my right foot

- The line from the song in cinderella, ” a dream is a wish your heart makes” in the shape of a heart on my chest.

- A celtic knot in pink, white or black light maybe pink black light, on my right wrist ( really small)

- A black light rainbow like this
on the back of my neck

- a pink or blue black light nautical star on the back of my neck

- the evenstar like the necklace that Arwen give Aragon in LOTR

- or the Sweeney Todd’s stright Razor dripping blood, and the saying ” you shall drip rubies” from one of the songs in the movie and that would be on my side

What do you think.

LoveKnots answers:

If you already have the the ruby slippers on one foot, I would go with the cinderella slipper on the other. It would even out your feet and be sort of like a matching theme. I love that idea. I also like the Sweeney Todd idea, I love that movie. :)

Ruth asks…

Christmas gift ideas for my boyfriend?pleasee help?

i’m 20 and my love is 22. im having trouble deciding what to get my bf for christmas..we’ve been dating 2 years now. i love him so much. we r in a commited relationship..just found out im pregnant too. well, ive thought about buying him something he can wear everyday that will remind him of a necklace, watch..something like that but i want to make it very special. also buy him a card. Any unique sweet item of something i can buy him that he can wear everyday that will always remind him of me..hes also in the military..national guard..can u think of anything i could possibly get him? thanks SOOO much!

LoveKnots answers:

They have those necklaces that come in two pieces of a heart? Give one to him and one for you to wear so when your apart you have a piece of each other. Especially if he gets deployed.

A celtic cross or trinity knot is another neat piece?

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